Dereon 2009 Ad

Want to get a sneak peak at some of those “Sasha Fierce for Dereon” designs? Well, check out the splash page image taken from the website. I believe these are some of the outfits from that line, which was inspired by Beyonce Giselle Knowles’ performance alter-go, Sasha Fierce. As previously reported here by Stephanie, Sasha Fierce for Dereon will be sold exclusively at Macy’s, Dillards and Over Our Heads.

Dereon Splash Page Ad

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  1. Now that’s fierce a little messy but fierce they need to have a little more space between the shots but it’s a thumb up for me!

  2. looks great. the 1 with the glasses reminds of my lil sister who’s a lil fashionista. Dereon needs 2 continue 2 go in this direction cuz what they have now is blah 2 me.

  3. I like it!

    WOW BEYONCE’ has SNEAKERS ON!!!!! *shocked* I don’t think I have ever seen B in tennis shoes.

  4. Where would you wear some of that. It’s not my style but hey maybe this will work. I think it’s a bit much for young girls, but, now a days the mother’s like to put their daughters on display. So this will probably work.

  5. saw that pic yesterday. She is displaying some awesome fierceness!!

  6. I like this line better then anything she came out with. But im going to start making my own clothes lol. But i do love the dress with the slits in the back love it.

  7. Awwww keep trying ma you will get it one day. The poses won’t sell your clothes. I still want my refund back, I bought my sister a hobo bag from your line with in 6 months the damn zipper broke off:)

  8. I actually like some of this stuff and Bey is working it!

  9. Her line has made a huge come up. She actually has some nice pieces. good luck to her.

  10. i swear she is retarded. does this girl ever stop biting ciara?

    how can no one see it, i just don’t get why everybody puts a blind eye to it.

    and then this fashion is nothing but other people wrapped in one.

  11. Is that the stuff in the pic. If it is the jeans and jackets are hot, I wouldn’t be caught dead in the rest of it though.

  12. I love those pics…represent that H-town girl!

  13. Cute. She looks good but I can do without the clothes. She looks fab in them

  14. Can someone tell me where the hell your’re going to wear this stuff at? Because when you find it let me know!!

  15. Where exactly would any self respecting woman wear this junk? Is this club wear or for the occasion you might star in a rap video? They need to stop. I don’t see anybody in the Knowles family rocking this mess.

  16. real cool ad but wouldn’t wear any of the clothes. They look tacky but Bey’s pose do look fierce.

  17. Once again, these clothes look good on Beyonce (only) LOL Great shot.

  18. @ are u serious, Beyonce did a similar shoot for IAMSF CD, then Ciara, so wtf and no one is biting no one.


  19. To whoever said Beyonce was biting Ciara WTF are you talking about. Beyonce would not downgrade like that. The only celebrity that she copies is the legend that is Tina Turner, she’s not copying a chick that’s about to get dropped.

    On the clothes
    The shoes and some of the other pieces can be worn on a night out like to the club or something. But I would wear those jeans to anywhere but church. Besides we all dress different in different parts of the states I’m sure somewhere people will wear the hell out this stuff.

  20. all those outfits were inspired *coughs* (copied) from the one and only who lit fire to her a** and cut up her image throwing it straight to old news status and her husband is hanging & caking her,RIHANNA!!!!!! can somebody say the word with me loudly,JEALOUS? CAUSE THATS WHAT it LOOK LIKE TO ME!!!!! she can’t stand to see someone else shine in their own way on their time which she needs to realize its not hers,just like she had her season GOD gives everyone a fair chance at being blessed & favored!! she needs to learn how to rejoice for someone when their doing good as her instead of trying to use their fire just to stay relevant cause she looks obviously desperate and jealous!!! and this clothing line shows it!!!

  21. @truthteller…B!TCH PLEASE!!! she done bit so many other female artist that pose a threat!This sasha line came about cause rih rih is killing her with her fashion game and she is not getting no shine.BEY CAN NOT DRESS TO SAVE HER LIFE WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION,SHE CAN’T TOUCH RIH!!! oh did i mention rih is 5’9 and petite while bey stands 5’7 though curvy but shape wide with it which means rih can do runway high fashion modeling bey can’t!!and bey personality is dry in interviews and movies!! her pieces look like hood club gear something rih DON’T WEAR CAUSE SHE ROCKS HIGH FASHION SOMETHING DEREON IS NOT!!! lmao

  22. Don’t like none of the ‘fits expect them striped tights owwwwww and them shoes. I’ve read she was 5’6” unless she’s grown. Pretty cool ad tho.

  23. I like the poses from a fashion perspective. Would wear the dress if it were a solid color. Otherwise, eh…

  24. Rihanna stans need to “honestly” go kick rocks right along with the Bey stans…Rihanna is a socialite and should be compared to the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim K and such…not females with actual talent.

    Anyways, once again, Beyonce looks good as usual but I can never seem to say the same for her momma’s creole creations.. But oh well, we all know people are gonna eat it up simply cuz its the “Great Beyonce”. And frankly, I don’t blame her. Get that money girl!!

  25. I also thought of Ciara with the 2nd pic. I am not saying she is copying Ciara, I just saying Ciara is known for doing it.

    B hips in the 1st pic looks flat compared to her other pics. Other then that, over all I think this is a hot pic and it looks like she had fun. I admire her drive. I applaud B for all the things she has manage to accomplish in her young life. It’s motivating.

