I am so angry, I can chew rocks!! When will Blacks stop being America’s boogyman? There are still people out there who feel that the Brown shooting was self-defense… white people. Such people may even feel that Rodney King’s brutal beating and the killing of Amadou Diallo and Eric Garner were justified… white people. The young man in the Brown shooting was UNARMED—not a knife-wielding, gun-toting, muscle-bound hulk. I thought that the police were only supposed to use their firearms as a last resort or when there is no other way to stop an individual from causing deadly harm to the officer or to another person, particularly with a weapon… white people. Basically, an individual’s defense is supposed to be comparable to the degree of harm he or she is confronted with… white people. There are those who feel that unarmed minorities cannot be subdued without killing them… white people.

The elephant in the room that the media, white citizens or political officials are afraid to discuss, is the fact that there are racists white cops with social, psychological and other issues, who not only hate Black people—but join the police force to purposely harass, hurt or kill Black citizens while hiding behind their badge!!! Regular white folks who have never been harassed or unduly stopped and disrespected by police, naively believe that the police are just doing their jobs and if someone is mistakenly killed, that it’s just collateral damage and the consequence of the police doing their job. If these same white citizens, their teenage sons, their husbands or fathers were unarmed suspects being choked, beat with batons or shot dead, would they feel that officers should resort to other methods rather than deadly force? I’m sure they would then agree that deadly force should be a last resort, not a first response.

What if Black cops started to gun down unarmed white teenage boys, and escaped indictment? This City would burn!!!!!