Rumor: Does Janet Jackson Have Throat Cancer?

Rumor: Singer Janet Jackson May Be Battling Cancer

DOES JANET JACKSON HAVE THROAT CANCERJanet Jackson is reportedly undergoing tests for throat cancer. According to online reports, doctors found a growth on the singer’s vocal chords that could be cause for concern.

As previously reported, Janet has postponed her Unbreakable World Tour until the spring. Via her social media pages Janet told fans she’d be having surgery and asked for prayers for herself, her family and oddly enough, her company.

Whatever the case, if Janet only saw fit to postpone the tour a few months, it stands to reason that whatever is wrong is not that serious. At least not cancer serious.

Right now this throat cancer rumor is just that, a rumor. And while the source, Radar Online, is not unreliable, it’s not 100% reliable either. Like TMZ, they’ll lie for a quick page view.

At any rate, surgery of any kind has its complications and I wish Janet all the best. dance

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  1. I believe Janet is having throat surgery but the doctors more than likely know the tumor(s) are not cancerous. Miss Jackson will be back on tour soon and better than ever. Hopefully we’ll get more videos too.

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