Dawn Richard Speaks Out on Her New Look


If you’ve been following Dawn Richard on either Twitter or Instagram, then surely you have noticed the singer’s change in appearance over the past twelve months.

Fans of the former Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money diva have been talking about Dawn’s new look for some time now. However, Dawn, up until recently, has kept pretty mum on her ever evolving look.

In a rare show of vulnerability, Dawn finally spoke up via Twitter, taking issue with those who have taken issue with her new look, noting many of those same people slammed the way she looked before, specifically questioning her femininity by calling her a “tranny.”

“Same people saying this ‘she was prettier before’ crap are the people that said I was a tranny in 2009,’ Dawn wrote. “Make up your mind lawd. Meanwhile I’m really a cyborg (I see this post went over damn near everyone’s head.)”

Dawn, like most black female artists today, is constantly being scrutinized publicly about her looks. I’ve been following her for quite a few years, so I can attest to the hate the singer has often received about her appearance. Sadly, the majority of those comments were coming from women who looked just like Dawn. She couldn’t win. She was damned if she did or damned if she didn’t.

Clearly Dawn has had some work done, and for that she will get no gripe from me. If anything I applaud her plastic surgeon who left her looking quite natural and yes, very much still looking like a black woman. Dawn looks snatched, while some unfortunate women after plastic surgery just look dragged.

Go Dawn. If you’re happy, I’m happy for you.


  1. Its actually hard to tell exactly what has been done. I read a nose job but its slight if at all. Sometimes is just angles and lighting. Honestly, it looks like a skin peel if anything. Her skin looks super smooth and clear, like Somali women.

  2. my issue is she is clearly saying, i altered my look based on what the public made me feel….

    no thanks

    as far as her actual before and afters, i care the same about her before as i did after and thats not very much.

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