Does Size Matter?

V Magazine is raising all types of eyebrows with the pending release of their upcoming “Size Issue.” The magazine has chosen to use plus size models rocking designs from Gucci, DSquared, House of Holland- and in some cases- nothing at all. Debate is already raging about the magazine’s decision to use women who clearly have fat and cellulite and what effect it will have on a nation that is supposedly already overweight. On the flipside- complaints of magazines using women no larger than a size 0 has also raged on for years. I believe V mag thought they were showcasing a happy medium with the models they chose, however that is not the case as many believe them to not be indicative of average women- but rather obese and unhealthy examples of all women should strive not to be.

Update: Just added the cover which features “Precious” actress Gabourey Sidibe.

I have included several images from the issue that hits stands on January 14th and ask your opinion. Did V Magazine screw up by showcasing women who are outside the norm of what is considered healthy and beautiful in America?

FYI: Toccara Jones in not featured in the magazine and was used for illustration purposes only.


  1. The only one I have an issue is the first one. Not cute at all.

  2. If this is suppose to be a “size issue” shouldn’t the women be different sizes??? What stuck out to me all the women look the same, with the same hair, I’m confused. Where’s the Asian, Latina, African, Indian, I can go on. Btw, what it is the “average” size of a woman? Size issue, should be renamed the issue of size.

  3. nobody siad you cant be curvy, but these women are plain fat. they need to hit the gym.asap… lol

  4. HMMMMMM… refreshing to see a change but yes i think this is just as damaging as showing aneroxic sized woman as well. its all about a healthy balance. not everyone is to be skinny nor fat just HEALTHY…

    the end<–

  5. I think these women look beautiful. They are not fat in my opinion. The average american woman is a size 14 so not too far off from what these real women look like. Not everyone can be a size 0 with no rolls at all. I don’t even know more than two people that are 0. So when they show those super skinny women that does not represent me or anyone that I know. Beauty comes in all sizes.

  6. I respect what they are trying to do curvy women are beautiful I’m a curvy woman myself, but I think they could be a lil more toned. I’m glad they are trying to change that whole stick figure thing tho, it’s so not realistic. Good Post BS!

  7. I think these ladies look great and I’m glad V magazine decided to do this. People always wanna scream HEALTH to hide the fact that they just don’t wanna look at fat people, just be honest. I mean, are you their doctors? How the hell do you know their health? Because they’re fat? Newsflash, not ALL fat people have health issues. A stick thin person standing next to a fat person could have much worse health, but people never assume that. The GOAL shouldn’t be to tell people to get fat or skinny, the GOAL should be to tell people to get HEALTHY. Eat right, exercise and be good to your body, no matter what size it may be.

  8. As a model, I can say that being “average” is debateable. By real-life standards I AM, yet it is extremely difficult for me to find work. Many designers say I am too ‘fat’ to do couture, and too ‘small’ to qualify as plus sized.

    I find it interesting that you are qustioning the use of plus-sized models when over 51% of Black women in America are overweight. So, do you or don’t you want to be represented in some way? I guess

    I’m just an evil skinny bi—.

    P.S. I love the spread, and would have liked to see more ethnic diversity in regards to the models that were used. @ Harlem Girl, the model in the sweater pulling at the neck is Black, she is just fairer complected.

  9. none of them are fat and a size 0 isnt pushing the limit on slim my friend is a size 5/6 and to me she’s a slimone doesnt have to ever workout shes just naturally have cuts i on the other hand have to work to keep what i got sooo…size doesnt always coincide with level of health

    women in the shoot= thicker than a snicker not fat at all

    besides,the charts of obesity are ridiculous

  10. I LOVE IT!!!!! These women are not FAT they are REAL!They didn’t airbrush their rolls like they do the skinny girls. Yeah, skinny girls have rolls too. But this is not about bashing skinny girls. This is about accepting all forms of beauty and I love it.

  11. I think the ladies look beautiful in these pics, and the hair and makeup is well done…. (And yeah, im a skinny lady size 3/4).

