DC3 Reunite For Kelly’s Birthday Bash

Kelly & Beyonce DC3 band members reunited last night in Hollywood, California to help Kelly Rowland celebrate her 27th birthday. Many people wondered if there would be animosity between Kelly and Beyonce after Kelly announced she would no longer be managed by Beyonce’s dad Mathew- but if the pic to your right is any indication- I would say no animosity exists at all. Kelly and Beyonce grew up together and that bond is more than likely stronger than any business contract. These two sistas have always supported each other and I suspect will continue to do so in the future.


  1. michelle look older than what she say she is.
    kelly look ok
    something is not about beyonce.

  2. The thing with black people is they just can’t believe that Beyonce is a beautiful and normal and nice black girl who is talented, successful and living her dream. They are always trying to get her involved in some drama. She doesn’t show up for the Grammys, they say she’s jealous of Jennifer Hudson, she supports Kelly, then she is a fake, she does a good deed, black people take it for a bad one.

    I really don’t understand. I think it stems from insecurities. So many black women are insecure about themselves that they just can’t believe a beautiful black woman like Beyonce can “have it all”. It’s really a shame.

    Best of luck to all three girls. :brownsista:

  3. Everyone looks nice in the photos. I am glad to see Bey and Michelle supporting Kelly’s b-day. It is also nice to see people remain friends even if they are not business partners anymore. Good for them.

  4. Happy Birthday Kelly! Look at my beautiful :brownsista: ! :brownsista: ! :brownsista: !

  5. i knew beyonce would still support her and matthew will too im so happy for all of them and kelly looks HOT HOT HOT! she has grown so much…i was watching some back in the day interviews of dc4 and man oh man! them two girls have come a long way..i also like this :koolaid: hehe

  6. I was think the same thing Hollywood BS! :iagree: well said!

    They all look great!!! :thumbsup:



  8. kelly and b, look real good. kelly is so pretty, b is always so pretty. michelle….lol, well she’s michelle, she’s cute too.

  9. Good for them , πŸ™‚ I really don’ t care whether they get along or not, we are all humans and entitled to our opinions and emotions I will not hold it against kelly if she is mad at them and i’ m not holding it against her that she isn’ t :bowdown: , She is a grown woman in charge of her life,We won’ t accuse the knowles forever, So i say move on with your life baby and as far as “people want them to be mad at each other” those are all fables, I think it pleases fans to tell themselves while everyone is bad and jealous they are the better person for adoring someone, and you guys are plain old bored, Do you think my bills won’ t get paid because Kelly rowland gets along with beyonce knowles? Get real, Nobody takes Hollywood as seriously as stans do , No body

  10. they all look nice.

    can’t wait to see bee at the NAACP image awards tomorrow. hope she’s doing halo :bowdown: :bowdown:

  11. Honestly? Dont take this wrong……
    I think Beyonce is there to save face because she knew people were talking about them not being friends anymore. When was the last time publicly we have seen these two together?? Lala and someone else hosted the event, why didnt Beyonce being their like sisters? Its just PR, if Beyonce was not there people would have been talking and we all know how Beyonce is all about image and how things look. πŸ™‚

  12. Happy Birthday Kells!

    Me likes her 70’ish coat & shoes. I’m diggin’ Bey’s Prince “i just want ur extra time & yo kiss” t-shirt.

  13. Kenny: How DARE YOU? beyonce does not have a fake bones in her body, when she talks about people you can hear in her voice that she is nothing but a pure human being, Unlike everyone else, beyonce does not fake things, she loves everybody, how dare you?she didn’ t host kelly’ s party because she had a stomach cramp that night and spent the entire time sitting and she wasn’ t even dancing, so don’ t you dare speak against beyonce! You’ re just jealous because she is the most beautiful talented person that ever walked the face of this hear, And i am a better person than you because i praise her every single day of my life, Yes i’ m not confident enough in myself and franckly i hate my skin hair and life, but at least i know blessings will come my way if i keep on praising beyonce. so stop hating and just jump from a bridge talking about beyonce like that i’ m outraged!

