Dawn Richard “Bombs” in New Video

Singer Dawn Richard recently unveiled the video for her single “Bombs.” The explosive new single, with the visuals to match, is written and produced by Druski and is the lead-off single for Dawn’s new “Armor On” EP.

Speaking about the video via Twitter, Dawn says she wanted the “art direction to be cohesive and match the sound of the song.”

Hopefully radio will give Dawn’s music a chance. R&B is in desperate need of some fresh talent. Outside of Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, I can’t think of any other female whose music is played in regular rotation.


  1. i enjoyed the video and loved the dancing and music. wishing her her the best.

  2. Listen this was refreshing to just HEAR her lol……I love this song the video was dope too….#teamDAWN.BOMBS

  3. I went to school with Dawn. I’m so happy someone other than YMCMB is representing the N.O!

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