Deborah Cox Is Back On The Scene

Singer Deborah Cox is back on the scene with a new single “Beautiful U R”. The Canadian songstress first burst onto the music scene back in the mid 90s and quickly made a name for herself on urban and pop radio. Who doesn’t remember her smash hit “Nobody’s Suppose To Be Here” ? Deborah was truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of R n’ B before she unexpectedly took time off to focus on her personal life. Not much has been heard from Deborah over the last few years but she is hoping to change all that with the November 2008 release of her new album, The Promise. Click here to listen to her new single and you can visit Deborah’s official website to be kept up to date on her upcoming club appearances.


  1. I used to love her club remixes. The dj’s here in New York used to remix all her songs and they were hawt. She had a huge gay following too :bowdown:

  2. This woman is a mighty siren. Such a powerful beautiful voice. I have her first record. Will have to give this one a listen.

  3. Ohmigosh! 😆 i love deborah! especially on the song- We cant be friends. I just hope she hasn’t changed too much, sometinhg that our female celebrities do oh too well

  4. She is so pretty and i love her good luck to her beautiful r u is such a nice song yall

  5. ive always thought she has had one of the most beautiful voice i ever heard…love her music now we really need to promote this album!

  6. I love Deborah Cox, LOOK OUT GIRLS………….REAL R&B IS BACK! I love her voice and her music, I am looking forward to this.

  7. Deborah Cox has been away for too long…she has a beautiful voice and will add depth to R&B music.

  8. WE need to support the sister and bring good music back yall :stop: enough with being bedazzle with them no substance songs i’m serious enough of the supporting people just because of their color lets love each other but be honest enough to say “homie, hell no”

  9. Will they play her on the radio is the question. She has a powerful voice and they don’t seem to really like to promote that in the music industry now a days.

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