Dawn Richard Sets The Record Straight

Drama has always plagued the success of many girl groups. Let’s make brief history notes: The Supremes. En Vogue. Destiny’s Child. Unfortunately, Danity Kane, Diddy’s pop-soul quintet, appears to be following in the footsteps of those before them. Last night the season finale of “Making the Band 4” left many viewers baffled about the future of Danity Kane after members Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods were apparently kicked out of the group. Dawn Richard spoke exclusively with Essence.com to address the group’s fate and rumors of her going solo.

ESSENCE.COM: Last night’s finale of “Making The Band 4” was sort of subdued drama with a pretty ambiguous ending. Diddy has left the ladies of Danity Kane to decide what the group’s future will be. What is your hope for the group?
DAWN RICHARD: We talked about it and there’s a fear we have of losing our fan base. But at the end of the day, Diddy made his choice to let us decide and we would like to continue with the name and the group. This is our lives and you can’t just say no to your dreams. I love working with the group. However, it’s so hard to say what will happen. I would prefer that the original group members remain. It’s hard enough for fans to follow as is.

ESSENCE.COM: Diddy is a beast when it comes to whipping his groups into shape and his truth hurts. He already let Aubrey go and then D. Woods was a no-show last night. Have you spoken or plan to speak to any of the ladies?
RICHARD: No, I haven’t. Honestly, we really don’t talk that much, but I wish them the best of luck. I showed up, and as one person, I can only do so much. If they want to get in touch with me, they will because I totally support them and always will. All of this stuff affects us because these are our lives. Diddy tells us to try to save our group and some of us don’t show up? We’re making a serious statement to him about the future of this group by doing so.

ESSENCE.COM: There’s been much hearsay about Diddy’s intentions of making you the lead of Danity Kane as well as offering you a solo record deal. Is that true?
RICHARD: It’s so interesting how the media chooses to interpret or report things. I have never said that I was pursuing a solo deal. I told someone that I have waited so long for my dream, and singing is my dream and has been for so long. I have done nothing on the side as far as solo projects; I’m not sidestepping. I have totally been supportive of the group—that’s my priority. We had shows where Aubrey didn’t show up and we had her back and no one wrote about it or said anything. Some of the other girls have pursued their interests and I have sat back and supported them in their individual pursuits. It truly hurts my feelings because I work so hard and I’ve been so honest from the beginning. I can’t control it if someone says, `I respect your artistry and I’d like to work with you.’ What’s wrong with that? Instead of getting support there is nothing but negativity. Again, my priority has always been Danity Kane. I’ve never missed a show or meeting so it’s just interesting how people perceive things. I can only put it in God’s hands.

ESSENCE.COM: But has Diddy ever approached you personally about a deal?
RICHARD: Everyone should ask Puff if that’s what he has in line for me. If he does, then I’m honored and I will work hard as I’ve always done. What I know for certain is that he would never break up Danity Kane. I’ve always been on that same train, too. At the end of the day, I’m going to rock with the first priority, which is Danity Kane. Who knows what can happen, because Puff changes his mind every five seconds. I’m going to work hard. I’m going to be the same person I was in the beginning. What’s honest and true is that I respect people. I respect and love the group. I wish it could still be five of us. I didn’t make Aubrey leave. I didn’t make D. Woods not show up. People choose their paths and you do what’s best for your situation. This is your job and you do the best you can do. All we’re trying to do is survive.

ESSENCE.COM: Because you’ve written songs for the group and named the group, do you think the other ladies might be envious of you?
RICHARD: I will never say anyone is jealous of me, because that’s not the type of person I am. I just never see it like that. You work hard, people respect you or you don’t. Growing up in my household, nothing was ever easy, especially as an African-American woman. You can be perceived as a b—- and it’s so hurtful. When I work so hard, some people say all these mean things when you’re trying to be righteous. I’m human, so in the beginning of my career when I read those things, they were the worst and meanest things. I couldn’t conceive why my own people wouldn’t be more positive and support me, so I couldn’t help but be hurt and think, Why don’t you have my back? I’m doing something positive? I’m not a hater. You don’t even have to like me. I’m going to respect everyone. Now I don’t let the negative talk affect me; I just do me, because no one is perfect and you can’t live for everyone else.

