Disney’s Frog Princess Premiere

Disney & Pixar Studios held their first premiere for their upcoming “The Princess and the Frog” movie last night in Burbank, California. Anika Noni Rose and Bruno Campos, who star as the Prince and Princess, were in attendance, as was Ne-Yo who wrote and produced several songs for the film. Other castmates and well wishers included Jennifer Lewis, Terrence Howard, Erica Hubbard, Angela Bassett and many more.


  1. i would watch this movie before i allowed my child to view it…some of the trailers seem a little insensitive to some racial issues.

  2. IRIS you are so right. Some of the clips I have seen have been eye opening to say the least.

  3. I would do the same IRIS, (If Ihad children. Disney has been known to sneak in suttle innuendos that small children wouldn’t understand. And the previews cauhgt me off guard with the snaggle-tooth bug with the accent… just sayin…

  4. Insensitive to racial issues … wow here we go … the movie isn’t even out and we are already downing it. This is why these studios DON’T invest in black projects. Personally I think the movie looks cute and I can’t wait to take my goddaughter to see it. She is thrilled that there’s a Disney princess that looks like her and her friends.

  5. it’s disney, expect hidden suggestion. -at least, black people won’t have any excuses to buy white f^cking princesses for their girls ANYMORE.

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