Destiny’s Child + 1 Valentine’s Day Reunion

The ladies of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland officially reunited yesterday for a Valentine’s Day brunch. The trio was joined by Beyonce’s younger sister, and part-time writer of DC3 songs, Solange Knowles. No one knows whether the ladies were just getting together for some girl chat or whether they were possibly making plans to reunite. Whatever the case, it was nice to see the group back together again.


  1. They all look good. I wish they would get back together and make another album, because Destinys Fulfilled was one of their best. But i doubt if they do reunite anytime soon.

  2. Those heels are ridiculous. And let me clarify (before her rabid fans attack me), I mean that in a “good” way. 😉 Kelly looks great as usual; gorgeous skin. Solo is Solo. Michelle is Michelle. I think an album for fun comprising all 3 original members (plus one – Solo) would be a cool thing for their fans. They left off on a good note so really that door is still open and the possibilities? Endless, still.

  3. Whatever she is doing to her skin she should stop. She is starting to look bad and unhealthy. And before you nuts come in with the bronzer mess just stop it. This chick is bleaching her skin. She is just not this lite.

  4. @BEE

    She is in direct sunlight in LA. Add on a camera and you get this. but look at the vid…Its obvious its the light bouncing off the camera’s..STOP

  5. @LMAO just stop. They are all in the same light and why don’t the rest of them look 3 shades lighter. Whatever Sammy Sosa was using I think she has bought some. Cut it out this chick is lightening her skin. I don’t care if she is or isn’t it’s just starting to look unhealthy.

  6. But even her legs are light…her feet…hands…
    I doubt she’s bleaching her whole damn body.
    Besides, her skin looks pretty healthy to me. Even, bright…
    Wouldn’t bleach make someone’s skin look atrocious a’la Sammy Sosa?

  7. I am a yellow black woman. I was yellow when I was young and my cousin went as far as saying I wasn’t yellow, I was invisible. In the winter, yes I get lighter but the lightness that Beyonce has is just not real. That is bleached skin. She looks horrible and she needs to stop. That has nothing to do with the sun shining on her or cameras flashing. She’s bleaching her skin and losing her beauty at the same time. I have always and still think that Jay-Z is her downfall and the unhappiness that show on her face every time I see her tells it all. Jay is using her and abusing her. Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody around her including herself cares. Beyonce, God is watching and he will always take you back. You can talk to him anytime. He listens and provides. That’s the only one you need to prove yourself to. Take care of yourself. Sincerely, a former fan.

  8. Beyonce is not bleaching her skin people. Go back to the early days of DC and look at the video’s, Beyonce was light then as we see her now. With her always on the yatch’s she keeps a tan. Also the flashes/lights from the camera is shining on her. Her whole body is light. Beyonce has always been this light like her mom. Jay is not abusing Bey, she is just a very hard worker. She’ll be slowing down soon, rumor has it Jay got her pregnant or will be pregnant soon.

  9. @Gigi and bee
    What are you doing? I know both of you are not getting ready to rumble with the sociopath that forms Mrs Knowles’s fan base are you ? You know the truth you spoke it now let’s move on shall we?

    BTW, I’m also light skin but that’s beside the point, I can SEE perfectly and i do not remember Her looking this white,but the new album is coming out a Sista gotta do what a Sista gotta do 🙂

  10. Oh my friend is a publicist and she said that she heard Mr Carter Gave Mrs Knowles an ultimatum, Give him a baby or get a divorce; Now DO NOT GO AND TAKE THIS AT FACE VALUE, it’s a rumor!!!!! But if he did Screw him very much trying to control her.

  11. SMH. You people say Beyonce’s fans are crazy? Take a look at yourselves!…Rediculous. People make up things just to make someone look bad. In all honesty I see Bey more with tanned skin from the bronzers, tanning, more than I do with her natural pigment (here). If she wanted to be whiter wouldn’t it be the other way around???

    Anyways all the women look great.

  12. Do u guys know what skin bleaching is. I take that as a big no.

    @The Truth
    Most Latina’s I see aren’t that light so take your 2006 shade and shove it.

    Come on People. Have some sense and stop hating. Gosh, skin bleaching does not cause that.

