‘Idol’ Diva Fight Caught on Film

Well, well, well. It appears rumors of Nicki Minaj coming for Mariah Carey’s neck on the set of American Idol are true after all.

In a stunning video posted online via TMZ, Minaj is seen cursing Mariah out and calling her “boring as f*ck.” Minaj is also heard saying she told producers she wasn’t “gonna put up with this f*cking sh*t.”

Audio quality is a bit off, but no doubt about it, there is trouble on the set of America’s highest rated show, and Nicki and Mariah are smack dab in the middle of it.

Check the video out below for yourself. It is truly a shocker.

Poor Keith Urban and Randy Jackson, they’re gonna have a hard time containing these two. As you can see from the video, Nicki in particular is completely out of control.


  1. Mariah reportedly does not think Nicki worthy of being on American Idol and I don’t blame her. When does cursing and telling someone to suck a d!@# equal talent? Nicki is a here today, gone tomorrow chick and Mariah ain’t afraid to tell her.

    As for that tape, it hurts Nicki, not Mariah. Never does MC lose her cool. On the other hand, every ounce of ratchetness Nicki has comes to the surface. She is trash and should be thrown out with the rest of the filth.

  2. Im team Mariah also. But i kind of feel as though this is a publicity stunt. Since when has anything ever leaked from the audition process of American Idol until now?

  3. How are you guys team anybody when you have absolutely what happened prior to this argument?

    They are both too old to be acting this childish.

  4. WOOHOO, Nicki’s behavior on the job is ridiculous. During that entire altercation Mariah was calm and cool and it was Nicki Randy and Keith were trying to get under control.

    Plus, I just don’t like Nicki. Not even gonna lie. She is such a tasteless hack. I can’t support her foolishness anymore.

  5. @Sista,

    So you just admitted that you are biased because you don’t like Nicki. You and others are not/will not be objective about this because of your dislike for Nicki.

    I don’t like Nicki and like Mariah, but of course Mariah is calm and cool because that’s how she always is. She’s a passive aggressive type of person and is known for her shady/bitchy attitude in the industry. From the video, it sounded as if Mariah was patronizing her and was shoving her list of accomplishments down every one’s throat every 5 minutes. Did Nicki have to do all of that? No! Was she justified in her reaction? Maybe because we don’t circumstances prior to that.

    The reason I like Mariah is because of her talent and her ability to shade people with a smile. However, she can’t expect everyone to take it because of who she is. Nicki was beyond wrong and was truly unprofessional, but Mimi doesn’t get a pass just because I don’t like Nicki.

    Once again, they are both too old to be acting this childish.

  6. I can see how somebody would get irritated around Mariah Carey. Her whole personality can be a bit much sometimes. Nicki could have handle things alot better, but that wouldnt make for great television and her and Mariah both know it. The producers are making sure that they get the MOST out of these two divas and they are giving them what they want…chaos. Aint nothing like having two women of color going at it on television…thats pure entertainment these days. SMH

  7. No doubt, Mariah’s DIVA antics are legendary. Still, I can’t imagine what she could have said or done to cause such a display in Nicki.

    Plus, there is a time and place to act a fool and on set is not the time or the place.

    Nicki’s behavior was such so ghetto trailer park.

  8. Chile, this stunt is a mess. Nicki looks a fool. Even if Mariah Carey is sitting under an umbrella silently shading passive aggressively, Nicki’s outburst draws attention and it’s not good attention.

  9. You all have NO idea what happened. And don’t get it twisted – Mariah is a hoodrat too she just dresses that ish up. Don’t believe the hype.

  10. Its all about ratings.What better way to spark interest in a show than to stage a fight. People have been wanting this so they gave it to you. Nicki is pretty convincing.You guys forget Nicki went to school for acting and thats why they wanted her because she can create “drama”. I dont believe this feud for one second but I’ll probably watch to see what happened. Any attention is good attention.

  11. Mariah Carey is a 22 year veteran of the music industry and you all think she would stoop so low as to engage in a tawdry publicity stunt?

    We know Nicki would because she is new to this but Mariah has paid her dues and built her career on solid ground, not tricks and gimmicks.