ESSENCE.COM: Dawn, you’re extremely positive and that is to be respected. Do you have any personal issues with the group?
RICHARD: I stated this once before when Diddy asked what the problems were. The reality is that some days we get along and other days we don’t, but it has never made me feel differently about the girls or the group. I always wanted to rock with those four girls. I’m about business and how do we keep the fans happy and how do we make our business work better. I’m pro-Danity Kane.



  1. Awesome interview! I have always liked Dawn the most. She is professional, hardworking, and classy. She was right on about how LOTS of blacks (especially women) don’t want to see her succeed. I have seen several comments on blogs where women were calling her ugly and HOPING she fails. Ignorance at its best. Dawn is very smart and humble. One thing I honestly believe is that she will be around for a long time whether Danity Kane remains a group or not.

  2. I’ve always liked Dawn’s personality, as well as Danity Kane. I think they are all talented individuals. I love their latest cd and I want them to stay together! With the right promotion/management, I think these ladies can have very successful careers. With that being said, I don’t see much solo success for any of them. Hopefully, they can swallow their pride, get back on track, and make it work, cause I’m rooting for them! :thumbsup:

  3. I don’ t really know the all danity kane making the band drama but Why should D show up? Diddy is the most disrespectfull egocentric jerk in the industry and he thinks everyone should obey to his claps and shouts, He isn’ t a god! I actually respected D for not showing up, she made a statement, He kicked her out why should she even show up to a danity kane event anymore? its like your boss asking you to attend a meeting when you got fired doesn’t make any sense to me, I like dawn she cute,i don’ t know if anyone in the world can be 100% positive all the time, but she seems that way good for her.As for the solo acts out of a group, No one can dare break a group and break solo now a days , we past the time where one girl could just break a group because her fat ego is telling her she is better than everybody it is sooo 60′- 90′ now a day people [minus stans] can see the light and they will not support someone that step on others to get on the top they better ask nicole sherinz[whatever her name is]

  4. thats a shame. I agree with voice on being solo aftr leaving a group. since Beyonce, i’ cant think of anyone who’s made a success of it and will b able to retain longevity. Nicole Scherzinger is the lead pussycat who sings 99% of the time yet cant do well as a solo artist even though, most ppl tend to like her the most for whatever reason.

    But ppl must remember that the music industry is a business, first and foremost. talent, personality whatever, comes next. it is what it is

  5. aww i love dawn and honestly i dont know why anyone would want to be under diddy, i cant even stand to see his face on tv…i turn it immediately people say beyonce is full of herself…no diddy is who yall should be pin pointing that name to…he is sooo disrespectful and he thinks the world revolves around him…i dont know how he is still in the music industry because i have no respect for a human like him.

    i usually say good things about people and hope that they succeed but diddy doesnt deserve any of that

    dawn i wish you luck, ive always liked you and knew that you had class…you dont need to be under diddy if you want real success because he will still it away from you

    and what is up with that show who wanna work for diddy or whatever it is…i havent seen it but from the commercial i would have slapped that man

  6. Comment removed for profanity. Stop cursing on this blog.

  7. EDITED 😆

    Dawn is a SHADY PERSON…Drea N shannon need to watch their backs around her, She got two bbf kick out those B*tches are next…Even with her first answer she seem every happy that the heart n soul of DK is gone…Now she thrust in the lime light and getting all the attention…I will only support DK as the orginal 5…and didn’t doesn’t seem that will happen…. R.I.P DANITY KANE 11/15/05 – 10/14/08

  8. You guys have been duped. Danity Kane is not a group it is a television show. They sing, perform and make videos when a new season comes around and not one of them will have a real singing career when the show eventually gets cancelled. Diddy is a user. Remember Dream? What happened to them? Puffy used them up and spit them out. He did the same thing to Da Band, Day 26 has already been kicked to the curb and Danity Kane is next. They have basically become a soap opera and when that has run it’s course Diddy and MTV will give them the boot.

