Do You Have A Celebrity Crush?

I’m going to go out on a limb on this one, but I think that most of us have had a celebrity crush a time or two. Well, I know I have.

I believe my first celebrity crush was Michael Jordan. Growing up in Chicago, I witnessed first-hand the affect that Michael Jordan had on so many people. The kids just adored him and of course they all wanted to be just like him. And me, well, you already know, I wanted to be Mrs. Jordan. Lol!

To say that I had a huge crush on R. Kelly when I was in high school would be an understatement. Back in the day, I don’t think I missed a R. Kelly concert. I need my friends to explain to you just how crazy I was about R. Kelly. Looking back at it now though, it wasn’t that I was attracted to R. Kelly, but I think the crush was more influenced so by his music. It was just something about his music at that time that reared me in, I guess.

And now, well…..let’s see. I have a slight crush on actor Lance Gross. I think he’s a very handsome young man. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between him and Eva. They were such a cute couple. I love them together! I wonder what happened. (Look at me, now I’m being nosy).

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who’s your celebrity crush? What is it about your celebrity crush that you like most?


  1. This is so easy for me. It was the one and only Michael Jackson. He is the only celebrity man I have ever loved or ever will love.

    Back in the 80s I loved everything about Michael- from his looks, to his music, Mike was my imaginary man and my future husband.

    Looking back on it- I can’t believe I was so dorky :bag:

  2. I have had a crush on two celebrities. Michael Jackson and the sexy Ginuwine. Words cannot explain how I wished Ginuwine was mine at the age of 15. He was everything I looked for: sexy and could sing his a$$ off. I still love them both to this day!!!!!

  3. Yes! Trey Songz, Michael Ealy, and T.I. I have few more, but we will just leave it at that. lol

  4. I have a few celebrity crushes and they don’t come often. Alot of them are unknown. Let’s see.


    Shamar Moore

    Paul Walker

    Jerry O’Connell (Sliders)

    Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Duece Bigalow, Resident Evil)

    Toby Kebbel (My newest addition from Prince Of Persia)

  5. My celeb crushes are:

    Hill Harper
    Michael Ealy
    Carmine Giovinazzo
    Adam Rodriguez
    Brad Pitt (pre-Angelina Jolie & his 100 mile gray beard)

  6. okay..i am dating myself with this one but my biggest celebrity crush as a young girl was James Debarge i had his posters all over my wall right next to Micheal Jackson as a matter of fact i still have MJ’s thriller video on beta tape….dang….memories 🙂

  7. As a kid, I loved Justin Timberlake, Ray J (ugh, why??) which I’m ashamed to admit, Ryan Phillippe. Yes, I was very into white boys in the late 90’s…

    Now? Boris Kodjoe. He’s so, so sexy. Melany, I’m with you on Hill Harper. :iagree:

  8. Tim Tebow, and Colt McCoy…..two of my favorite football players. I like it that they are oober handsome, talented, and VERY spiritual young men with country boy swagger. Also, I’m a HUGE gan of collegiate football.

    When I was a kid, my crushes consisted of J-boog and Lil’ Fizz from B2K and Derek Jeter.

    My how times have changed…

  9. Let me see Jay Z he have so much swagger. I did not miss a concert when he came into town.

    Then Will Smith i love that man lol.

  10. Wentworth Miller

    Ryan Gosling

    Milo Ventimiglia




  11. #1 Janet Jackson
    #2 Marilyn Monroe
    #3 Rihanna

    #4 oh never mind lol

  12. Ok, I must also admit that I have a crush on Nick Cannon. He’s cute, weird, odd, and a dork. That’s why I like him, lol.

  13. :bowdown: Come on girls no one can squeeze a tire iron like Mr. Ray Lewis his body is soooo tight you can bounce a quarter off him and get change….

    Vin Diesel I would have some serious dreams about that boy, it’s making me sweat just thinking about it…

    Speaking of Vin Diesel did any of you see how in “Super H**ds” Book how she has a liaison with Vin on the set of A Man Apart, and he was well endowed… :bowdown:

    Dwight Freeney has been on Essence for the past 4years now crying he needs his leading lady. :lol2: Can someone please lead him in my direction?

    Ronnie Devoe from New Edition/BBD (when I was young)

    RoRo from ABC (when I was young)

    Tevin Campbell when he guest starred on Fresh Prince of Belair and Ashley was his date – I wanted to be her!