  12. Smh… that was just ridiculous. Minaj needed to control herself. I have never been a Nikki fan, but I must say that my liking for Mariah has dwindle through the years ( sorry some of her music choices through out the years has irked me). But when it’s all said & done Mariah HAS been in the game for 20 yrs compared to Nikki’s 3 or 4 or maybe 5. I don’t doubt that Mariah can have a bitchy attitude because that’s how most people are in any industry once they reach a certain point. They feel that they have paid their dues & you can’t tell them nothing. So folks saying that Mariah started it & she is a diva doesn’t shock me. They fact that some feel Mariah is undercover ratchet doesn’t surprise me either. None of this surprises me. However the key to all of this is that even tho Mariah is/done all those things she maintains to keep her cool, unlike Nikki. Yea she may have started it, but Nikki looks like the fool in the end. And for that I am sorry I gotta give MiMi props. I suppose the way Mariah handled herself despite her bithcy ways comes from her 20 yrs advantage in the business. Nikki Minaj needs to realize she will always be doubted by the majority so she needs to keep it together. You would think someone who has been in the “hotseat” so much would get that.

  13. i can’t even lie, i was laughing hard watching this mess. the way nicki was agruing but rarely looking in mariah’s direction with her head slightly tilted up…..she reminded me of kids who argue and are a feather’s weight away from crying while doing so. give that joint a couple more minutes and slide keith urban to the left and nicki woulda lunged at mariah. FACT! i’m jamaican so i am psychic, i know it woulda happened. haha.

    well, this was the plan. three black people and one white man as judges on the show. two black women…..claude hammercy the drama will ensue. if not betwixt the two of them then between them and the auditioners. it was only a matter of time. whether or not it got to “pass me some vaseline” proportions was anyone’s guess. will i be tuning in to watch it unfold. no. i can’t stand reality tv…and in my mind american idol needs to be put to rest. this is certainly something else. who’s side am i on? no one’s really. that would mean i’d have to care to a certain extent. this was funny though.

  14. i also find it funny that they have worked together. they did that stupid….no seriously i think i shed a tear when i found out about that song…..”up out my face” song. haha. how’d they go from that to this? sheesh. i don’t expect them to become the best of friends after working together but i figured some kind of decorum would be there.

  15. I believe Mariah was probably being condescending, but Nicki’s outrage is just unprofessional on any job and this is a gig! It was disrespectful to Randy and Keith, they didn’t sign on for this!

    I don’t think it was a publicity stunt…the way they have treated Randy and what they paid Paula and Randy is shameful! IDOL deserves its karma!

    Mariah comes from an era of sheer divas, her top competitor was Whitney Houston at her prime, she didn’t get into any beef when Mary J. Blige, Beyonce or Alicia Keys rose to the top! She didn’t clown when Tommy Motola gave J-Lo “I’m Real”…her breakout hit! So I don’t think she feels anyway about Nicki Minaj other than the dread that they’re on the same talent judging panel!

  16. It’s gone to that old statement
    You can take the rat out the city, Not the city out the rat. Nicky was given a opportunity to shine on such a level, etc. and clearly shows she not ready for the Big Screen at all.

  17. Mariah had beef with other divas, she just shaded them on the low. She used to go in on Madonna back in the 90’s and her classic J-lo shade is legendary. Mariah is a fool and she knows what she does…Nicki probably hangs around a bunch of queens and can spot the shade that Mariah throws and its probably (well it is) causes her to react horribly.

  18. I don’t even care about the shade b/c we KNOW MC does it like no other but Nicki, Nicki, Nicki – there is a way to throw Diva shade without being so obvious and ignorant. MC, Patty, Aretha, Tina – they all do it with class. She needs to watch Gots2BeReal so she can learn proper Diva etiquette, I mean she is not a diva but she needs to know how to become one and how to treat one.

  19. Agreed!

    “Diva Etiquette”…truly! You lower your stock when you can’t address confrontation without offensive ignorant outrage and you have sponsors to consider too! Jill Scott can throw shade without using one harsh word, we know Aretha will read…everybody not’s gonna like everybody…a reality!

  20. legendary shade to J.Lo? ooh, somebody tell me please!

  21. I like Nicki Minaj but she was wrong. No matter what is said, you are on the job and that kind of behavior has no place. It was just classless.

  22. Although Mariah is a legend hands down, she is VERY well known for her ridiculous behavior and demands. She already said she didnt want to work with Nicki. More than likely Mariah gave her diva attitude and self righteous attitude to Nicki. Nicki is a human being and regardless of her status compared to Mariah, she deserves respect as well. Im confident Nicki was provoked.

  23. This looks so staged. American Idol is just stirring up drama to draw in viewers. sad, really that they have to resort to this. It’s even more sad that Nicki Minaj would allow herself to be played in the name of ratings. She’s only hurting her image.

  24. Two Gorgeous and talented Ladies acting like that on the AI set …. Really?! If Nicki had an issue she should have asked the producers and Mariah to meet behind closed doors and handled it instead of blowing up in front of everyone. I think this show is on its last legs….

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