Cover Queen: Beyonce Graces Observer Style

With the release of her new album less than two weeks away, Beyonce and her handlers are in full campaign mode. What are they campaigning for? The top spot on the charts of course. With If I Were A Boy failing to go #1, you know team Beyonce is even more anxious to see to it that at least her album does. This of course means promotion, promotion promotion. And one way team Beyonce promotes their star is to see to it that she graces the cover of as many magazines as possible. So far the singer been on the cover of InStyle, Marie Claire, Billboard, Rolling Stone Japan, Seventeen and now New York Observer Style. On November 16th the first ever edition of this magazine will be available and a very librarian looking Beyonce will be on it’s cover.

Check it out below as well as covers from V and various other magazines that Beyonce will be gracing in the coming weeks.


  1. Hmmm….the NY Observer cover is my fave of the bunch. I’ll be getting my copy of the deluxe edition! :brownsista:


  3. What??!?!? IIWB didnt go to number 1?

    Oh well, that shouldn’t matter, if its good music the CD will go to #1! She should let her music and talent speak for itself!

    Good Luck!

    By the way Im new here, I live in Asia and I just lo0oove this site 🙂

  4. Wow they are all really good pics especially the rolling stone one and i love her hair on observer style magazine.

  5. She looks fab! I love the NY Observer ! IIWAB so far went to #3 in the USA, #1 in Sweden, #1 in Norway, #2 in the UK. It’s a different direction from the normal Beyonce track but it’s progressing nicely.

  6. Stephanie you forgot the Essence Magazine and Billboard Magazine Covers!

  7. Well, that’s just to prove that with a good promotion plan, anybody can go to number 1. The quality of the song doesn’t really matter. People buy into the artist only for so long but one day, even with all the promotions, people also get tired. And we all know what they say, if the people are tired or an artist, they are really tired of that artist. Looks like people are starting to get tired of B. When I think that Katy Perry “I kissed a girl” was #1 for 6 weeks in a row.

  8. I think beyonce is going to be just fine. Katy perry, and countless others are singles artist. Therefore, the y make the majority of their money off of the sale of their singles.

    Persons like beyonce, usher, alicia keys, make money off of both. Their albums sell and their single sell.

  9. Seventeen looks waaayyyy too young. If they have to make her look that young maybe they should stop putting 25-30 year olds on the cover.

    Observer Style is beautiful – she looks like a Bond Girl – me likes! :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Telegraph is horrid!

    Rolling Stones is almost the same cover they use for all Black female artist! NoNo!

    V Mag looks like she is using hand sanitizer…lol

  10. When I think that Katy Perry “I kissed a girl” was #1 for 6 weeks in a row.

    I almost killed the girl

  11. Soul queen? Great covers. Great promotion. @ Natalie Katy Perrys entire album is superb. So she is a singles artist because releases singles? Hmmm.

  12. Upon second look, I’m loving the V magazine. And is that the same lacefront in each image? 😆

  13. well not all the time u have to go to no.1 on billboard charts to have a successful cd cuz look at rih rih umberella was no.1 for 11 weeks an her sales was not great an she is still milking that cd to date so bee would bee jus fine john legend did not have to much promotion for his album an it is no.1 or in the top 10 billboard cd sales so bee will be ok

  14. Oh mak please! if she would have gone number one all of her fans will be rubbing it in everyone’ s face enough with the hypocrisy the truth for the matter is Sl gets more airplay and more love than If i was a boy if it were up to me i’ ll put sasha fierce in jail and let beyonce do things because she can sing dance and is fierce as hell all by her own , she don’ t need her gimmics but to each its own, the truth is people even some huge fans of her are not exited by the new cd because it seems as if bey wants to show her vocal side more than her “hood” side and that’ s what it is ,
    As for rihanna its clear that she is a single artist even tho every gggb song was a potential hit to me 🙂

  15. your right@ voice if it would have hit #1 thats all her stans would have been talkin about not her fans theres a differents anyway matthew said in a billboards interview that her album is goin to sell 750,000 or even 1,000,000 copys somethings up with that but if she sell any of those amount i’m goin to know that matthew was buyin most of them now she might sell 500,000 copys but not 750,000 or 1,000,000 :noway:

  16. Record labels buy up albums all the time so the #’s would look better for their bigger artist. Beyonce is no different, people were not feeling that whole thing that went down with BC Jean. Even though obviously Beyonce now has the rights to the song and before she didt and it looked like she stole a song again, btw BC Jean has a video for IIWAB on her Myspace page.
    It will be interesting to see what her #’s will be compared to Britney Spears on 12/2

  17. Rhianna’s cd sold over six million. That is good by anyone’s standards. Why do some of you all have to put this young lady down everytime it’s about Beyonce. The reality of it is she rushed out with a crappy cd. They are now going into over exposure and people are just sick of her. The I’m so shy act wasn’t working anymore so now she came out with this Sasha crapt. Why can’t she just be herself or do she even know who that is. This album is not going to be a big success because she is jacking songs and images.


  19. I co-sign with Bria. Whenever, Beyonce is mentioned, someone has to put Rihanna down even thought they are different artists doing their own thing. I just dont get it. Compare Beyonce to Alicia keys or Mariah, Jazmine sullivan ( brill artist, Fearless is a top album) or Britney Spears. No, I ddnt think so. That Umbrella song has sold almost 9 million units on its own and the album has over 6.5 mil and counting. Not to mention all the ther hits she’s had off it, so she’s sold albums and singles. That’s a difficult thing to do.

    I do like the Observer picture. V. Nice :thumbsup:

    BTw, Katy Perry’s album is really good but thats neither here nor there. 😆


    What if it’ s one’ s opinions? you can’ t tell people what they can or cannot like say or do THAT’ S insane!

  21. I’m not too crazy about any of the covers. The Rolling Stone is okay, but looks kind of washed out… V looks weird… Observer Style Magazine is not bad-nice throwback of the 60’s with the glasses.

    I don’t know, they are doing heavy promotion but too much can eventually backfire because people tend to get bored fast. This society can be very unforgiving if bored.

  22. @ Woop,

    You’re right, it’s neither here nor there, but someone has to be put down in order to lift Beyonce up. Even YT artists get the flak; can’t even keep it in the family. 😆

  23. Beyonce is played out. People are getting tired of her. Not surprised that knockoff Irreplaceable didn’t go #1! She’s soooo unoriginal. The pics are the same ol boring looks.

  24. “when you lose the the one you wanted cuz you’ve taken her for granted and everything you had got destroyed” dumb song ,simple lyrics though I wonder if it would go number one of rihanna or any reigning chart topper sang it?? But Beyonce will forever be beautiful she looks fabulous in all those pics. no one can take that away from her.

  25. “when you lose the the one you wanted cuz you’ve taken her for granted and everything you had got destroyed”

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i was like uh? when i heard it the first time

  26. and that’ s what i been trying to tell yall everyone knows beyonce can sing her way to blow rihanna out of the dangone stage but rihanna is the new hit girl i bet you if she sung if i were a boy everyone would love it and it would go number one 🙄

  27. I think the reason it didnt go #1 is because of the whole BC Jean situation and people are really getting tired of Beyonce taking other artist songs & claiming it as her own. JMHO

    It´s impossible mentioned Beyonce to comparate something with the rival Rihanna. Always have been like this. Christina-Britney; Mariah-Withney; Beyonce-J.Lo; and so on! But Beyonce to have a guilty conscience becase she establlish her life in the Rihanna`s steps. Insurance? Afraid? I dont know but the only way for beyonce isn`t copy Rihanna style and to be like herself. Rihanna and Ciara change the rules of the game and we hope something diferent of the experient Beyonce. Rihanna. Last Rhianna’s CD sold over six million, a very good standard for one experint singer and Umbrella beat all records of nº one in the tops. And Rihanna is a young woman and have a future for her. Will be possible Sasha Fierce sold like this? I think this CD is not going this sucess and wait for Ciara and Britney news albuns. Today, Rihab of Rihanna and JT have more fierce like If i were a boy.

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