  9. Who is this? Oh, another one of those reality people who actually think they are major players. Just another fly by night female group. Enjoy your 15-mins sweetie; you and your bandmates time in the spotlight is just about up.


  10. I think that Aubrey should have been kicked out of the group. Even though Doddy can be an arrogant jerk, if you saw her from her first audition to how she is now she has really changed. She is this wild child. her and Drea used to be real cool from the beginning. The first episode of the season with DK and Day26 you saw how wild Aubrey was acting and how Drea was looking at her like why is she acting like that. The person who needs to watch their back is D Woods if she thinks Aubrey is a real friend of hers. D Woods set herself up tp get kicked out.

    Shannon seems like a real nice person. She is more laid back and settled I guess since she is married. Aubrey was trying to get the attention on her and she did it in a negative way.

  11. ok. fine. i dont know why this is such a shock to people. how long to bad boy groups really last? how often are bad boy groups able to sell out arenas. the only successful group with more than 2 cd’s that did well was 112, but somehow, diddy managed to lose them. not a shocker there. im sure it was also something on a legal level that got the group broken up. i bet it was a short term contract anyway…not to mention…it was a reality tv show. when was the last time diddy launched a sucessful group without having to use mtv or vh1? not surprised at all…it was only a matter of time…and i will be super surprised if danity kane even comes out with another cd ever again.

  12. Diddy could care less about these girls. All of his shows and Danity Kane’s future is all about him. How many times is he going to be responsible for degrading his artist? Diddy is famous for not paying his artists too. When the reality show ends, so will Danity Kane, which is a shame because I really liked this group of girls. Diddy wants everybody to lick his dirty boots and the moment you stop calling him “master” it’s off with your head.

    Good luck Dawn. I think you are talented and I hope Diddy’s stunt doesn’t ruin your dream.

  13. I always like dawn too. She can sing and she can dance her butt off. No audrey and d wood head got too big. Audrey look like she got alot of botox in her face. She look a hot mess. She alway talking reckless and she really think she all that NOT. Diddy to me is a clown with money that really what it is. After biggie got killed he status went way down to the ground. I like diddy when he had lil kim, faith evans, 112, total, biggie, carl thomas, lox, mase.

  14. yeah i usually dont…and i do hate to say that about him…but he really should step back and take a look at how he treats other people…they deserve respect

  15. Sean Combs cannot produce anything if it is outside of hip-hop. He and New Edition kept getting into it because they kept telling him that they are not a hip-hop group and he didn’t want to listen to them. Mary is still around because she got away from them. Look at what he did to Faith Evans. The reality of it is he makes everything about him and that is why he can’t produce anything that has longevity.

    That is why most of these rappers make terrible producers for other artisist because they can only hear what they hear. A producer should listen to the artisist and what they have to say because they are the one to carry the song out to other people and make them hear the vision you were trying to create. But he is to self centered to understand that.

  16. Well Dawn gave a great interview, but honestly who really cares. I watched the Making the Bands show w/ this group for the 1st 2 seasons. All this drama that is happening w/ them is NOT surprising as I have said before when u take 5 STRANGERS & pair them up as a group you will have backlash. You will have different personalities & ppl who under other circumstances would not be hangin out together , being stuck for months on a tour bus together. This situation is MORE than the normal 9-5 where u HATE your co worker, but you remain civil to them b/c u no @ the end of the day you are going to your seperate homes & you don’t have to be bothered until the next morning. These girls LIVED together in a sense… so for her to say she hardly talks to the Aubrey & D.Woods is NOT a good sign.

    Danity Kane is a group that was manufacteured for tv purposes, which is why Diddy, the snake, chose the members he chose. Aubrey from the very beginning showed signs of I wannna be the STAR…. the one who outshines the others while the other group members fell into other obvious roles. The ONLY reason this group has sold as many albums as they have is b/c of the show. Ppl watch along w/ them seein their struggles w/ songs & such… then when it is put into the cd format, folks wanna know how it turned out. I have the 1st album, it was a gift. Let’s just say that person wasted their money coz the album sucked, imo, & I NEVER listen to it… it just collects dust. Not b/c the girls don’t have decent voices, just the song selections & arrangements in the songs. Anywho, if I were Dawn I would just let that ship sink, jump into the life boat, & pursue bigger things w/ career. The only good that came outta that show was the exposure.

