Daily Gallery: Rihanna Arriving In London

Rihanna is absolutely massive in the U.K. so it comes as no surprise the singer would make it one of the first stops on the worldwide promotion of her upcoming “Loud” album. The pop diva was spotted below leaving the airport yesterday and eventually arriving at her hotel, where she was quickly greeted by fans who had been alerted to her arrival.


  1. I am so NOT feeling the black fit, and the hair…OMG. It is what is is. LOL

  2. Again, stop hatin! It’s obvious that she had just gotten off of the plane in the top pictures. Her hair wasn’t really done, and she had no makeup on. She’s not one of those stars who has to be perfectly done for the camera at every moment of her life. By nightfall, her hair was very pretty and her outfit looked better without that gray band. She had her makeup done well. Overall, she looked great!

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