  12. I think this is fab… I can speak only for myself when I say I really want to see REAL women in magazines. Their are too many women out there including myself that feel like my body is not good enough… stomach isnt flat enough, arms arent thin enough…So thank you to Brownsista for posting this and thanks to V Magazine for showing real women.

  13. These women look fabulous. Its always cool to see something different for a change.

  14. Just b/c a person is bigger than a size 6 doesn’t mean they don’t workout or eat right. Some bodies are just meant to be curvy/full ex. Sherri Shepard from “The View”. Sherri went on the big diet or lifestyle change, worked out, loss weight, & is STILL a full woman. So don’t always assume that some vulptous ppl don’t live a healthy lifestyle.

    I think the ladies look nice. They are REAL women w/ REAL curves… nothing wrong w/ that.

  15. @Harlem girl

    Yep, I wondered were are all of the women on color too.

  16. I completely agree that the obese guidelines are ridiculous…especially for those of us that are more short than tall. I am a 30 year black woman who stands at 4’11” and weighs 148 lbs (big hips, flat stomach). However, every BMI (body mass index) calculator I find tells me that I am obese. It doesnt seem to matter that I take spinning classes 2 – 3 times a week and run 2-3 miles several times a week. It is extremely frustrating to know that I am very healthy and fit but am still considered to be obese based on my height/weight combination.

  17. While these women aren’t morbidly obese, they look fine and are just curvy plus size. We can’t determine their health looking at pictures. But, there’s a serious weight problem with sistas and that’s for real! Not just thick or women with curves, but “fat”…I was one of them until I got it together and still working to lose about 40 more pounds to reach my goal weight. I wasn’t happy with myself in letting myself gain so much weight. People do look at you differently, my blood pressure did increase and was borderline diabetic. I could never have had gastric surgery, so I went mostly vegan and low carb, alternating. I learned chicken wasn’t my friend, I believe too many hormones, you are what you eat. The meat is what’s got us so fat, along with processed foods and the lack of exercise or activity. Driving instead of walking, on the computer, cable tv, video games, the club is either too expensive or too dangerous or did that, not interested. We buy fitness memberships and don’t use them, don’t engage in sports like we did in high school and college. So I just use the exercise programs on demand, drink plenty of water, deep breathe to increase oxygen into my body and push the food away and don’t buy foods I have no control over…i.e. potato chips, cookies and klondike bars, but every now and then.

    I think if a person is healthy and feels good about themselves, regardless of weight, that’s important, but society won’t be so kind. I remember the looks when boarding an airplane and the person next to me looking to see if I could fasten the seat belt or spill over into their seat.

    Here’s to an even healthier 2010, regardless of weight or size!

  18. so…
    overweight women could write articles, market or even be art directors for magazines but heaven forbid them actually photographed in them.

    For me its simple, magazines do not feature thin models to keep us healthy. featuring representatives of the society that actually buys clothes, reads, is a damn good idea. however infrequently this may happen.

  19. I am happy to see a variety of women in a magazine. It’s more to real life than all models being a size 0. I see these types of women everyday in the streets, at stores, at the bank, and even a few in my family. It’s just only so much influences the media can shove in our faces. We will never look alike and why should we want to??? Just like the celebrities we love. I remember at one point every top female entertainer was shaped the same, dressed the same, hair color the same. So on and so forth. And neither represented the real world. The people who aren’t nipped and tucked. So show the real deal and stop expecting us to look like Britney Spears or the Olsen twins.

  20. those women are healthy to me but choosing Gabourey thats realy stretching it,shes a beautiful soul whos talent is phenomenal cant take that away from her,i’m kind of warming up to her beauty,make-up,hair and picture is beautiful and sexy however she shudnt be allowed to be a face of plus size women thats so dangerous,your waist has to be smaller than your hips,now thats curvey no matter how rolly you are,big sausage shape is unhealthy….Monica,Queen Latifah or Jennifer Hudson cud have been a healthier choice.

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