  17. Danity Kane won’t survive the end of the year. I am not hating on Dawn (beautiful girl) or any of them, but Diddy kicked out the TWO MEMBERS (at least one main one) that brought attention to the group. I might not have watched the show, but I heard oodles and oodles of gossip about Aubrey O’Day and her shenanigans and sexual exploits and stuff. I’m like, who IS this young lady and then I realize, that chica from Danity Kane.

    @ Blame it on the Rain, I totally agree with what you’ve said about Diddy ‘choosing’ the certain members for the group. He knew he’d have ‘the drama’ with Aubrey’s wild behind. So what will these three lone girls do now that the circle has been broken? I’ll tell you; they will fade into the same obscurity as Diddy’s other acts have over the years. And again, I am not hating, but merely looking at Diddy’s TRACK RECORD. It ain’t pretty. Dawn and the other ladies SHOULD pursue something else, because Diddy will leave them out in the cold ultimately and it’ll be, “Danity Kane” who?


  18. @ Sashay_Shante,

    VIBE magazine did a “where are they now” type thing in their issue about two/three months back. They highlighted the group ‘Dream’ and caught up with its members. The issue was really good because they contacted now defunct groups from back in the day who I used to LOVE, like “Christion” or whatever…two brothers/cousins, good-looking dudes who had a song…that I simply can’t remember right now, but I know I loved it. LOL. Anyhoo, try VIBE mag. online to see if you pull it up. I thought ‘Dream’ could sing and actually kinda liked them. That says a lot coming from me. LOL.

  19. Good for Dawn, to me she’s always seemed classy and ready to work. I think she’s very intelligent and extremely talented. My opinion, Aubrey was jealous of her…..she wasn’t a major asset to the group. People that “sing” (I use that loosely) and look like her are a dime a dozen. I don’t think Dawn is trying to be in the spotlight….her talent puts her there, I think people assume she wants to be there just because Diddy asked her to work on his album (Why punish her for that). I think any true DK fan knows the strongest singers, Dawn, Drea, D.Woods, and Shannon was ok….much better than Aubrey thats for sure. Aubrey is one of those insecure GIRLS who craves attention, she said so herself, sad. It’s ridiculous that she went to extremes to get it. Her problem is she runs her mouth too much with nothing coming out of it. I’m sure most of us know when and how to talk to our boss, she was full of drama and disrespect. True, Diddy could have handled the situation a little better….by letting them speak more than 3 words at a time but I think he told Aubrey just right….then took out the trash. It’s a shame to see D. Woods go because she has much talent but it’s too bad she let someone like Aubrey mess things up for her. I will remain a DK fan, especially now that Aubrey’s gone…she made them look bad. The sad thing is she got all of the attention she was craving and will continue to do so because the media loves ignorance and drama.

    I just hope people will look at the true Talent DK has and focus on that. We shouldn’t turn our backs on them because Diddy acts crazy and especially because Aubrey had to go, he did the right thing in my opinion. Good luck to the rest of the girls and I hope they can make it work. I know I’ll be listening for the 3 of them and the next album. Dawn, beautiful voice, and spirit….love ya girl keep your head up. (Love “TIP TOE”)

  20. when i have a very legitimate reason…he puts himself out there to show everyone that he his mean disrespectful and self-centered i dont say that about many people unless there is hard core evidence…most people say things about artist because they assume certain things…i go by exactly what they show and making people be their slaves on tv is not the answer..

  21. Uh! Not the “jealous black people” argument again. 🙄
    Okay, what Dawn, like many of us, has to realize is that of course most of her naysayers are going to be black simply because the majority of the people interested in her are black. I’m sure a great deal of Britney Spear’s (is it just me or has her name been appearing on this site a lot lately) “haters” are white. Why? because her audience is predominately white so it makes sense that she’d receive most of her backlash from within that community. Duh.