  14. @kenny,

    and she’s there and you are STILL talking….WTF! you think she cares what people on blogs say? she ain’t give a damn about etta james cause she still performed “at last” last night, you think she cares that people think she’s not friends with kelly anymore? i doubt she took time out of her precious evening to go and try and “save face” as if people thinking she’s not friends anymore is hurting her record sales or career. the entire fam was there including jay and solo

    this is EXACTLY what hollywood bs was saying and i cosign 1000% with him/her

  15. @ Dr. Philly I agree with you that Kelly looks a bit stand off-ish. None the less she is beautiful. Bey is playing the “Hand in my pocket” game again. πŸ™‚

  16. @woohoo
    Im not talking im typing and you are reading it.
    Being that we all know she doesnt care what blogs have to say then we can assume she doesnt care about people who comment, which means she doesnt care what you say so stop trying to go hard for someone who doesnt care about you. You shouldnt be so surprised what celebs would do for image and PR to “save face”, dont live in lala land to assume these people are not worried about image. If she wasnt there everyone would have questioned her whereabouts and people would talk, but now she looks like nice innocent, sisterhood Beyonce.

  17. @kenny
    i’m the one living in lala land? i’m not the one who speaks (wait, i know TYPES works better for you) on the woman as if i know every little detail about her and what she is thinking and doing to try and save face! people questioned her whereabouts at the superbowl and she didn’t care enough to show up at the grammys even though her husband was performing. i’m convinced you don’t like beyonce anyway and most of the time, you talk as if you know ish about her when you don’t. i remember your comment a while ago about how bee was just supporting obama because she wanted attention and she never supported him before (as if you knew her personally) and of course, me being the “stan” that i am, provided you a video that indicated she was a supporter of him back in march 07 before the nation got obama fever. that proves to me that you make assumptions based on what YOU want to be true about the woman (and talk it up to it’s my opinion), just like the assumption you are making now. lawd knows the women couldn’t be genuine friends and the woman showed up to support her sister (someone she was kicking and having fun with just last month in london); noooooo, it couldn’t be that she was happy to celebrate kelly’s b’day because when it comes to beyonce, she’s only there because of an image and to try and save face. chick is so consumed about what black blogs think about her friendship with kelly rowland, she’s taking time out of her evening to go save face to make these people on blogs happy!

  18. @ Kenny,wohoo, and Voice

    Geez! Cut it out and wish Kells a happy birthday. Let’s sing on the count of 3…”Happy birthday to you….”

  19. Happy Birthday Kelly!

    @ Darksista and Kenny :iagree:

    @ Voice that was too halarious but it does have a lot of truth to it :lol2:

  20. Al righty then… anyways ****Happy Birthday**** #28 :brownsista: Ms. Kelly.

  21. Kelly isn’t 27, she’s 28.
    Bee was the youngest in the group, Michelle is the oldest.
    Anyways, they look great, not really feeling Bee’s hair.

  22. Kelly looks soooo pretty in this photo, and happy too. I love her skin, it’s looks flawless. I loved her last album too, she has a nice vibe. I refuse to believe there is any bad business between them. Just because she’s changing managers doesn’t mean she’s changing friends….

  23. OOOPS!!! You accidently put ‘Michelle Williams and Beyonce’, when it should’ve said ‘Kelly Rowland and Beyonce’ on the picture, no biggy, us stans know who’s who

  24. All three girls look gorgeous! I hope they had a good time. :thumbsup:

  25. kenny, i agree even if they are still friends in public beyonce and family needed to be seen as supporting kelly, because kelly and beyonce always had something bad to say about every girl that left dc. so the knowles do need to save face, in regard to that kelly had now dropped mathew so is kelly lazy and boy crazy. that’s what the stories were about latoya, latavia and farrah. this is a pr move. i want to see if they continue to just hang out.

