Cover Girl

Last year, I went to an event at a church in Long Beach, California; the theme of the event was “Hiding Behind the Lipstick.” The purpose of the event was to illustrate how we as women hide or mask our deepest internal issues, hurts, and insecurities behind our lipstick. Essentially, we mask our issues behind our pretty makeup, cute stilettos, name brand clothes, a man, our children, our degrees, our job, food, sex, drugs, or the church. The real problem with masking our issues is that deep down inside, we know the truth about ourselves, as does the universe, and were definitely not fooling God. We can’t heal when we mask our “daddy issues,” mask the molestation, deep emotional scars, insecurities, childhood abuse, the hurt, the pain, and the fears. If we have trust issues with men, no amount of shoes will heal that distrust. If we have been molested, a PhD will not heal the betrayal. If we carry deep insecurities around, no award or accomplishment will heal that insecurity. If we don’t feel like we’re enough or if we don’t feel beautiful, our new clothes won’t “fix” us. We must heal from the inside out.

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  1. Thank you for this. You always have some really good write-ups!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Kanyade, but I can’t take the credit for this article. A wonderful writer who goes by the name of Miss Deliverance who writes for A Word For My Sistas Online Magazine wrote this. Thanks so much for reading!

    @Polly Pink, sorry the article was a snooze for you. I thought the article was great! It is true on so many levels!

  3. That is a beautiful article. You can tell it’s an article of substance because as usual our people don’t want to educate themselves about what is possibly wrong with our communities.

    @Polly Pink what are you 5 years old.

  4. @BEE I agree with Polly Pink ..Boring..and I’m not 5 yrs old!

    I think I care about my appearance in a healthy way. I’m a little sick of all the stories about what’s wrong with black women….how about what’s right with us …let’s try to uplift sometimes.

  5. i was gonna get all defensive and stuff but then i read it through again and i see everything you’re saying. it can be true to a certain extent however some might argue otherwise. this however is full of so much substance and deeper meaning.
    thank you.

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