D. Woods New Solo Project

Former Danity Kane member D. Woods is about to release her first solo album since splitting from the MTV/Diddy created group that made her famous. The singer took to her Twitter page recently to post an image of her album’s cover art, as well as it’s release date. Titled “The Gray Area”, D’s new album will hit record store shelves on December 8th and will reportedly feature production from Ne-Yo, The Dream and Tricky Stewart.

D. Woods The Gray Area Album Cover

D. recently blogged about her album and explained it’s title to those who may have found it a tad bit confusing.

“This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

I, D. Woods, will be releasing some music!!! Trust me boys and girls, I’ve been more anxious than you. Over the past year, I’ve existed in one of the most awkward situations yet in my life. Both loving and hating the profession I’ve chosen for myself, in bondage and then breaking free from contractual chains, both visible and obscure on the world stage, excited but also scared to death of what’s to come. It was exactly as my attorney repeatedly described my termination from DK as while prying me out of the contract, “a gray area”.

I was in limbo. I’m sure there are lots of artists and people in other lines of work feeling the same thing. In order to relate to others, I described my situation like the many who found themselves unemployed at the end of 2008 and throughout 2009. So what did you guys do while in your “gray area”? Some of you are still in it right?

Well what I did was what I’ve been doing since 3 years old, what I love doing and can’t help but to do no matter what’s happening, that’s staying creative.

Reintroducing myself to myself, detoxing my psyche from the negative images, comments and stereotypes that were forced on me, and just letting everything I held back for the last 2 1/2 years flow, I ended up with the beginning of a body of work that is truly D.Woods. I say the beginning because the metamorphisis is still in progress. But I’ve come to realize that I’m not just doing this for me, I want those out there who’ve been rooting for me to see, hear and rock out to the work I’ve been doing.

So, on 12.08.09 Woodgrane Entertainment (that’s my company yall 😉 in partnership with Bonzi/Fontana UMD presents D.Woods’ “The Gray Area” will be available online through all the online music stores! Thank you for hitting me up on twitter, myspace, if u saw me in the mall or late night at Kroger, booking me at ur clubs in your city etc.
It fueled the fire to get me through THE GRAY AREA! Xoxo!”


  1. Never have cared for D. Woods. Nothing special to me, but I do wish her luck 🙂

  2. Why do I feel that this will be in the 99 cent bin at K-Mart?

    @ LINGRE

    I agree, I was pissed w/ Diddy’s decision from day one. So many of the girls were better singers and dancers and he picked 3 of the worst. Sorry DD it’s not happening, you better get with Jay Z then maybe things could happen, maybe.

  3. Go D Woods! I’m so happy for her,haters stop hating on a black woman doing her thing

  4. Music industry nowadays is really really tough, I am not her fan but still wish that she could find her way.

  5. I too am not a fan of Miss D. Woods and never cared much for her*shrug*. Guess one could say, I never saw any special talent in her :-\ but regardless, I wish her mad luck.

    I admire many of these artist that don’t really stand a chance in the music industry, still going strong with their dream of making music even if they DON’T become the star they wish to be.

  6. i agree with alot of you, don’t really care for her that much, and the album cover is very boring. oh well, to each it’s own

  7. D woods was one of if not the best in the group. I would never work with diddy literally EVERYBODY who’s worked for/with him has tanked with the exception of a few BIG,MARY,and…DIDDY.

  8. @ 17150918 – you are so right. She has a very pretty voice and I’ve been waiting for her cause she has the sass and the drive. Not a lot of people know that because Diddy didn’t let her shine, she had to follow his rules which didn’t benefit her. She’s gonna rep for brown sistas. Diddy had some great talent under his wing and look what happened to them…Total, Mase, Craig Mack, 112. But somehow, Diddy is still making hella $.

  9. @ 17150918

    That’s true, I wonder why though. And let’s not forget BIG died before he had the chance to bite the dust. And Mary got away.

    @ GIGI

    Those people you named pulled in so much money, but alot of us on this site have more money than some of them now. Its sad. I would like to see a behind the music on what the hell happened. We saw it on MTB but we still don’t know for sure.

  10. Not familiar with her music but recognize that she left Diddy’s show/influence with the quickness. I wish her the best. 🙂

  11. Also aint it funny that diddy has told SO many people they cant sing but he keeps cassie call it hatin if you wanna but that chick cant sing AT ALL. so i do believe they been a couple.

  12. Good luck D. I think its gonna be hard for her.
    In my opinion Dawn & Aubrey had the best voices in the group, and I think they have larger fanbases. It might be tough for her.

  13. This cover looks downright cheap. Not even “simple” or “stripped,” it’s cheap. The dotted lines don’t even align correctly with the bridge of her nose. Who the hell is behind the execution and marketing of this project? I too smell .99 bin….*smh*

    Danity Kane, like the majority of manufactured groups, was stronger when together. I don’t see any of them doing well on their own.

  14. Wow! Y’all are going hard on D Woods. Lets give her a chance. Many freshman albums have a standard covers. Also, need I remind you that she is a writer and has a lot to offer the industry. Alot of the songs you enjoyed from Danity Kane were penned by Miss D Woods. Also, she had already earned some stripes and recognition in the industry before becoming a member of the group. Give her a chance. Dang.

  15. Well Lets hear what she has to offer
    Anyone who works for diddy is granted eternal failure, I’m happy she got out while she could…

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