  22. Still you when you see somethign wrong you call it like you see it don’ t you? so it shouldn’ t disturb you if anyone else does the same

  23. ok voice i say something when something is outrageously obvious and disrespectful to other people not when im just going off of assumption get off my nutts already

  24. I dont really know how I feel about this situation. i want to laugh and shake my head at the same time. Dawn seems pretty optimistic in the interview, but I guess she has to be for the sake of her “career”. but like a few of you guys have already pointed out, diddy’s groups have expiration dates, so it doesnt look good for the remaining 3. Whenever I watched the show, I still couldnt see them as a “group”. I saw 5 individuals, which they are. Although I have to say, i really like their songs “pretty boy” and “bad girl”, :booty: those are on repeat on my pink ipod. 🙂

    I read that Vibe issue you are referring to, and it was crazy, how groups just fall off like that like they didnt even exist. and I LOVED CHRISTION, and that song you are talking about is called FULL OF SMOKE, go download it or watch it on youtube now lol. another song that stays in rotation on my ipod. 🙂

  25. LOL@Mario…that last sentence should have been your first response rather than trying to explain yourself. You were trying to be nice though…I know.

  26. Mario even if i presented you facts you would deny it wouldnt you?

  27. I don’t care what no one says. Dawn is the best singer in the group. She carries the groups harmonies then anyone in the group. D Woods and Aubrey are lost causes and don’t contribute nothing in the group. D Woods to me is lackluster and she has other side projects other than Danity Kane that is also lackluster like this writing team she has in Atlanta smh. Aubrey well we all know that she is becoming a cumbucket and I knew that when the start of the second season of of “Making the Band 3” came on when they took a trip to New Orleans. Aubrey has a big head with a mediocre talent that devalued the groups image even more with all those tabloid crap started to come up of her being a fake wannabe Paris Hilton. I know my post sounds negative of Aubrey and D Woods but I’m going to be honest and say that DK had two nice albums. No lie! they are listenable not groundbreaking but listenable. I use to like Aubrey but her being a fake wannabe Paris Hilton or a socialite made people not take DK serious at all. Shoot people already didn’t care because they were a television made up group lol.

  28. Man in general just to engage in this discussions about groups, I just think us as the consumers got fed up with groups because they don’t last very long. People want to be solo to get all the attention or one person in the group gets more than the other lol. DK of course was taken as a joke anyways so no one really cared. (Even though I liked their albums lol). So I think label execs just got tired of signing groups for the sake of that. Oh yeah Diddy disbanded Total for some odd reason. I don’t think it was because they weren’t getting along though.

  29. I like Dawn she seems like a nice person How ever beside My 90′ s girls band minus dc I don’ t support any other female group Because i feel like there is always one using the group as trampoline to get where she wants while everyone else is dedicated and scarifying for the sake of the band, I’ ll be no part of such shameful ways, Good luck to Dk hope they make it, but dark sista is not buying your album


  30. :stop: Everyone is dogging Diddy and etc. He may very well be what all of you (who do not know him), claim he is however with the girls (Danity Kane) he has been what is expected from a boss with a lil compassion and respect. If he’s too mushy then yall would say he’s screwing one of them but if he’s a boss then he’s ridiculed. Diddy did nothing to break the band up. DK clearly stated they don’t get along and most days don’t even speak. It gets to a point where you feel the chemistry and vibe being way off during performances and that messes up the business.

    Diddy clearly came in and sat with the girls asking them what the problem was. Not to break it up but to see if it was workable. What pissed him off what Anbrey who always have something smart to say. She came on mtv saying how she’s ridiculed for speaking her mind [as a woman]. Its not about gender sweetie. Disrespect is disrespect. It has no face. She has constantly disrespected him by over talking him, being sarcastic and flip. The shows I’ve watched, which were all… Diddy allowed her to speak each time yet each time he spoke she cut him off. I feel as if she is disrespectful. Its great to be bold and daring and speak up for yourself but she abuses it. She says of coarse she isn’t suppose to look the same and be the same as when she 1st got with DK however the transformation route that she has taken has been one of a promiscuous wild child. Not saying she is one because I don’t know her but her “new” look says it all. She acts like you can’t say anything to her because you’re wrong and she’s right and if you tell her she’s wrong then you are basically saying, [in her mind] that she can’t say cuz she’s a woman.] What kind of crap is that!! :noway: She seems bossy and demanding.

