D. Woods Debuts New Video


I have officially lost count of how many songs, videos and mixtapes singer D. Woods has released over the last couple of months.

It seems as if every week there is a new one.

Despite that, D. is entering 2013 they way she left 2012, valiantly promoting her music to anyone who will listen… and I admit… I am listening.

Check out Miss Woods’ first offering of 2013, the video for her single ‘2 the Bottom,’ which can be found on her ‘My Favorite Color’ EP, available for download here.

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  1. You gotta give her credit for being persistent! The video is a hot mess…but, the same song with some minor adjustments would be big hits for Ke$sha, Katy Perry or even Rihanna! She needs to host a show on FUSE TV…people need to get to know her or reconnect…I saw her on the MoNique show…she has a vibrant personality…nothing beats a failure but a try!

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