    Than they should divorce. NOBODY should be forced to do anything. But I don’t believe Mediatakeout sources.

  13. Can we talk about the music? I want a new DC album….i don’t care about beyonce skin tone!!! I care about the MUSIC!!!

  14. I have an almost 4yo niece. Same hair skin and eye color as Beyonce’s nephew. One of my cousins call her caucasia. But she gets a little color in the summer. But now she’s light bright. Ppl actually have the audacity to ask if she’s mixed or albino. So pls tell me since this is the theory wid Beyonce. I guess my sister bleaching my niece. Oh and let’s not forget my mom. She does the exact same thing as Beyonce. Guess she’s bleaching too?

  15. @The Truth

  16. Beyoncé’s mom isn’t even black so what are you guys talking about.
    She has always been fair-skinned w/o makeup.

    Just go and watch earlier DC4 vids or the making of the movie Carmen, I was just watching that yesterday on YT. She was so damn pale in those vids. Bey is just naturally pale/fair.

    Shrugs, you guys should get over it….

  17. Ya’ll are hilarious. Beyonce has always been that light from the beginning. Plz go back and look at the okd DC pics, and I’m talking circa 1998. I mean look at her mom and nephew. Ya’ll just fishin’!


  19. @Bee, are you getting paid to argue your own moot point? B/c you seem overzealous in trying to prove against her “paid” fans. Looks like we are all getting a cut out of that non-existent paycheck -_-

  20. Beyonce looks like a white woman. She is OBVIOUSLY doing something weird to her skin.

  21. @ Rene,
    the same reason Mariah, Mary, etc hair is always blonde. Because that is how she wants it. Its all about personal preference. She likes blonde hair…OK. Its her head not anyone else.

    And,I never understand why black women always complain about Bey’s blonde hair but not say anything about Mariah, Mary, Keshia, Fantasia, Keri, Erica Badu, Chrisette Michelle and the countless other black artist/celebs who have/ have had blonde hair.

    Why just point her out??? It’s not like she was rocking a afro and all of a sudden decided to go blonde. Her hair has ranged in a variety of blonde throughout her entire career.

    I just don’t get why all the fuss now???


  22. BEE- Why does it always have to be defending if we are just correcting your flaw??? You’re wrong get over it! You people hate this woman so much that pure ignorance just spills out.

  23. haha! i’m never jealous of someone or people who don’t do anything for the human condition at large.

    really, there are more critical things to be discussed… i love music, but getting caught up in flights of fancy over it is way more than any of us should do.

    peace 😉

  24. I don’t know what she is or isn’t doing but I think it is funny the reaction that it is causing. I saw another website that had the title “Unidentified White Woman” and it was this pic of Bey. LOL!! I will agree that something looks a little off but I just figured it was the blonde washing her out or something. To each his own….

  25. OMG… who cares if she bleaches her skin or not?!?!?

    @ GiGi… “Jay is using her” may I ask for what reason would he need to use her? That man has been making successful records longer than we’ve even know her name. He was wealthy before he got with her. I don’t think them being together helped boost his career because he was already up there. So again I ask using her how?

    This is some mess the way people get when you post sometime about Beyonce, Rhianna, and some others.

  26. No one is jealous of this woman who never seems happy. If anything we should pray for her. I believe she is bleaching her skin and if you don’t that is fine. But this woman is not that lite and has never been that light. Her mother is black and her father is black so therefore she is black. As her mother coming up in the south what waterfountain did she use and what part of the bus did she have to sit in and that will answe that question.

    I think it is said that this naturally beautiful woman who many women would have wanted to look like was never taught to be proud of her heritage and be proud of being a black woman. I know everyone wants to be the next Michael Jackson but there is a better way of going about it. Did he seem like a happy person.

  27. I’ve told my husband time and time again,..she is not having any kids by Jay-Z. The end period. They are not going to get any light skinned curly head kids there….no way!!! God forgive me. Don’t worry Jay there are plenty, and I mean plenty sistas that are waiting that will have ten….LOL. He’s in LA I would not be surprised if he

  28. This woman has been this light all her life, (we call that “red” or “yella” where I’m from). There are very light skinned BLACK people ya know. Or maybe you don’t.

    But all the ladies look great.

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