Covergirls: Beyonce and Taraji P. Henson

Beyonce on the September Cover of Vogue; Taraji Goes Glam for Harper’s Bazzar

BEYONCE INSIDE THE SPTEMBER ISSUE OF VOGUE MAGAZINE - 6Beyonce and actress Taraji P. Henson are both steaming up the September issue of magazines.

Beyonce lands the cover of Vogue, while Taraji graces the inside pages of Harper’s Bazaar.

Taraji’s photoshoot for Bazaar was a stunning homage to 1960s style and was a complete winner.

Beyonce wet dog look for the highly coveted September issue of Vogue, however, was not.

I think photographer Mario Testino may have been trying to recreate the Drunk in Love look. Sadly, it did not translate well in print.

Whatever the case, Beyonce becomes the fourth black woman to cover the September issue, which I guess is still supposed to be a big deal.

You can read her cover story here, though most of it appears to be various quotes from the Vogue writer.

As for Taraji, you can read a few excerpts from her interview below. As usual, it was all about Cookie.
TARAJI P HENSON IN HARPER'S BAZAAR MAGAZINE - 2Taraji on her life pre-Empire: It was quiet, it was a quiet success. I could still live. Now it’s like… crazy.

Taraji on the popularity of Cookie: I was like, ‘Huh?’. Then I got on Twitter and was like, ‘You’re right.’ I’ve seen babies dressed up like Cookie, men dressed up like Cookie, dogs dressed up like Cookie. But you have to be into drag. If you’re not, it may not come off right.

Taraji on her favorite Cookie outfit: Alaïa black catsuit, hands down. I’ve even worn some of my own stuff, like my Balmain leather. I have to meet [Balmain designer] Olivier Rousteing; I need to be his friend.

Taraji on Cookie having no filter: It’s heroic because in this society we have been trained to be politically correct. Political correctness is bullshit. If I ask you a question right now, the first thing that comes in your mind is the truth. But we’ve all been trained to breathe, digest the question, and manipulate the answer. Cookie doesn’t do that.

Taraji on toning down her own personal style: You know what taught me to calm down the sexy? The Bridges of Madison County. Meryl basically had on muumuus that had a waistline, buttoned up to her neck. She was so sexy. Sexy is leaving more to the imagination.

Taraji on fake friends: Oh, they are coming out of the woodwork.… My son is very in tune with that. My dad said to him, ‘People are going to try to be your friend because of what your mother does.’ That stuck. Even guys who try to be a mentor to him—because, you know, his father was murdered when Marcell was nine—so I was very particular about not dating. I don’t want to just bring a man around. Marcell knows how to gauge, Are you here for me, or do you like my mother?

Taraji on what attracts her to a man: He is funny, has personality, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He needs to be confident in who he is, confident to let me be who I am. And let me shine, you know? My light is only going to enhance his light.


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