  14. :stop: :bowdown: ohhh I almost forgot Didier Drogba boy there is something about him that reels you in he plays for Ivory Coast Soccer team…. Go IVORY COAST!!!!

  15. OMGOODNESS… Trey Songz has been my celebrity crush since he came out! I love his voice and his personality…lol…from what I see of it on tv interviews 🙂

  16. My crush is mr Tristan Wilds…He’s young but he has this old school vibe to him..hes very sexy..back in the day i thought Corey Haim was fine..RIP…But as far as white boys …Ryan Phillppe and Paul Walker could get it!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

  17. Oh heck yeah!…Paul Walker could definitely get it…LOL! And the Dewayne “The ROCK” Johnson…my lord I turn to mush when that man is on the screen…he is simply amazingly gorgeous!

  18. Jay-z and Diddy!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I know it is wrong, but wow a 3some would be nice. lol

    :stop: Back in the day it was Morris Chestnut.

    I also love me some Maxwell. But, Jay-z comes first. He has a babyleg. :lol2:

  19. no particular order I’m going (random)
    Larenze Tate
    Allen iverson
    plies ( his music just turns me on) just listen to “get u wet”
    j.r smith(denver nuggets)
    (keyshia cole baby father)
    daniel boobie gibson

    just to name a few

    *sidenote*And I just know somebody is going to say (((LIL WAYNE)))) 😆

  20. so many celebrity crushes, some are just embarassing.
    but for the most part it’s been:
    terence howard -till he made those baby wipes comments
    brian white – stomp the yard OMG
    boris kodjoe – will nevr get over him
    michael ealy – he was too fine in the halo video
    trey songz – although his kissing every female in his video turns me off
    john legend – his voice does things to me
    samuel eto’o cameroonian striker
    thierry henry – french football player!!! i love love him!!!

  21. :iagree: with lovechild on this one :bowdown: Thierry Henry is sooo hot he can melt the polar ice caps in less thsn a min!

    :stop: Didier Drogba doesn’t need any explanation check out Vanity Fair Magazine and then get back to me…. Go IVORY COAST!!!!

  22. O.K I’m a little weird.Not in any order:
    1. Jamie Foxx (funny)
    2. Brad Pitt (Legends of the Fall)
    3. The Rock
    4. Ken Wantabe (Last Samuri)
    5. Paul Walker (fINE)
    6. COMMON
    7. Andrea 3000
    8. Maxwell
    9. Ray Lewis

  23. #1 Boris Kudjoe – His SEXY is just on another level
    #2 Idris Elba – The accent just kills me
    #3 Lance Gross – His dark skin is just perfection

  24. My all time crush would have to be and will always be, Michael Jackson. I was in love with that man, like deep. I wanted to be his wife, babymama, sideline, if he had a team I wanted to be on it. lol. Sorry, but it’s true. people if you grew up doing the Thrille era, you know how cute MJ was. Even his bad Era , MJ was sexy. Like I’m the only girl, that wanted to be Tatiana, when she’s up against the car, and he puts his leg on the car, and she grabs him, and they fake kiss, or whatever. I, so wanted to be one of his video girls, that runs and says, Michael. My fantasies of marrying MJ, never ended,but it sure did crush my heart, when he married , and had babies. lol. He was so much older than me but hey, for MJ I would have dated an older man. Even to the day he died, I had a crush on him.;’

    Then there was Oded Fehr, he made the Mummy. That man was sexy,

  25. Lmao, I love this topic!
    For me… hmmmm…

    My number one is 50 Cent right now. Love his work ethic and his body. YUMMY! Then there is Columbus Short! I would be that man’s groupie. DMX when he was hot. Larenzo Tate, Micheal Ealy, Brian White…

    Oh, and I don’t know his damn but in the new movie remake of the ‘A-Team,’ The white guy who played FACE… OMG HE CAN GET IT!

    OOOOHHH, and let’s not forget my detective Stabler from Law & Order SVU. I’m already a groupie for that man and don’t care!

    Ok that’s it! LOL.


