diets don’t work: 9 ways to becoming a better you.


Happy Monday Brown Sisters.

By now many of you have ditched the most requested New Year’s Resolution: losing weight. We promise ourselves that we’ll put ourselves first, that we’ll fit into that magic number and that we’ll stop snacking. But sistas. We need more than will power. We need a fresh and new approach to being a size healthy that has nothing to do with capital punishment. Know this: diets don’t work and starving yourself does not=happiness. Here’s Get Togetha’s 9 Ways on becoming better you.

  1. First things first. Work with what you have and stop comparing. If we had access to the team of stylists, dietitians, personal chefs, hair stylists, personal trainers, with the added power of the airbrush we would look picture perfect too. Stop using other people as a measuring stick.
  2. Drink water. Water is one of the best things you can do for your body. Period. 
  3. Learn Portion Control. A whole bag of anything can’t be good. Unless its broccoli.
  4. Crunch Power. A strong midsection gives us confidence. Do them daily.
  5. Journal. Under your skin is a variety of emotions & thoughts. Write down your thoughts so they can have another home. 
  6. Destress. It will take time but learn how to say no. It’s not selfish to put your well being first.
  7. Get your body moving. Walk. Dance. Stretch with Yoga. Pilates. And make it someting you enjoy.
  8. Eat in Color and Cut out the white stuff.  An apple, carrot sticks, grapes, pears, spinach, or salad. Treat the white stuff like its poison.
  9. Clutter. Get Rid of it.  Health is about more than your dress size.  The quality of your health is about your surroundings as well. 

Losing weight and being fit take daily commitment. It all starts with baby steps. And if you’re gonna commit to somebody it might as well be you. Have questions or a lifestyle topic you want to explore? Contact Get Togetha here.


  1. Thanks for that list. I lost 14 pounds already my goal is to drop 14 more pounds. Im 6’1 so i can play with my weight but i want to tone up my body. Im going to try to leave the white stuff alone lol.

  2. I’m so bad. I put sugar on my strawberries and let them marinate over night. Lord the juice is good. 😀

  3. GT I really do like this list & I appreciate that you stress that healthiness is MORE than a size & that if you want that certain size other things come into play to help you acheive this. Boy I wish MORE ppl would understand this.

  4. i always thought that celebrities were superpeople not until i saw them without make up and airbrush and saw how normal they all look…..i never make weight loss resolution becoz i loose weight easily…meditation and yoga realy helps,coz when you are aligned and intune with your body,you dnt feel like eating heavy and unhealthy foods…your body naturaly requests good food and plenty of water….rest!rest!rest! people have a belief that hard work is healthy and normal….just work smart..10% prespiration and 90% inspiration “except the lord build the house,they labour in vain that build it”Psalm:127…its called the law of least effort,for my brownsista who wanna shed the load learn to listen to your body it has its own intelligence

  5. Thanks so musch for posting about this! 🙂
    Yeah I think Yoga Pranayama works for me.
    Now I just have to take time to eat in the morning and start some techno box

    thanks again

  6. I like many of these suggestions especially the 5th one. I know I am a guy and all, but I can relate in some ways because there is pressure at times with us to look a certain way, especially among us. I am not in the shape that I was at say 18-24 so even though much of these suggestions are for the women and therefore is not directed to me, some of this I will do.

  7. Curtis.

    You are not “Left Out Larry.” This list is for anyone who wants a fresher perspective on living healthy and that includes men.

  8. OMG, I like #5 because for many years I have wanted to journal, but was always afraid that “someone” would see it. Just couldn’t reveal my inner thoughts. But the way you put it “Write down your thoughts so they can have another home” does make sense. Better out than in; thoughts get from under my skin! Thanks!!

  9. Try to work out with Leslie Sansone DVDs. These are really practical workouts. I used to do Tae bo in the mornings but I wanted a less vigorous workout that would yield results and I switched to Leslie Sansone Walking off the Pounds. She focuses a lot on the lower body-which is perfect for me and I do this at 6:30am 2-4 times a week. I also do soup and a wheat bread sandwich most days for lunch. It’s usually oven roasted turkey and mustard and sometimes lettuce and tomatoes. It’s a light lunch. I wouldn’t recommend like chowder type soups cause they carry more calories than water/broth based soups. I stick to the Healthy Choice brand. Also, I still have what I want, if I want chocolate I get chocolate. It’s just about small steps and knowing your limits- like #3.

  10. Yes i have a journal i write in mines once a week. It good to have.

  11. Amen! Diets and fat burners do not work!

    The only way for a person to truly lose weight and keep it off is through exercise and proper eating habits. There are no magic pills or diet plans. It’s really sad to see how the diet industry is making a profit off of peoples desperation to be thin. When I see the commercials all I can do is shake my head.

    One time when I went to the GNC store there was a lady at the counter asking about fat burners, she said that she wanted something to make her thin without having to do any excercise, but if you read the instructions on fat burners they all tell you “Use in conjunction with diet and excerise” so it’s kind of a waste to take pills when they require you to excerise and diet any way.

  12. Good post. For me it’s all about moderation. I eat what I want, but I mix in fruit, vegetables and a lot of water. I love my white rice and I’m not giving it up! LOL I’m happy with my body. I just need to tone up a bit. Journaling is very healthy also. I usually start a journal, but get so caught up in my day to day thing that I don’t keep up with it. I still have to make a concious decision to do it regularly. I used to be afraid of people finding or snooping thru my stuff too, but shooot…I realized we all have the same thoughts, issues, stresses, feelings at different times in our lives so I’m not about to be feeling all self-concious about my stuff! 🙂 We all go thru!

  13. I forgot to add that not getting proper sleep can throw your hormones out of whack which can cause you to gain weight as well.

  14. I love this list as well. I don’t get enough sleep and as such I eat throughout the night. And sadly, the evening is my worst temptation time. But I am going to stick by the list as best I can and not give up because you have some really great things that I know can work for me. Thanks a million.

  15. I just had two cupcakes before reading this but that’s ok.
    One thing I do to say fit is dancing to my girl Beyonce’s videos.
    Dancing to her videos is so fun you don’t even notice your exercising.
    Good luck to all.

  16. LMAO at Beyonce being brought up in yet another post. Sad! To GT, thanks for this list. I try and not make resolutions ver batim every year; I just try and keep in mind “be a healthier me” whether it includes exercise or diet or meditation, etc. I think the older I get the more ‘aware’ I am of my body. You’ve got to take care of you and promise yourself to do it everyday, not just the night before a new year.

  17. This is a really good list. I have been suffering with a bad back for the last couple of weeks so the dancing is out of the question for the moment, so I have to stick to the pilates and yoga but as soon as my back gets better I am breaking out my spandex and leg warmers for some serious dancing…..

  18. STEFANY I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR POSTS…WELL SAID! May I add that not too many people like to exercise, if so not alot of people would be overweight. I totally agree with all the points made on this topic, especially the journal part and drinking plenty of H2O. But far as exercise, do something that you like to do, I like swimming and the exercise bike…so do that for 30 mins a day. I even just started pole dancing….changed my life. I lost 15 pounds in 2 months. Note….sex, especially good sex is a great workout too!

  19. Dancing is fun and a fun way to loose the weight coz it doesn’t feel like excercise.

  20. I loved number 5 [Journal. Under your skin is a variety of emotions & thoughts. Write down your thoughts so they can have another home.]

    Its important to write things down, its very therapeutic.

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