Did Diddy Give Naomi The Boot?

Model Naomi Campbell was celebrating her 38th birthday in Cannes on Saturday night when things apparently took a turn for the worse. TMZ is reporting that Naomi dropped in uninvited to Diddy’s yacht party causing the pair to get into a a creaming match, leading Diddy to throw Naomi out, where she was then photographed by the paparazzi. The UK Mirror claims the tears had nothing to do with Diddy. “They were tears of joy! Naomi was so overcome with emotion from seeing her friends she burst into tears and ran out”. Whatever the case, these pics of Naomi “overcome with emotion” are pretty disturbing. The sista looks like she’s about to snap.


  1. You know I saw these pics earlier and I just can’t say for sure what happened? Naomi and Diddy have been friends for years. Yes Naomi has been known for getting wild with strangers but Naomi’s friends say she is extremely loyal and someone they turn to in their time of need. I cannot see her disrespecting Diddy and I cannot see Diddy caring that she showed up uninvited. I mean do you think Diddy would not allow this Supermodel in because she had no invite? Would he turn Jay or Bey or Janet Jackson away because they had no invite? Diddy is a great host and a Diddy party is bound to have folks not invited showing up. I wish we could know for sure wht happened but TMZ is hardly a source for all things accurate. They lie and make up BS too.

  2. There’s a story to be told. Naomi is the ultimate diva, and I can’t see anyone putting her out. Maybe he playfully told her she wasn’t invited and hurt her feelings, who knows. It would take a friend to make Naomi Campbell cry.

  3. All I know she is gorgeous exotic black beauty. Dam, her skin is flawless. Anyone know how to get rid of brown spots w/i bleaching? I want my glwoing baby skin back:)

  4. Naomi kinda look like Donyale Luna..i think?…maybe a little bit?

  5. Naomi is spoiled brat who will one day meet her match. I hope Diddy did put her crazy ass in her place and kick her out. There is no way anyone in their right mind would react that way to seeing their friends. That heffa probably made a scene and Diddy kicked her crazy butt out.

  6. With all the rumors of circulating these two anything could have went wrong there. Both are known for drugs and being Drama Queens.
    But anyway, She’s a very pretty woman.

  7. I haven’t really been following the ‘news’ regarding Naomi – but I do think perhaps she is going thru some mental stress. This is more common than folks want to admit.
    The fast pace of the modeling community – the racist society she must operate in – the rumors [true or false] – etc. would take a toll on anyone. Why not Naomi? Her true friends and family – need to really find out what is wrong.
    I wish her well.

  8. I haven’t been following too closely – but it appears that Noami is going thru some mental stress.
    The demands of the modeling community – the international racism, she comes in contact with – the rumors [true, false] would play havoc on any individual — why not Naomi? Her true friends and family should try to find out what is really wrong — and offer assistance. Life is sooo short.

  9. Why do people always make excuses for this grown woman’s bad behavior. TMZ has a video of her enjoying the paparazzi as they sang Happy Birthday to her and then all of a sudden she goes into panic mode and tries to hide from the cameras. One minute she is talking to and embracing them and the next minute she is playing the victim. The only issue Naomi has comes from being a top model at 15 and having the world kiss her ass. Now at 38 she still thinks the world should be butt kissing her and when that doesn’t happen she freaks. Naomi isn’t the only Black woman or person to deal with racism and she won’t be the last. That is no excuse for the things she does. She needs o learn to control herself and act like a damn adult before she ends up like Remy Ma, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.

  10. I`m rooting for Naomi. If she`s having problems I pray that she gets the help that she needs. No other model can touch her when it comes to that MEAN runway walk of hers. It`s absolutely flawless… I call it The Naomi Walk. I definitely want to see her overcome whatever she`s going through because I don`t want to hear about a tragedy concerning her.

  11. She has been doing the modeling thing succesfully for years. Why would the ‘stress’ of industry woes cause her to act out now? I think she.s a diva and a drama queen. No need to make any kind of excuses for her at all no matter how fabulous she ALWAYS look. 😆

  12. I don’t put anything past these 2. Naomi has serious issues, 1 dealing w/ her sanity & the other dealing w/ violence. I don’t care how gawwwweous u are, if the inside isn’t beautiful, then neither will ur outside. Diddy is a crooked, snake eyed user, who in HIS imagination is a king. Yeah he IS very successful, but look @ all the ppl he stepped on, lie to, used, & broke dreams to get there. If u lose ur integrity & dignity what do u REALLY stand for. So here we have the psycho & the con man…. hmmmm my guess is that Diddy did kick Naomi out & in turn she popped off. As I said earlier Diddy is a user, it’s no secret that the man changes friends like he changes drawers. It seems that he becomes the BEST of friends w/ ppl when it’s convenient for him, But as soon as the convenice(sp?) or the newness wears off, he kicks them to the curb. Yes, he & Naomi were fast friends in the past, but that was then & this is now. The 2 are probably not as tight as they used to be. Naomi probably showed up to the party expectin open arms from Diddy, but as I said, he has no need for her, so he threw a tantrum & kicked her out. In return Naomi became histerical & had a moment. This is the difference in y he would let say Bey & Jay enter w/o a invite.. right now those 2 are hot w/ this marriage thing & it pays for Diddy to be in their presence, for Naomi not so much…

  13. that probably is what happened. diddy does seem like he would be ignorant like that.

  14. Who knows what the tears are for, it’s hard to tell with Naomi….she’s unpredictable.

  15. At this point, it’s hard to say what really happened. I would imagine that Naomi showing up uninvited would be OK with Diddy. However, if Naomi showed up then started to harasse, bully and act like a jerk-head with Diddy’s guests, then, and only then, would Diddy have asked Naomi to leave. You know how Naomi can be. You just look at the lady and she wants to jump on you.

  16. Naomi’s dress is adorable. I hope to still wear baby doll dresses, should I choose to, at her age. She has a terrific body and she’s absolutely beautiful. She’s a diva so I do allow some excuse for her behavior.

  17. Diddy and Naomi that would be like Jay and Beyonce. Thats a couple. But Diddy would have to man up and Naomi is a hard knot to chew.

  18. Hey who mentioned Donyle . . . that chic was something. Very creative and beautiful but what nationality was she really?

  19. I agree with Excuses Excuses

    Naomi does need to get her act together. Yes, she is a beautiful woman who has held her own in the fashion game for decades but this does not give her a pass to act up all the time. Her behavior is unacceptable. Everytime I see her on tv, she is assalting someone or being a fool. Maybe she does have some issues, I wouldn’t doubt it. I think many black females have issues, it can be burdensome being black and female in this world. However, Naomi has the means and the resources to get help. She should do herself a favor and seek some out.

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