Does The Public Care?

Even when she is trying to be low-key, Beyonce still finds herself smack in the middle of controversy. The singer’s producing partner, Bangladesh, recently made comments in an interview that surely will not make the diva happy. When asked if he had ever actually been witness to Beyonce writing any of the songs she is often credited with, the producer was quite sly with his words.

Here is what he said: “It doesn’t matter who is writing or producing the songs. Who is delivering them, is what matters. It doesn’t matter if Beyonce is there physically writing the song. I mean even if she’s not, it doesn’t mean that she can’t. It might be a case of her not having time. People from the outside looking in want to know whether or not she writes her own songs, she’s on a level where things are handed to her. People wanna be a part of what she’s doing. She either wrote it, or she can put her name on it. It doesn’t matter because that’s the boss she is.”

This is an old controversy for Beyonce and one I don’t think will negatively affect her. I mean, if it hasn’t so far, why would it now?

Is it unethical to buy songs and slap your name on them? Probably so. But it is an industry wide problem that has existed for years and one I don’t think the public or the singer’s fans care about.

The big question however, is does Beyonce deserve the many awards she has won for songwriting?


  1. Whitney Houston was not a songwriter and said many times that writing wasn’t her gift, singing was. The public didn’t care because we all know most singers don’t write their own material and most producers don’t sing their own material. It is no big deal.

    People make a big deal about it with Beyonce because she says she is a writer when she is not. She claims repeatedly in interviews that she writes or co-writes her own material. I saw her with my own two eyes and heard her with my own two ears say she wrote eight of songs on the Survivor album. Years later that claim would be disputed. Just as her claim of writing Emotions was shot down on live television. The song was in fact a Bee Gee’s remake and anyone who listens to light fm stations or is over 30 would know that.

    If Beyonce wasn’t self absorbed and in need of constant validation no one would think anything of her lack of writing skills. But because she wants to be seen as all things she and her pops lie about her level of skills. I believe Mathew is behind the lie and Beyonce just goes with it.

    It will catch up to her eventually just like the BC Jean thing did.

  2. A songwriter consist of more than just writing the songs. A songwriter can be just arranging the chorus or melodies of the songs.

  3. it doesn’t matter at all!!!Beyonce won the Awards and i believe she deserves it… :hifive: :hifive:

  4. She added to them so she gets credit for it. In an interview they did along time ago she said she had wrote something and at the time was not aware you had to put it down and did not get credit, so she learned from her experience and has not made that bad mistake again, and regardless who wrote it who has made it what it is?

  5. Who cares. Most of the songs she sings are forgettable any way. Seriously, how many of her songs will be timeless classics that we will be singing thirty years from now. Seriously, Diva, Freakum Dress, Bootylicious, Upgrade You, Video Phone……

  6. @JAH

    You are right about those songs but you forgot that her first album people will still be singing 30 years from now.

  7. Her first solo album was her best. Now she has gone too commercial.

  8. Beyonce’s brand is so phenomenal that we can surmise that songwriting credits are part of the deal if she uses your song and/or music. An aspiring or established songwriter that has written and/or arranged a hit for Beyonce’ will definitely expand their client base with requests from other artists. Now, should she receive ASCAP and other awards and songwriting credits, ethically, NO, but in reality, she does! The music industry is a business and she’s managing her career as a business woman.

  9. Beyonce’s fans/apologists can no longer deny what many around her have been saying out loud for years and that is that she is a fraud and no songwriter as she claims. They still want to uphold her name and the feeling she gives them so they now claim her brilliance as a negotiator and businesswoman shows her musical greatness. Her fan sites won’t even touch this latest story because they are embarrassed by it. Buying the rights to other people’s music is not a musical skill and is something that was clearly orchestrated by her dad who is the brains of the operation. Don’t make excuses for her. Great singer yes. Great performer yes. Songwriter NO.

  10. I think most people know that beyonce does not write her own song and most people don’t care,Leave it up to her mentally challenged followers, to turn it into a big deal, they desperately want all of us to think that she is the force that made her name a brand when most people know she isn’t and don’t give a damn.What i do find pathetic however is that a woman who claims to be so successful and blessed and “set for life” can be so insecure about herself that she has to lie about what she is capable off, That is deplorable.

    The story would not be news worthy if her fans weren’t running around trying to brain wash everyone about this chick, Most people have accepted her for what she is a hot chick that makes some club bangers! but nooo beyoncist want you to get on your knees and praise her name!
    and like Jah said,Her music is forgettable so it’s not like she stole classics songs ,if her fans shut the hell up more often things like this will fly under the radar for we all know she barely articulates so she can’t write for nothing!

