Classic Photo: Whitney & Janet

I pick up quite a few nuggets from hanging out on Janet Jackson message boards and the image posted above is definitely one of them. It is of Janet of course, and a very poodle haired Whitney Houston. Though I cannot say when this image was taken, based on Janet’s Rhythm Nation look and Whitney’s hair, I would say it was probably circa 1990. The late eighties and early nineties were extremely good to these two singers. Both Janet and Whitney racked up the bulk of their hits during this period and solidified themselves as true icons. I loved them both and continue to do so today. I’m happy Whitney was able to garner another #1 album after over 25 years in the industry and I hope Janet can do the same next year when her new album is released.

Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston


  1. ahh man MERCIFULLOVE that was wrong.
    both woman look good they were at their peaks.

  2. Janet’s nose job wasn’t fresh. She was in her twenties there and she had her nose done in her early teens- before Different Strokes- at 15 I believe she said.

  3. Look how tiny Janet is.

    Her makeup artist was dead wrong though. That foundation is about 2 shades lighter than Janet.

  4. lol…I’m just joking around I’m no Dr. I can’t really tell how fresh someone’s nose job is…geesh…and besides just because janet said she had one at 15 doesnt make it true…lets not get into the many times celebrities have lied about things of that nature…

  5. Wow, this pic is throoooback. Just look at that make up. Both of these women look much better now, they look younger now than they did then.

  6. Funny thing is…Whitney was going out with Jermaine while he was still married. Michael was the one to reveal it to her that he was still married. AND Janet messed with Bobby before Whitney came on the scene. In Janet’s bio,the author said Whitney always was a little jealous that Janet had her man first and that Bobby was inlove with Janet. Janet wasnt feeling him on that level though. Thats what the author said atleast,lol.

    My 2 cents.

  7. I think this was during the ASCAP awards in 1990 when Janet was nominated for Producer of the Year. Anyway, nice pic…love them both!

  8. Wow, 2 of the worlds most auhentic, orginal African American women that can really perform with their God given talents.

    Best of luch to each of them. Luv em both!!!

    RIP MJ!

  9. Wow….memories. Look at Whitney. Janet’s rocking the Rhythmnation hat. LOL! She has a greatest hits CD coming out next month. Can’t wait!

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