Cover Story: Yaya, Zoe & Naomi

YaYa Da Costa, Zoe Kravitz and Naomi Campbell are all featured on the September cover of various magazines.

YaYa and Zoe are both featured on the cover of W, which is releasing three covers to celebrate their new logo design.

Naomi Campbell is also covering a three edition mag this month. i-D magazine is celebrating their 30th Anniversary by releasing covers featuring not only Naomi, but Kate Moss and Lady Gaga as well.


  1. I find it funny how women of color have to “share” the cover of major magazines. Zoe Kravitz is a nobody to me I really don’t see talent in her.

  2. LOVE Yaya.

    LOVE Zoe.

    LIKE Naomi.

    I think Yaya and Zoe are acting talents and I look forward to their future projects. 🙂 Gorgeous ladies all of them!


  4. the magazines do that, because their targeted audience is white females, and they donot want the perception that their magazines are for black women. a situation a few yrs ago with a cover being given to naomi, and then given to kate moss, because of that issue with race.

    maybe black magazines should have more than the same black women on their covers, make their magazines more credible and less a joke.jmo

  5. @cigerkiss and @PBLAST1ooooooooXXX000

    What I find amazing is how everytime you look at a mag cover you find a point to make is about race.

  6. @coco but when do it stop for them to realize their r other genres of skin complexion and race… I have a 4 year old daughter and she notice that same issue in magazines!

  7. @pblast18 00000000xxxooo- Gosssh, don’t let people on the cover of magazines be the role models for your 4 y.o. But if you so insist, buy “black” magazines, they exist. Oprah is always alone on the cover of O Magazine. I have seen Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Zoe Saldana, Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Monique, etc. on a lot of covers besides Essence.
    Oh, and by the way, “white” is also a race and just as how Essence, Vibe, etc, are magazines to uplift black people, they have the right to uplift theirs too.

  8. Naomi serves no matter what, and i’m super glad to see yaya and zoe on their way to the top. 😉

  9. Lovin that Ya Ya is rockin the afro!

    Zoe K. blends in don’t she…lol

    Naomi Rules!

  10. YaYa is gorgeous and it took me a moment to find Zoe K. Naomi is always FIERCE and it’s always uplifting to see her beautiful presence in fashion and lifestyle mags…

  11. Love NAOMI!

    Once a magazine has established its name, then the race on the cover should not matter. I really don’t think many white women are that racist to not buy a magazine if the cover is not white, in the contents the features would me more mainstream and most of the models will be white.

    Just like they buy music which black musicians make and are on their album cover, they will buy the magazine, its all about what they like.

    I really think the fashion world makes a bigger deal than it is, imagine if this wasn’t an issue years ago? I just think its all an exaggeration!

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