Dawn Richard Signs Copies of New CD

‘Goldenheart’ singer Dawn Richard took time off from touring last night to meet fans and sign copies of her new album at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California.

Dawn released two unheard tracks earlier this month and says she is already working on her ‘Blackheart’ album, the second in what the singer says will be a trilogy.

Look for Dawn to add more dates to her ‘Goldenheart’ tour in the summer.

In the meantime, check out the singer’s recent interview below where she appears to come out. Fans hit the singer up about her commenst on Twitter, but like s true diva, she played coy.


  1. I love the way the interviewer pronounces her last name..

    As for Dawn, her music is all over the place. Haven’t heard anything yet that really caught my attention.

    As for her “girlfriend” comment. I guess. It is what it is. Having a girlfriend is “IN” for women these days.

  2. i like dawn but i need her to not blatantly deny the plastic surgery. is it our business to ask? not really….but to deny the obvious like we are the crazy ones….

    i duno

  3. so she did tweak her nostrils or is that contouring?

    happy for her release. hope others recognize her drive and use of talent

  4. Dawn is crazy hot and her new music and GOLDENHEART album is sick!! Keep it up Dawn and good luck at the Grammy’s this year.

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