Diary Of A Hip Hop Girlfriend

Though I recently read VH-1 was looking to return to its roots as the mature man’s MTV, the channel doesn’t seem to be willing to let go of its new found image as a cheesy reality show network just yet. Rather than cut back on the reality genre, the channel is instead cutting out the dating shows and focusing on reality shows revolving around celebrities or in the case of “Basketball Wives” and now “Diary Of A Hip-Hop Girlfriend,” the women celebrities date, marry, sleep with or casually bump into on the street. According online reports, VH-1 will debut “Diary Of A Hip-Hop Girlfriend” in 2012 and Joe Budden’s ex, Tahiry, has already signed on to be part of the cast. The series will reportedly follow the real life drama of four women who “share a common bond, they understand the joys of being in love with a big name rapper.”

Peep the partial press release below and stay tuned for the full cast which will reportedly be revealed next month when shooting begins.

“This docu-soap series follows four women who share a common bond: they understand the joys and pains of being in love with a big name rapper,” says a press statement from VH1. “Sure, there’s the glamorous lifestyle — full of bling, Bentleys and mansions. But behind closed doors, they struggle against shifting loyalties, baby-mama drama and the huge shadow cast by their larger-than-life partner. This 8-part series charts the women as they navigate their relationships with the men they love while they try to maintain a sense of self in the eye of the hip-hop hurricane.”


  1. When was Joe Budden a big rapper….

    And i will not be watching thsi foolishness..I cant watch the “basketball Hippocrits” anymore..Im done with VH1

  2. same old dunb shit. parents please take the responsiblity of raising your daughters with self respect and dignity. and i’m only 17 years old. (no i don’t have any children) these hoes are sooo desperate to make in the spotlight. smh….. just sad.

  3. @LIL CICI

    I totally agree with you. Our sistas nowadays don`t want to be The African Queens that they are. They prefer to be pimped by The white man as he laughs at their dumb ass all the way to the bank. How can we, as Blacks, demand that others respect us when we don`t respect ourselves?

    We have our young boys and SO-CALLED men walking around lookin` like a damn fool with their pants nearly fallin` off. Other people look at us as a whole and have no respect for us; can you blame them? We, as a people, are on a one way trip to hell with gasoline drawls on….

    This BUFFOONERY is sickening. One reality show after another with NO purpose other than to gain recogniton and to get paid a few peanuts while the white man gets 4/5 of the pie. When/will wa, as a people, become conscious and do away with all this foolishness?????

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4EVER!!! RIP “MASTER SHOWMAN”.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Brotha Malcolm X…a great example of human transformation. From ‘Detroit Red’ to a “Brilliant” leader for us, his people…I luv you Brotha Malcolm…


    Your man is always on the road

    You have to deal with groupies/ho’s(you’re
    probably a former jump off).

    You deal with constant rumors (most are probably true).

    While he’s away you shop, get nails & hair done.

    You have to put up with his other 3 baby mama’s.

    He may occasionally take you out to a big eventbut most of the time you’re left at home.

    You always have drama in your relationship because your man has a big ego.

    You tell everyone “It’s not easy dating someone in the spotlight” but you sill won’t leave the relationship, so STFU.


  5. that is so pathetic. why is vh1 doing. i personally think that they like portraying ethnic woman in a negative light. the ghetto fabulousness of basketball wives, the lonely, picky, black chili shows herself to be on her show. and now some hip hop wh-ores that no one really knows or cares about? and i though tahiry and joe had broke up? like someone said,i don’t recall joe budden ever being a “big name rapper” so what are they talking about? smdh

  6. sorry for the typos, i left some words out, but i hope ya’ll get what im saying

  7. I agree with everyone. i know that the world is coming to an end and I can feel Jesus bought to break through the clouds because this is a never ending degrading era in television, the movies and life. God have mercy on us all and forgiveness us for all this ignorance.

  8. VH1 is getting ridiculous but they want to make money so let the ignorant wommen be on the show..i may watch it to get a good laugh. I agree with the person who said Joe Budden isn’t a big time rapper.

  9. The only reason why Vh1 as much as consider those ridiculous shows “ideas” is because they have an audience, Many people watch one or many of these shows,they think Black people are so bored/lazy and have nothing better to do than sit around and entertain this buffoonery I never even knew what “flavor of love” was until My sister had to write a thesis on Black women and their poor self esteem, And lord when i saw clips of these shows i was appalled beyond words… Stop watching these shows and they will be forced to sit and re-think their whole Program.

  10. wow! That is soo sad! These chicks just putting them selves on blast for dudes who dont give a rats behind about them! When will people open up there eyes and see how these networks are exploiting you!!! shheeeshh! And then you agree to go along with it! They stupid for that mess!

  11. Remember back in the day when VH1 and MTV actually showed a variety of great music videos and nothing but great music videos all day and all night. Remember back in the day when BET was fun and educational. I refuse to watch any of these ridiculous reality shows (Chili, Brandi, Basketball Wives, Lisa Raye, etc). Whatever happened to good old fashion TV.

  12. You’d think with so many black male ballers that prefer others over black women people would learn to keep our name out of stuff.Increasingly alot of wealthy or famous black men are not dating black women and yet they pick one chick who looks black but actually claims latino to headline this show.Why don’t they get Lil waynes asian baby momma to do it.Or what about Ja rules wife?What’s coco the fake ass,tits,manjaw havin hussy doing these days? i’m sure she could use the publicity.I hope they have all the non black women Snoop cheats on his wife with on the show.I hope it features NO black women just like I wish RayRay,i mean Rayj would’nt date black women at all.You negroes aint slick either comin in her with your anti black woman bull crap most of yall is dealing with trash of a different race.I hope Kim kardashian will be on the show.

  13. @Smooth Criminal apparently black men aint tryin to be Kings dating trash of ANY race.Cheating on ANY woman of ANY race they are with.Kiki barber.GTFOOH with that!

  14. This is so sad, but until people stop watching this bull, the station will continue to create the shows. I am so fed up “reality tv”. Some of the celebs make me laugh because they say they want their privacy but they post all their business on facebook, twitter and these stupid *** reality shows.
    I agree that these women knew the roles they were getting themselves into. You know he is on the road, meeting all kinda foul, freaky women on a regular basis. If they would learn to earn their own cash and stop tring to live through someone elses life style they would be so much better off.

    @ Smooth Criminal, your words are truely justified. We as a people need to wake up as we continue committing our selfemposed genocide. Black on black crime, sistas that dont comprehend their selfworth, no one wants to get a good education anymore……WTH is happening to some of us!!!!!

  15. Another round of annoying grown women acting like HS girls. Idk…

    Whatever. I dont even know the hell the people in that picture are anyway.

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