  26. I can’t think of anything lower in life than a crazed Beyonce stan. They’re the most classless, violent, delusional, irrational, wretched, vile, disease ridden vermin that I’ve ever met, and just typing about them now makes me feel like I’m going to puke.

    Theprophet. com

  27. I don’t know why people take this Hollyweird $hit so seriously…you don’t know these people or their fans!!!

  28. @Voice,

    I only been on this blog for two weeks, and u are the most hipporitical person i have yet to come across.SMH

    TO the people saying she is copying Rihanna, SMH. If Beyoce wore the same lipstick as Rihanna one day, yall would say she is copying….Its getting pretty old

  29. I would wear, Outfit #1 ,outfit #2, Outfit #3,Outfit #4, Outfit 5

    That dress is horrendus

    That last one, i dont have the Legs for that, but i would wear it at a costume party, ill go as SASHA FIERCE

  30. LMAO Sorry, I would not wear Outsit #3, That dress is ugly and is Dereworng.

  31. @LMAO, you noticed that too about her! She hasn’t missed a Beyonce post yet!

    @Honesty, in other words you’re emotional right now because Dereon has a great new ad!LOL Tell us why you’re really mad!

    @Voice, the only crazed folks up in her are the Rihanna fans. Rihanna and Beyonce are on two different levels!LOL

  32. “lmao melissa” Ezhibit A and once again i rest my care, I really care about what you as much as you do i really do Looool, and melissa you should really open that stinking trap of your being that you OR YOUR ALTER EGOS haven’t missed a rihanna post neither, trying to police where people should or shouldnt go you’re pathetic

  33. This stuff looks hoochiefied and a hot ghetto mess.

  34. @ Honestly

    You need to be honest. Rih Rih gets her well deserved shine. And Beyonce doesn’t copy Ciaras wack a55 style. I don’t care what you think in your little world. No one said anything about Beyonce looking better than Rihanna, no one said anything about Rihanna. Do you have another personality that post hear? Do you see things that aren’t really there? The Sasha Fierce line has nothing to do with Rihanna it had something to do with her album I am Sasha Fierce. Sasha Fierce was Beyonces alter ego back when you and Rihanna was in the 3rd grade. Get some knowledge before you come on here getting mad about stuff that’s not real. Shouldn’t you be doing homework?

  35. beyonce fans are weird. i think the female ones really do want to bang her or something because they are very defensive and act as if Beyonce wrote the book on something. she read other people’s books, copied it, and tried to pass it off like she wrote.

  36. @ Nicole

    I don’t want to bang Beyonce. I don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. I don’t think she’s the best singer in the world. I just think shes one of the few artist that made it with talent. Yeah she shakes her butt too, but she is one of the few artist that can have a hit without doing it. I also think alot of people hate on her. You might be one of the people that just really think she can’t sing or whatever. but I get tired of people hating on her skin color, and just hating on her period.

  37. @Nicole…..these so called fans are either one of bey fam members,reps,or paid bloggers for MWE which shows how she is so insecure!!! they are the only ones on this blog giving her false flattery on here and every other blogs,if her line is so hot then everyone and they momma should be rocking it,not flea markets bins cause some major stores (in the atl)that her line was in is no longer there cause its not selling like baby phat,rocawear,gucci,vera wang oscar de la renta and etc!!P.S these peices are rih rih *jacked* if you look closer!!!!

  38. @TRUTHTELLER….LAMO really hard cause you are far from that a truth teller,more like a worm tongue!!! your type has brought down empires and kingdoms and destroyed dreams pretty much like you doing to bey but then again she pays you well,so,i’ll tell her what she wants to hear to(but then again i got integrity).I also can see how you always on a bey topic all the time you are starting to look obvious you might want to change your icon name to create a diversion from yourself!!! i mention rih cause thats what these pieces look like to me and I DON’T GIVE DAMN WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT HOW I SEE THIS BULLSH!T CALLED I AM…A SAUSAGE CLOTHING LINE,THAT LOOKS EXCACTLY THESE PIECES LOOK LIKE RIHANNA KNOCK – OFFS OF HER STYLE!!!and as for me being a child far from it i’m one year younger than beyonce however i grew up,something i can clearly see she does not want to do!!!!

  39. That’s some ugly, fugly-azz, hot ghetto looking mess. I could go for the dress with the straps down the back, that’s okay at least from the back. I think this was more of a publicity thing for Beyonce rather than advertising the clothing.

  40. Yes most of this stuff once again like someone said above looks good on only Beyonce’ and I too would like know where are you supposed to wear some of this stuff. I like the add as well and yes I too see a little bit of Ciara with Ciara’s signature matrix move. As for that dress I actually like but let’s be honest, If someone were to actually where the common folks would probably be called slutty looking but if Beyonce wears it it looks great. Yes it’s wrong but that’s just how the world is.

  41. Beyonce is such a copy cat. I was listening to an old TLC CD and I heard Left Eye say “Move to the left” to a scrub that was tryna holla at her in the club. That’s where Beyonce got that “To the Left” from. She got a lot of ish from TLC and everybody else. In the new Dereon ad, she has copied styles from Ms. Keri (the first pose) Ciara, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. When does this chic ever where sneakers? She doesn’t even where her own line unless it’s to be in a photo shoot. Does anyone ever see her where it to an awards show? Nope. She’s playin ya’ll and she getting rich off of people who don’t recognize real. Please, get an identity Beyonce and sit down. You wack, your time is over in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. H-town down.

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