Destiny’s Child Goes ‘Nuclear’


Wanna hear a new single from Destiny’s Child’s upcoming ‘Love Songs’ album?

Well check out this gem which hit the web just moments ago. ‘Nuclear,’ the group’s first original recording in almost a decade, was produced by Pharell and co-written by fellow band member Michelle Williams.

The track features all three ladies singing lead and will reportedly be performed when the group takes to the stage at this year’s Super Bowl.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


  1. It’s an ok song, I thought it would’ve been better but it’s good for what it’s supposed to do, it’s not gonna be promoted or anything. Good to hear them together again though.

  2. Well It does sound like somethin that has been laying around for some decades.

  3. it sounds like elevator music, mall shop music, video game music lol anywaaayzzzzzz…and maybe like something that was recorded in 2004/2005 with the Destiny’s Fulfilled album hmm i don’t know, how i feel, if i hear it many times it may make an impression on me. oh btw i found it so very hard to hear Beyonce’s lyrics, which is so unusual to me because she is usually the most articulated clear sound. i had no idea what she was singing

  4. ZZzzzzzzzzzzz

    sounds like some crap that didnt make it on an old album that they dusted off.

    they put no money or effort into this single lol

  5. It’s not that dog on bad sheesh! It’s a good song but its not something that I think should be performed at a Super Bowl. “Lose My Breath” would be more appropriate.

    Sidebar: I would have loved for them to have had a whole new album of songs…with the original girl. THAT would break some necks lol

  6. I really don’t like this song! It doesn’t sound like a DC song at all!

  7. is it true Bey drop the other two girls and they wont all be performing together for the superbowl?

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