Did You Miss It? Nicole Beharie Singing ‘Hotline Bling’


Remains of the Day: Nicole Beharie Sings Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’

If you’ve ever wanted to hear a souped-up country version of Drake’s hit single Hotline Bling, then boy are you in luck. After just over a year and numerous fan requests, actress Nicole Beharie finally uploaded a new video of herself singing… you guessed it… a souped-up country version of Drake’s Hotline Bling.

Talk about adorable.

After posting the video Nicole then started taking requests. Given her rumored Caribbean roots, I asked her to sing Work by Rihanna. Here’s hoping she does and that the big reveal doesn’t take another year.

Those of you looking for a bit more Nicole should check out her previous solos, which include Unravel by Bjork and Valerie by Amy Winehouse.


  1. Nicole has a great voice. She sings, dances and acts.mI hope she eventually lands a role that will allow her to utilize all three talents.

  2. Nicole is at peace. She’s moved on. Her fans should do the same. Hounding Sleepy Hollow’s lame ass writers won’t bring Abbie back.

  3. i have heard her sing in my last day without you,,,, shes sooo talented

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