  26. Kelly is gorgeous. I know she’s happy as hell to be free of the knowles. The only thing that pic tells me is they know how to be professional despite the fact that there is tension bwt them. Bey’s smile is so fake it’s almost laughable.

  27. Jazi not just the fake smile on BoreYawnSay. She’s also going out of her way to lean into Kelly. Kelly looks like if she tips to the left, she’s gonna topple over from BoreYawnSay’s weight.

  28. I think that people just enjoy a beyonce post too much. You give her too much credit, and make everyone else around her look really dumb!!! I swear if this post showed beyonce eating an apple, people would find a way to convince themselves of how fake she is, and the fact that she is eating that apple is because she is trying to save face for something out of this world. I know this is a blog, but gosh people, don’t over analyze the woman’s every move. Go to and see if they aren’t talking about you.

  29. what are some of you professional picture analyzers?
    “oh beyonce’s leaning in too much, she looks fake”
    “oh kelly looks standoffish”
    some of you women sound so pathetic. these girls have been friends since they were 9 years old, why is it so hard to believe that beyonce was there because kelly is her sister and she wanted to celebrate her b-day with her? something they seem to do every year?? jealous,depressed, miserable people always have something negative to say about positive people doing positive things. get some prozac and sit down somewhere

  30. Thanks for the video Melissa! I just love these beautiful ladies! It’s nothing like having a friend for life. Happy Birthday Kelly! Kelly is definitely a Black Barbie!

    To all the miserable folks on the board, get a life and stop trying to make your life better be believing others are just as miserable as you! :stop:

  31. It’s Kelly’s birthday and the miserable folks are STILL focused on Beyonce! :stop:

  32. LOL@ All the HATING ON HERE?!?! Geeeeeeeze its ridiculous! :hifive: …ANY who They all look fantastic! Imma Need Beyonce’s Prince T in a small and her and Kelly’s shoes in a 7!!! pure HOTNESS!!!

  33. Beyonce wouldn’t have any animosity toward Kelly because Beyonce knows her father is a control freak who got in the business on the whim of Beyonce’s extraordinary beauty and talent!

  34. Kelly is definitely a Black Barbe, Omg i always thought the same thing

  35. This event seems supicious to me. I mean really the last time I saw these two photograph together was at Kelly’s album release party. I could be wrong for I dont obsessively google the lives of celebrities. I do believe it was to save face. On the flip side they do seem to genuinely love each other. Its just funny that they would be photograph together right after Kelly’s management separation. It would be very naive of anyone to believe that their friendship has not evolved into something different from when they were kids just wanting to sing together and be successful. A lot can happen in 10years, and I lot has happened. Anyone can smile for a camera for the sake of naysayers. I am sorry I just dont believe there isnt any tension between them, but like everyone else all we can do is speculate. This is just my opinion. Beyonce friendship did turn Kelly into a millionaire what more could you ask for?

  36. I’m sorry but that is a FAKE smile by Kelly. She look like Get off me…. You did me wrong…. Step.. Kelly is gonna blow up.. I know it.. Beyonce has nice producers but her voice in annoying. I have yet to here a classic song from her like (Control- Janet Jackson, I will always love you -Whitney Houston, Superwoman-Karyn White). The production is what makes her # 1. I listen to “I’m a Diva” for the beat the vocals are annoying. But yeah Kelly bout to show beyonce whats up with her billionaire virgin records boyfriend. Mass Marketing here we come!!!! All in All,, Kelly does have that Fed-up look on her face..

  37. Kelly looks gorgeous! As long as she is happy so am I :brownsista:

  38. I totally agree with MRSJONES and REAL TALK. It’s like people try to paint Bey as a bad person soooo much, it’s ridiculous. Anyways, good to see them together and having fun and still loving each other. More people need to look up to these three beautiful women. Keep doing you ladies and good luck in all your future endeavors. :thumbsup:

  39. Kelly looks gorgeous! As long as she is happy so am I high five πŸ˜‰

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