Danai Gurira Joins the Walking Dead

Actress Danai Gurira is joining the cast of AMC’s zombie blockbuster “The Walking Dead.”

The 20-something year old actress, best known for her roles on “Treme” and “Law & Order,” will play the katana wielding Michonne, a mysterious character (to those who haven’t read the comic book) who shows up on the scene with two chained zombies in tow.

Danai’s character made her first appearance on tonight’s season finale, but was totally covered up. It wasn’t until series creator Robert Kirkman broke the news on “The Talking Dead” that we knew who had landed the role of the iconic heroine.

The character of Michonne had been a highly sought after role, with actresses Rutina Wesley and Tracie Thoms reportedly vying for the part.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and am addicted to this show. i can proudly say this wont be the first black character, they have a really balanced cast so far and i look forward to seeing her in this role….

    season finale was last night 🙁 i have to wait until October….

  2. I love this show too but I would not call it a balanced cast. T-Dog gets absolutely no face time at all.

    Michonne will hopefully get more because she is major figure in the comic book.

    Fans are excited about her arrival and so am I.

    I think she and Darryl would make a great couple too.

    I’m already thinking of storylines.

  3. Can’t wait to see her character come to life. Love The Walking Dead.

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