Do We Like Being “Po Folks?”

Often, I find myself pondering and wondering, and asking why; and asking how come it seems as though the most viable knowledge in life doesn’t get trickled down to the places where it’s needed the most?

Viable knowledge that’s needed on the South Side of Chicago where some of my brothas and sistas are living from check to check; but they stay holding down Ed Hardy, LRG, and COOGI. Yeah, they’re broke, but damn, they’re “oh so fresh!”

Viable knowledge that’s needed on the West Side of Chicago where some of my brothas and sistas are living from check to check; but they be riding nice in those Suburbans and those Escalades…..but don’t even have a damn dime saved.

I grew up in an environment where the hood rich mentality was perpetuated on a daily basis. Often, a new pair of Nike Air Jordans was valued more than generating wealth or valued more than the opportunity to financial empowerment.

No moving on up like George and Louise Jefferson I suppose, because some would rather invest all their money in cars and on them name brand clothes.

Sometimes the consciousness for saving for a child’s education doesn’t even exist. You may not have any money set aside for your children’s college education, but you keep them looking “oh so fresh.”

The hood rich mentality continues to spread like a virus and manifests in one form or another. If you take the time to plant the seed of financial empowerment, the possibilities are endless.

Check out the video below!


  1. Yeah. I never fell into that craze. I never saw the hype. I was happy with my Macy’s clothing lol

    I guess it depends on the person though. When I did have money, I spent it wisely.

    Nice documentary clip! I liked it.

  2. They, just like many others, are happy to look as though they’re doing well. Just look up the BBC show “Keeping Up Appearances.” This attitude is everywhere.

  3. I don’t think anyone likes being poor some of us just don’t know how to get out of poverty. Our priorites are screw up.

  4. “Money doesn’t buy happiness so why save it?”

    Thats not my quote but I like it. I still find it strange that people worry so much about accumulating vast sums of wealth only to die and not be able to spend a dime of it.

    Life’s too short and believe it or not some people are actually content, or even happy where they’re at. Those same people you see buying Cadillacs have a joy that some can’t fathom.

  5. Great article and video. While I had to learn my lesson the hard way, I hope to teach my own child how to invest and save money and really “own” the means off getting ahead. Good work!

    Desire: I understand your philosophy, but you must also consider the next generation meaning your own children. Life is not always about struggling and getting the next material gain. If one dies with a lot of money, your children, grandchildren, and so forth will not have to struggle, and may eventually rule the world. You have to think bigger than a Cadillac.

  6. To answer your question, some of us don’t know how to be anything else but “po folks”. We are completely oblivious to what it means to own and control economic sources. Thus, we act like “po folk”.

  7. Excellent Video!!!

    Awesome…unfortunately, the hood keeps recycling itself…with celebrity craze being what it is and every since rappers and singers became moguls and role models…our hustle skills declined…some feel they’ll never have what Russell and Kimora, Diddy or Jay-z and Beyonce have, but they can wear labels in exchange for esteem and substitute this adornment for true net worth!

    Roland Martin stated how we lost our hustle skills during the heated presidential race and it’s true. You don’t see black shoe shine boys or guys who can paint or do some carpentry. Brothas who dry wall or other construction skills in the hood like it use to be…now quite a few sistas are into the trades. It was our hustlers who saved their money and opened laudermats or cleaners or a corner store…we don’t acqire skills that will generate money, that’s legal. We don’t save enough money to at least buy wholesale our clothes and shoes, we don’t sew, where are the tailors, cake bakers, they’re some, but in the hood, we just don’t!

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