Disney Partners With Carol’s Daughter


It’s finally here…. for the first time in Walt Disney animation history, Disney introduces the first African-American princess. The Princess and the Frog is a vintage fairytale starring a beautifal black princess named Tiana. The implied message of Tiana that African-American girls can be as elegant as Snow White herself is a milestone in the national imagery, according to cultural historians. I’m personally excited about this because young black girls can draw inspiration, and be able to identify with her. People are interested in seeing how Disney will handle Tiana’s cultural, language, and physical characteristics. In spite of the buzz that is already starting about the movie, Carol’s daughter has partnered with Disney to create” A Magical Beauty Collection” for your little black princess, which is inspired by the movie.The collection comes with shampoo, conditioner, hair detangler, and bubble bath, made with natural ingredients. Each item is priced at $10, and the collection is launching this October. The Princess and the Frog will premiere December 11 in theatres everywhere.


  1. I for one am so excited that Disney finally allowed a woman of color to be the princess that she is. I am more excited about it for myself than for my little granddaughters. I have a personal collection of disney princesses for myself and will definitely add Tiana as my new favorite. My old favorite was Ariel the Little Mermaid. Congrats to Disney and Carol’s Daughter for their partnership.

  2. I am sooooo excited that Disney has finally given us someone that looks like our little girls! My daughter is 13 and she is so excited so see this movie. My daughter’s name is Madison and she was a little taken aback b/c they changed the Princess’s name from Madison to Tiana but she’s cool with it now. And for the record I have 3 Madison in my life besides my daughter that are Black. They are all under the age of 4. But this is a good move on Disney’s part! I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Yep I will be taking my daughter to see this movie…and maybe purchase a few products.. only the bubble bath though…cant be switchign up her shampoo like that…

  4. Aww. That is just precious, I’m glad for this, maybe this will help our little girls to have a more positive image. Because if I see one more nappy headed child trying to be Hanna Montana, I’m going to faint. And I hope these products are affordable, and I hope they work. But good for Disney, it’s about time. Maybe instead of getting the bootlegs from them, I’ll buy the real thing.

  5. yes “Tiana” Is just as “More” stunning as any other cartoon character I love it It’s cute

  6. Wow! They picked the right brand but I do find Carol’s Daughter is a bit overpriced. It’s nice that they are using a black owned company, but parents wont be happy about the price especially black parents.

  7. first the a black president, then the frog princess, now a new line of black barbies. i don’t know what’s next.

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