Do You Have Man Repellent?

I’m working on an interview with this chick so stay tuned. Shanel Cooper Sykes is a motivational guru and she speaks for the ladies. She is the author of Stilettos In The Kitchen. Check her out here calling out women who say they want a good man but bring more drama to the table than positivity. This is what she defines as man repellent. Do you agree with her? I agree with most of the statements here. However, I take into consideration the fact that alot of men carry their own emotional baggage and drama. They just display it differently from women.


  1. I think..know* that I have man repellent. The fact that I can be “smart” or too good turns guys the other direction quick. I have just learned to live with this. It is not on purpose. Like, for instance, when at the club this past weekend, my two girl friends got hit on, and just the fact that the clearly grown a** men were talking to them like they were 2 just turned me all the way off. One had the nerve to say, “oh, and you just all quiet

  2. This is one of the best finds!!! She’s extraordinary in a very simple and basic fashion. I agree with what she says! She’s so on time, especially, given the latest hot topics of black women being the least likely men want to date, John Mayer’s comments, all the shows and studies about single black women. What she says isn’t mind-blowing, it’s basic practices, much is common sense. While men also have baggage, we’re the ones who set the foundation for our relationships.

    I hope Oprah gives Shanel her own show…I listened to other video blogs and this girl knows what she’s talking about! Our sistas, especially, the younger ones need some help…Go Shanel!!!

  3. Omg….I love her…read her book Stilettos in the Kitchen, she’s the truth. She keeps it so real and made me realize alot about myself. She’s inspired me to reflect about who I am as a person before I go crazy searching for a man. You have to have your own ish together first! You ladies should definitely read it.

  4. No one can tell you how to catch and keep a man, especially if they don’t want to be caught and kept. I have nothing against this writer but she is just another in a long line of up and comers looking to cash in on the fears of black women. I have some advice ladies. Stop running after men. Stop trying to fix yourself and prove that you are worthy of being accepted and instead seek men who look to add to you rather than just take away. Stop giving so much of yourselves in hopes that someone will want you and act like the gem you are. Stop begging these men. Stop worrying about them. Just let things come naturally and never give, give, give when you meet a man or he will just take, take ,take and still not offer you that goldrn ring so many of you seem to be after.

  5. Btw, when was the last time anyone read a book telling Black men how to get and keep or even make us happy?

    yeah that is what i thought… NEVER.

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