Hula Hoop Beach Bag by Chanel

One of the most talked about items shown off during Paris Fashion Week was Karl Lagerfeld’s oversized Chanel beach bag, which has been cleverly dubbed the hula hoop bag.

According to Vogue, the bag is the “pinnacle of fashion,” “the height of glamour” and will be “one of spring’s must-have items.”

For those of you not crazy daring enough to carry the super-size version, Chanel also showed off a much smaller version… much, much smaller.


  1. The small red one is cute, but hell never to the large white one. 0_o

  2. Officer, someone stole my purse.
    what did the purse look like?

  3. CHILE…………………

    Remember how a year or so ago, EVERYBODY carried these SUPER LARGE “handbags/purses”??? I remember seeing a picture of Beyonce exiting a restauraunt holding this uber-large “handbag”….it looked like a piece of luggage and it looked ridiculous. I remember on Real Housewives of Atlanta how when everybody went to see Kim’s friend in Miami and all the ladies sat down at the dinner table and Nene’s friend, placed her UBER LARGE BAG gingerly on the table. Ridiculous the size of a purse! LOL

    Does the BIG hula hoop purse disconnect so that one might engage in the act of hula-hooping?

    The smaller bag is cute (and sensible).

    The top bag….eh, it only gets *form follows function* because it is dubbed a “beach bag” and makes a little bit of sense.

    and 😆 to GIGI!!!

  4. 😆 @ GIGI

    I am loving the big one… the little one, not so much.

    In the proper setting, chillin’ by the pool or just for show, the big one is amazing.

    I can see Rihanna pulling this off. She would OWN that bag.

  5. The little one is really cute. What the hell is up with that big @ss bag.

  6. Truthfully though, these bags look like they belong on a House of Dereon or Baby Phat clothing line, not Chanel.

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