‘Dammn Baby’ Video by Janet Jackson


Watch: Dammn Baby Video by Janet Jackson

It’s finally here, the full visual for Janet Jackson’s latest single, Dammn Baby. Janet’s been dropping previews for the video since last Friday, and I am happy to say the wait was really worth it. This is the video Janet fans have been asking for, for years. It’s visually stunning, and yet depends on nothing except Janet’s over-the-top charisma. Our girl has still got it. Even Gil’s choreography was on point.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below and decide for yourself. Did Janet bring it or did she bring it?


  1. She brought it. Great video Miss Jackson.

  2. That video makes me so happy! This is the Janet Jackson that I know and love!

  3. I have just matched it again: Is it me or does she seem really really happy, like she is genuinely enjoying herself, she seems to have so much fun!
    I love it! I love it! I love it!
    I need Janet to bring us more videos like this!
    Dammn Janet!

  4. If we can just get rid of them ugly ass pants, all would be perfect 😆

    Janet been rocking them pants for years and enough is enough. Someone has to step up and tell her to stop. If her friends won’t do it, then its up to fans 😆

  5. I like that she gave another video. I like the all dance aspect of it and the solo breakdown dance reminds me of pleasure principle. The black and white motif reminds me of the rhythm nation music videos.

    But I don’t know if I love the choreography. It seems so flat and there’s too much hair whipping for me. I love the attitude she shows but Gil ain’t stepping it up. She always had her attitude regardless of Gil. His choreography leaves a lot to be desired.

    This time I feel like I’m missing something because I want more and everyone else here is like it’s so good.
    For me, the dancing coulda been more live but I’m still ’bout the song and the video is alright.

  6. @PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN “I love the attitude she shows but Gil ain’t stepping it up” @SISTA “If we can just get rid of them ugly ass pants, all would be perfect”

    Agreed! The choreography is not the most modern, she should have gotten rid of Gill a long time ago and yes, those pants have to go (in a furnace). But, I feel like the Janet that I grew up with and loved is still there. Yes, she has changed of course but isn’t it great to have some good ol’ Janet back? She loves to dance and still can dance! (ahem, Madonna…) And the music is so infectious.
    Also, as much as I love her, she has always had some very questionable outfits, and being a bit tacky has always been part of her image unfortunately.
    What I felt watching this new video reminding me of why I became a fan in first place. I am a happy fan today!

  7. Great video. So glad Janet finally gave us some visuals to go with the outstanding Unbreakable.

  8. Been waiting on a dance video and any sort of visuals since the album was released. I think this video meets the standard. But, she’s definitely done better. In other words, I miss Tina. She will never let go of these God-awful pants! There was one part in the video where she slipped up and smiled and I said, “okay, I remember her.” Thanks for the reminder, Janet. It’s been a while.

  9. Gil was not the only choreographer there were 2 others who did parts of the video. the choreography was sharp but still feminine that’s classic Janet. This was one of her best video’s in a while.

  10. Janet’s a natural. She just got it like that. So refreshing to see her doing what she loves her way.

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