Did Nicki Minaj & Drake Tie The Knot?

Did Hip-Hop’s it girl and guy of the moment get married? To hear them tell it, the answer is yes. Earlier this evening Nicki Minaj and Drake took to Twitter to share with their respective fans the good news. Nicki Minaj was up first, tweeting “Yes, its true. Drake and I tied the knot.” Her supposed hubby then followed suit with his own tweet: “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs Aubrey Drake Graham. The couple’s tweets quickly led to a re-tweeting frenzy on Twitter and as of yet neither has retracted their tweets of screamed “sike.” At The moment “publicity stunt” is the leading trend on the Twitter, as is “Drake got married” and “Married Nicki Minaj.” Billboard magazine said they went right to the sources for clarification but got none. They did however cite an un-named source who said the tweets were practical jokes.

My Thoughts…

If these tweets aren’t tied to a song the two made together about getting married, you can expect a backlash any minute now. The public doesn’t like being played- especially by two newbies.


  1. Where have I been? I didn’t even know they were dating lol!

  2. Childish publicity stunt onj th epart of two publicity whores.

  3. @SISTA- I completely agree with you, although me personally could care less.

  4. You’d think everyone in their right mind would KNOW that this is obviously untrue…OBVIOUSLY.

    Although, it might be possible that they’re an item now. That’s plausible.

    But really, it would be horrible if people actually believed these tweets as anything serious (horrible for their intellects I mean)

  5. Wow, really. Where’s the mystery, the charm, the genuine expectation? Gotta go and ruin it all with a publicity stunt (if that’s what this really is?). Good luck to them if they did marry…

  6. WHAT THE….WHY????

  7. The people who believe the tweets of these two aren’t the ones with the intellect problem, Drake and Nicki are. Of course they will say it was for shits and giggles and that the world shouldn’t believe certain things. But why wouldn’t they believe what these two fools said THEMSELVES. Minaj especially is such a cunt and will act like a dimwitted Barbie when called out on her prank. I hope if its fake they face a fierce backlash. So many young acts are so into their own self importance. I can’t think of any two bigger egos than these two publicity whores.

  8. i think they will be a good cupple.. i lyk both of them they are good pplz!!!!

  9. Who in their right mind listen to these two anyway? They are so pathetic.

  10. ?Both of them are not that famous to me to be curious on.

  11. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ I’d rather hear news about Brandy. who gives a sh-t!!!!

  12. Corniest publicity stunt since beat her down brown’s crocodile tears.

  13. HILARIOUS!!! Go Nicki & Drake! Love ’em both. No one could be bigger publicity whores than the one already at the top of the industry, and they’re admired.

  14. @ “princess dev” aparently Y0u because u t00k time 0ut y0ur precious life t0 c0mment back t0 me 🙂 i just wanna say thanks ^_^ Lmb0

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