    D.Woods in whom I also like… Diddy clearly said he apologized and didn’t mean anything towards her and that in the heat of the moment after having to go at it with Aubrey, D.Woods caught some of it but that she is not kicked out however her actions of leaving and not showing up for things has proven to the remaining group and to Diddy that she doesn’t have an interest in being there anymore. Again.. he left the fate of the group to the girls so if they really wanted it, they would work it out and comeback… their own actions has been the proof. Diddy just came in and spoke up since they weren’t and he broke them up because they didn’t seem happy together and some were emailing him about leaving anyway so he just came in and granted them of it and then they all of a sudden looked shocked and sad like it was his fault. He could say it is what it is and get over it however he did not. He’s saying Get it together and yall come back to me letting me know what its gonna be. That doesn’t sound like a bad man to me however of coarse there are haters out there with only a one track mind. :hater:

    I wish them all the best collectively and individually. I would support you guys whether you choose solo or group. Dawn, much respect… I love you girl. You’re so bold and classy and everything Aubrey is trying to be but hasn’t balanced yet. You too say what you gotta say but in a much milder and respectful way and thats all Diddy was saying. That theres a way to do and say things regardless of the gender. Aubrey takes it too far & feels like she can get away with ut because of her gender. 🙄

    :iagree: I too agree with your man Q when he said when she (Aubrey) did hairshow noone tripped or became jealous but when Dawn did a song for Diddy she became jealous & etc. That shouldn’t happen. Thats pity and juvenile. Should she be the only one in the group doing outside things. :hater:

    Again, I don’t know the issues with the group…only that in which is displayed however I do believe the strongest will survive. Shannon I respect you as well & Drea.

    Collectively you guys were a family and if a disagreement is made in a family then at the end of the day you guys are still family however the difference is… this family is a business that produces money and if yall can’t get along then don’t Profanity Deleted up the money. If its minor enough to work it out or do a group counseling then do so however if it can’t be worked out and someone such as Diddy had to play momma and separate yall then thats what it is. Make it work… whether you make the 5 work or the 3 work… Make whatever it is work and make it the best 3 or 5 ever. Best Wishes to you all.

  31. D.Woods and Aubrey FAN!!!!!! Stop the BITCHASSNESS!!!!!! :hater:
    I think that diddy was on some serious BITCHASSNESS :stop: , WHEN HE CUT THOSES LADIES FROM THE GROUP. Yes he has been in the game for over 15 years and how many art does he have that has been with him for over 5 years? NONE, it is because he is a beast with a horrible ego, because he has made it! regardless if you worked hard to be someone, never should you disrespect or talk down to others because you have more money than them, that’s straigh BITCHASSNESS. And Diddy displays that all the time. Without these two ladies the group is DONE! :thumbsdown: D. Woods has the best vocals in the group and hate it or love it Abury has the personality. Dawn was a favoriate of mine, she has a different voice and had a humble personality, 🙁 until the season finale, I understand this is a dream and your livelyhood, but also you must remember what role you played in the problem within the group? You will and Have lost fans because of that. Her body languge during the finale when Aubrey came out at the live finale was disrespectful and heartless with no care! , she was giving off the feelings that she dont give a S*&^ about the other two girls and she will replace them in a miniute for own personal gain. And that is just wrong. 🙁

    Yall started a group together and you should end the group together if that is what is needed. Also Regardless if D. Woods showed up, she had a previous engagement, and Im pretty sure that the Live finale was a last min. thing that didddy wanted to do, because he wasnt even there. And for Dawn to make it seem like D. Woods and Aubrey are the only two to miss shows or meetings for their own personal reasons is B.S. because I know you all have had different enduevures that you all may have to follow through on, unless you are not that popular and no one has asked you to do anything that would cause you to miss anything d.k related. :loser:

    As sisters and women you all should be encouraging eachother and happy that you all have other positive things going on in your life. Dawn plz quit kissing diddy’s ass, and Aundria grow a backbone because you know wrong is wrong and what and how diddy dropped those ladies was wrong, and Shannon thanks for speaking out and saying you wouldnt be able to do it without the other two girls because you all create d.k and that cant change, Destiny’s Child lucked up when they did this, because they did not kick out the two ladies that stand out the most and the one with the best vocals and personality.

