Crayola Nail Polish

How cute is this?

Crayola, the company best known for helping us color inside the lines as children, has introduced a miniature collection of nail polishes.

For a mere $12 you can you can have your very own limited edition 8 box set, which includes the colors Blue Bell, Orange, Scarlett, Canary, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Robin’s Egg Blue and Plum.

Nail polish is just the latest beauty venture for the Fort Township, Pennsylvania company.

In recent months Crayola has also released a line of lip gloss, as well as a brand of temporary hair coloring stix.

Who knew?


  1. They look cheap but $12 for 8 mini sizes is rediculous.

    I’ll pass.

    Cute packaging though.

  2. Its cute but for 12$ it should have been more in the pack . Its very different and creative i must admit

  3. Cute gift for a kid. Still a bit overpriced though for just samples.

  4. A “mere” twelve dollars for nail polish that looks like it is made for a young girl/teen? No, thanks. I’ll pass.

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