D.I.Y. Beauty: At-Home Facials (#1)

While a flawless complexion is priceless, there’s no need to break the bank. Let healthy skin start at home with a nourishing bi-monthly treatment. This at-home-skin-care routine will be an important step toward a radiant complexion like Thandie Newton’s.

Your Checklist:

– Cleanser
– Tea kettle
– Exfoliator
– Avocado
– Ground flaxseeds

The Steps:

1. Cleanse – skin should be free of makeup. Milky formulas work for dry skin, while gels and foams are ideal for normal to oily skin.

2. Steam – let the steam from a boiling tea kettle soften dead skin cells. Warning! Stay a few feet away so you don’t get burned.

3. Exfoliate – sloughing away dead skin cells creates a healthy glow and allows creams and serums to penetrate better. Choose a gentle formula with spherical beads or whip up your own (recipe below).

4. Hydrate – replenish skin with a mask. Mash 2 tbsp. avocado with 1 tbsp. ground flaxseeds. Let it sit 5 to 10 minutes before applying.

Skin Care Expert, Ling Chan’s Face Saver:
– The secret to glowing skin is in your kitchen — rice. It can be your skin’s cure-all. Rice is a centuries-old Chinese purifying remedy. For an amazing exfoliator, soak a half cup of uncooked rice with a half cup of water in the blender. Add a few drops of lemon to treat hyperpigmentation or acne, and egg white for a firming effect or honey for dryness. Grind. Apply to face. Let it sit for 10 minutes or until dry.

Beauty Expert, Kate Somerville’s Extraction Advice:
– If you are going to pop a pimple (against expert advice), here’s the right way. Wrap both index fingers in clean tissue and apply gentle pressure to the blemish. Disinfect the are with a dab of witch haxel.


  1. I never heard of that rice concoction. Will try it out. :thumbsup:

  2. This is great advice. Who doesn’t want clear skin?

  3. These are good ideas but…I think it would be REALLY cool and appreciated if you found out what our favorite stars use to keep their skin glowing and blemish-free. For example, a lot of ladies here, including myself; have ENVY for Meagan Good and Gabrielle Union’s skin. Maybe you can find out what they use or do for their skin? 🙂

  4. Finding out what other people put on their skin to make it beautiful may not work for everyone. As a matter of fact it will work for few if anyone at all. Good skin is part hereditary as well as lifestyle. Cleansers and moisturizers don’t give you good skin, your parents do. Basic things like eating right and not smoking will help as well. Drinking a lot of water helps remove toxins. Soda caffein and sugary drinks wreak havoc on the skin. They too are things to stay away from.

  5. Oh yeah, Lil Kim was asked years ago (pre-surgery) how she kept her skin so clear. She said orange juice and cod liver oil. I just found that to be so funny. I know people were out there downing that stuff like vodka shots. :lol2:

  6. @Ronda-What you said is true, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Good skin is mostly genetics. Some people can use dove and cocoa butter and have gorgeous skin, while some have to use mutliple products to have nice skin. Some people can do everything and have “bad” skin.

    Also, if you have decent skin to nice skin;extracting skin tips from certain celebs can even make it nicer. I mean if you are realistic about it.

  7. i will give rice a try….thanx for the tips,i enjoy creating my own beauty concoctions thats why i love the Bodyshop products all their stuff feels natural and luxurious.

  8. I’ ll try that today god knows this face is in desperate needs of a facial

  9. “….Lil Kim was asked years ago (pre-surgery) how she kept her skin so clear. She said orange juice and cod liver oil. I just found that to be so funny. I know people were out there downing that stuff like vodka shots. “

    As far as the post, as a Skin Care Specialists, I appreciate it.

  10. @ Santi- try the above items, but also the Sauna. Celebrity estheticians swear by it. Also, there are facial massage techniques that are used by the top estheticians on celebs check out the book Japanese Skin Remedies with the lady on the cover. Hope this helps.

    @ Moderator, great post!

  11. Oh…this is a great post, Fashionista!!!! I’m going to try this week for sure! :thumbsup:

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