    Dont allow Money to rule everything, because as women we have always been able to bounce back from whatever life brings us, even if we are working or doing our dream job and things change, we dont throw others under the bus to continue to be successful. we grow and rise above it and find another way to live or fulfill our dream and still have pride and intgirty. Dawn plz go look in the mirror and ask yourself- is it really worth it to betrail two members of your group, that without them you would not have been a group?

    And Im not saying Dawn is the evil child in the situation, but her attitiute and actions show that she is a heartless B*&$%, becuase she is about self. And for her man Q :hater: , to comment on Aubery missing shows and that the ladies are being petty about Dawn working on a song for Diddy is none of his business. Bottom line everyone knew that Aubrey was going to do Hairspare the Play during their off season, because she was women enough to tell her group members, were as Dawn didnt even give them the headsup that she was doing something on the side and she could not give them all the details to, but to let them know that she wanted them to hear it first from her not the streets, And that is all that Aubrey and the rest of the girls wanted to know because you dont want to hear from others things that your so called friend and group member sister is working on and wouldnt even give yall the heads up? Thats wrong. :thumbsdown:

    And Aundria needs to get it together and know that people change and it may not be for the good, but if someone is your bestfriend, then you accept them in the good the bad and even when they acting ugly. and Obvious she wasnt like that with Aubrey when she began to change. But it is in her she is just afriad of losing what she has worked hard for, but little does she know that she has lost it if Aubrey and D. Woods do not return to the group, because a name is nothing without talent and drive.

    Shannon is the best and the only real one left, she showed she has love for the girls who got booted and that she will have to really think hard about being apart of group when an original member and one of the best vocalist are gone, and she knows its not worth it for money and fame, because them being sisters/members had a few disagreements in the past year, and they will have more.

    I wish that they would know regardless of how Diddy is saying he has nothing to do with the situation, he does, because he could have let them know that things arent looking good for them and as a group they need to work something out and figure out if they want to be in a group together and come back to him once they have worked through their problems or they have decied to end D.K forgood!

    Remember, it not what you go through that will make you stronger, but it is how you come out of it that makes you better!! :bowdown:

    Stay Blessed!

  32. Dont allow Money to rule everything, because as women we have always been able to bounce back from whatever life brings us, even if we are working or doing our dream job and things change, we dont throw others under the bus to continue to be successful. we grow and rise above it and find another way to live or fulfill our dream and still have pride and intgirty


  33. :booty: i think they always have to kiss his ass n anything i thought when we as black people get a had up we dont make other people struggle and we just give them a hand and llet them come up with us.i would of never entered a group under him he think he better then everyone else and they have to kiss the ground he walk on so to hell with his ass dawn is tooo good for that shakey ass group .. go solo girl

  34. :booty: Dawn for whatever reason was hating on Aubrey~~she is trying to not admit to the public but her shifty behaviours aint getting past anybody. She was running to Diddy and crying every chance she got about Aubrey~~undermining Aubrey~~~She LOVES it that Aubrey is OUT!!! Mission accomplished! To bad D woods got shot in the crossfire!!

  35. I hear a lot of people say that dawn is not good looking and they say the same thing about estell as well as other africanesque women. I believe dawn is of haitian descent.
    so as an african american male I prefer african american women with not so predominant european features. dont get me wrong i love all women but a woman that looks as good going as she does coming, having full lips, a full nose, and piercing brown eyes makes me weak.

  36. as far as aubrey goes, diddy let her know from episode 1 that he didn’t like what she was doing. what makes people think that dawn said anything at all. She wouldn’t have to. Diddy probably had mtv, the bodyguards, the drivers, the recording staff, those so called den mothers, as well as fake next door neighbors, watching every move Aubrey and D. Woods made and report back to him. I wouldn’t put it past diddy to have had spys at all the events that danity kane and day 26 had to attend.

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