Does Sex Make Or Break A Relationship?

By: LJ Knight
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Ladies, have you ever been faced with this intimacy issue? You are dating a guy for a while. He is genuinely a good man. You know that he sincerely cares for you. You take your relationship to the next level only to find out that his sex is wack. You two simply do not connect in the sack. Do you continue to date him? In a perfect world one would answer yes. Its just sex right? Something as simple as sex should not come between you and a possible true love. Other would disagree vehemently saying that sex is a big part of the relationship for some people. Why would any woman want to be with a man that could not satisfy her? It would lead her to cheat. Some people divorce over not being sexually compatible or the spark in the bedroom fizzling out.

The question would be is it worth it? I would say no. If you find a good man, then you should work with him. Especially if he is willing to make changes and adjustments to keep you pleased in bed. Others would disagree with me and say that life is short and it is maybe too short to some to have to be with someone who is not keeping you orgasmically happy. If you do stay then you are settling.

I suppose the answer to this would lie in what matters most to you. Is having great sex worth loosing a possible life partner? Some assume that if the person does not meet all of their needs in every capacity then they were never meant to be your life partner. I know many women can understand when I say that I have had the experience of dating someone who wasn’t “shit” as some women would say but the loving made up for the difference. At times, it can make you excuse things that you wouldn’t normally tolerate. Yes, good loving is enough to keep some women’s interest in a worthless man. It may not be right but such is life. Have you ever been a victim of this? Be honest. I am lucky enough to have finally found the perfect combination at this point in my life.

It is up for debate. Should sex play a role when choosing a partner? Or should it be the least of your concerns? What say you?

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  1. No a man can be taught how to please you in bed. Good sex can be learned, certain character traits and flaws cannot be.

  2. NO, okay im not the total expert on sex(SIDEEYE). but i think it plays a role if ur that type of woman….Me, i like a sensual man, my man is good in bed, pleases me, but thats not all he does for me..Its a total package, we have alot of gifted brothers in the bed with theit 11 inch Manding_o’s…but what else? A good 30 minute sex extravaganza dont last forvever….IMO!!!

  3. Well I will say this I just spilt from my ex we’d been together for 12 years I was 16 when we got together, he was much older than me, however when I became a grown woman the sex was not good. He refused to explore other things and it was just a waste. I refuse to stay involved with a man who is not pleasing me in the bed. Some people are stuck in there ways and will not move so for me sex is a big thing whenever I start to date and have it. I haven’t been with many men I can count on one hand. I’ve never cheating on him the entire relationship I just hope there’s more to sex than what I was getting other than that I guess it has to be overrated.

  4. Nichelle: I loved Shiesty and emerald 🙂 Keep doing you ma
    I am not staying with a man who lack sexual strength AND refuse to learn

  5. Even tough I’m a virgin, I’ll say yes. I can count on one hand how many boyfriends broke up with me cause I didnt want to “give in”. Sex is very important to a lot of people.
    It sucks man. 🙁

  6. Shels, it shouldn’t suck! Keep on doing what you are doing. If they leave you because you didn’t give in then you shouldn’t be with him anyway!

  7. Sex is an important and although I agree that we want someone to treat you well, you also want to be pleased in the bedroom. Its all about what your use too! Good intimate sex makes the heart grow founder!

  8. look, sex IS important. women want to be please just as much (and sometimes more) than men. if i’m with a man and the sex is just not good, of course i’ll try with him. no one is psychic so unless you tell them what you want, they won’t know. however, if i’m giving him the clues/prompts necessary for him to learn my body and what i need to be pleased and he’s either not getting it or doesn’t want to explore it with me… he’s got to go. after a while, the lack of sexual pleasure will turn to resentment, especially if you know you’re pleasing him and he’s getting what he wants out of the relationship sexually. pleasure’s a 2-way street and if he can’t walk with me, he’ll have to walk without me.

  9. YES! I married my Wonderfully and Incredible husband two years ago, knowing the sex is not good. I thought I could overlook it. I now regret marrying my husband, even though I love him so much, because he cant satisfy the way I want. Currently we have sex maybe once a week, which I am forcing myself to do to keep my husband somewhat happy. I see that lack of sex is connected to argueing. If I could do it again I would make sure the sex makes me happy before making my commitment.

  10. You are lucky, my man never wants sex, I mean he acts like it’s not important, we have’nt had sex in almost 2 months, and he does’nt go outside, so I don’t think he cheats, unless he does it over a phone. He said’s it’s his weight or his back, I mean he is over 300lbs, do u think that, that’s the problem? Please respond.

  11. @karimaggirlme
    Maybe his health is an issue. Sometimes high blood pressure or diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction.

  12. I also know that obesity is linked to low libido; and if he is depressed as a result of his weight, that is DIRECTLY linked to low libido. You two should see an M.D. and a counselor to work it out. Good luck.

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