  26. my celebrity crushes are and were

    blair underwood
    allen iverson
    barack obama
    colombus short
    channing tatum
    tiger woods
    will smith
    dwight howard
    aubrey drake
    paul walker
    mario lopez

  27. @ sista- A babyleg is a large penis. lol They use to talk about Jay having a baby leg on the Russ Parr Morning Show here in Kentucky. :lol2:

  28. Terrence Howard – Despite the baby wipes statement and his penchant for assholery…I’ve had a crush on Howard since “THE BEST MAN”. Something about Terrence in those villain roles just turns me on. He’s got some weird crazy sex appeal.

    Idris Elba- He’s such a MAN, in every sense of the word. I’ll forever love Stringer Bell

    Mehcad Brooks – sexy and intelligent.

    Micahel Ealy – ain’t no way he can’t make the list

    Aaron McGruder – sexy and controversial

    Brad Pitt- he’s starting to age though, and that nasty beard ..ugh! He can still get it though

    Cam Gigandet – 1st spotted him in that awful “WHO’s YOUR CADDY MOVIE” i’ve been crusshing on him ever since

    Honorable mentions: Denzel washington and Tyrese Gibson

  29. My crush has been USHER since You Make Me Wanna came out. I absolutely love him. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a well rounded, solid entertainer. He’s got the sexiest lips and smile. Gotta love those dimples. I also love Morris Chestnut. I even got to meet him a couple years ago. So chocolatey!!

    #1 Usher
    #2 Morris Chestnut

    I also like Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Reynolds- hot white guys.

  30. Ha! I guess I’m the only lesbian here.

    Alicia Keys was my biggest celeb crush. But Swizz ruined that.

    I also like Tracee Ellis Ross, Mya, Lolo Jones (track & Field), actress Tracey Heggins, ANTM model Lisa Jackson and Cheryl Burke from Dancing With The Stars.

  31. :stop: I would also like to add Michael jai white and Brian white to the mix has anyone seen that Tois Trilogy! Hell ya… bring on the silk red boxers. :lol2:

    ohh 1 more Shemar Moore helllo he can be my baby daddy any day! :bowdown:


  33. I must admit, I thought I was the only one who had mad eyes for Paul Walker. Been peepin him since Varsity Blues and The Skulls. Also, Blackthought from the Roots, yum. And Darrin Henson from the Soul Food Series, extra yum.

  34. Oded Fehr, Maxwell, Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhall, and Jerry O’Connell could get it in his younger days. lol

  35. Barak Obama, Shemar Moore, El Debarge, Michael Jackson 80’s version, Brad Pitt, Hill Harper, Keith Sweat the older version of him just sexy, Blair Underwood, and Terrance Howard

  36. T.I.







  37. My one true crush that was serious was Michael Jackson. Lol @
    Bohwe cause you sound like me lol

    I swear I was gonna marry him and when he got married I had a fit, I hated both those chicks and I still don’t say their names lol Michael was just, I can’t even put it in words, talk about swagger whew that man had IT!! I still love him, have posters, magazines all that stuff still. When he left here my heart broke because I really thought I was going to meet him and marry him, even though he’s old enough to be my daddy, shoot he’s two years older than my daddy lol

    No other celeb has captured my heart like Mike. I mean there are some cuties I wouldn’t mind spending some time with *wink wink* like The Rock and Adrian Peterson (football), Will Demps (football)

    I don’t know my taste change so if I see them and they’re cute I’ll put them on my “list” until they f’ up and get kicked off lol


  39. Franky G…OMG!!!! I would probably and God please forgive me I would cheat on my husband just one time with him. OMG he should be locked away…he is flawless

    Sean ass!!!

    Tupac eyes were breathtaking, his eyelashes and eyebrows I always wanted to kiss his entire face. I miss him.

    Mos Def – He just look like he can get the job done..LOL one of those brothers when you finished doing the do you just want to give a high five!!! God forgive me.

    Jet Li – Lethal Weapon 4

    Mark Walberg in the Italian Job.

    I am diverse..I like all colors. I do not discriminate. Thank GOD I am married!!

  40. OMG!!! I forgot that sexy, sexy NAS!!! I love NAS!!!! I love everything about him!!

  41. Mine use to be Ice Cube, but I’ve gone back to Denzel. It’s not that he is the best looking guy in the world, but he has such a commanding presence that no other celebrity can match. On another note, Maxwell really understands me, which is the most important quality a man can have!

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