  11. @ Lena :iagree:

    She is a great performer (singing I mean) but come on stans, put a period at the end of a song doesn’t make you a writer…just sayin

  12. She has jilted a lot of struggling writers out of money. That is what makes it wrong. She is a thieve plain and simple. And for you all to sit here and justify bs is just simply ignorant. She has won numerous awards for writing and was even inducted in something for writing and it should be taken back. She is a fraud. All that she has accomplished and she is still lying about being a song writer why what is the point.

    There is something seriously wrong with this woman here. Or if you have been taught to lie, cheat, and steal maybe she just doesn’t know any other way of living.

  13. i question everybody in pop/r&b who say that they solely write their own material. Most of the time thats false. Most of these pop artist get help when it comes to penning their tunes. Beyonce’s problem is she tries to take credit for writing the whole song and we know that is not the case considering that in interviews she has a hard time just getting her point across.

  14. But the bottom line is WE (general public) will never know. So SMH at people thinking they do. But I have heard a couple of people (including Kelly and Michelle) say that she’s a great songwriter.
    Even if you add/subtract, rearrange words you should be in some way credited. Because put it like this, WHAT IF what you added or rearranged is what made the song what it was.
    For example “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It” what if Katy Perry just wrote that part of the song and nothing else.

  15. Also it’s a shame how so many people depise this woman, and are ‘tired’ of her, but Sade has a new post that only has ONE comment, and she’s doing something positive at that. SMDH. And it happens all the time. Instead of complaining about being tired of hearing or seeing Beyonce use that same energy and post on somebody you really care about, it just makes sense.

  16. I guess i am a fraud too because i look at what someone writes and put it in my own words. although it is different, the meaning is the same. God deliver me from evil. 🙄

  17. The ‘general public’ does not care. I’d wager they don’t even know about this.

    Only her fans. And those ‘fans’ who are rabidly obsessed with her (i.e. haters and stans).

    She either wrote it, or she can put her name on it. It doesn’t matter because that’s the boss she is.

    Bangladesh, look to the last record you produced with Beyonce to be just that…the last record. She hasn’t worked with Neyo since he spoke the truth of the matter that he wrote the song; I’m quite sure she’ll do the same with this producer, too.

    This has been the industry, I agree. A producer hungry for some shine gets noticed by an A-list singer who cuts them a check and puts ‘their’ name on the song (not talking about Beyonce, but in general). It happens all the time.

    I think if anything needs to be changed it’s the rules concerning the integrity of the writing aspect of the business. If I add in two little words to a song, for instance, “living proof”, am I allowed co-writing credits? YES. So sayeth the songwriting academy. While I don’t wholly agree withe practice, I have to acknowledge that ‘this business’ of ‘writing’; this type of ‘publishing’ is a whole ‘nother beast unlike publishing fiction or periodicals, etc. To add ‘two words’ to a chapter in a book and thus assert writing credit because of it, is almost asinine…almost.

    The number of autobiographies written by the likes of celebrities; for instance, Nene Leakes from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame. She has an autobiography on which she’s listed as co-writer, when in actuality the bulk of the ‘coming together’ of that piece was written by Denene Miller (an actual writer). But it’s Nene’s life, her words written or told to Denene; but it was Denene who sculpted the novel into what it was. (Don’t ask; I have not read it nor do I desire to do so. I’m merely using it as an example).


    Beyonce’s addition of “put a ring on it” propelled “Single Ladies” (along with the video) made that song an insane hit. The ‘umph’ it took to come up with that hook and to deliver it with the right amount of feist and ferocity is all her…so in that scenario, yes, she deserves credit for ‘writing’ the song although the bulk of it, too, was written by another.

    Writing, in this ‘realm’ (the music business) is most often than not a collaborative effort. I mean you can write songs all day long, but there’s a bridge between the actual writing and the actual delivery of the song and most artists ‘participate’ in bridging the two points—hence ‘writing credits bestowed’.

    It’s really a gray area and as some of you have said, we sit on the outside looking in, so we don’t know (though Bangladesh all but confirmed that checks are cuts and singer’s names are stamped as ‘writer’ on certain songs).

    Does Beyonce deserve the awards she’s received? Based on sales or plays or record spins of her songs, sure, I guess. I don’t know those figures but if they gave her an award for a song I’m quite sure it was a pretty popular song.

    What exactly are the criteria for ‘writing’ in the songwriting academy (the name of which escapes me)? I have no clue.

    This won’t affect Beyonce negatively until she actually SPEAKS OUT on it (or her camp does). That will be an admission of sorts if she responds to this.

    For all we know, Bangladesh could be trying to get some exposure for himself by mentioning Beyonce and songwriting……..but then this wouldn’t be a topic for conversation were there not SO MANY questionable instances of songwriting, copyright infringement and the like, in this particular artist’s past.


    As an aside, why in the world would you take songwriting credits for “Silent Night”??? I mean, I understand adding an ad-lib or two, but abuse of power much? To take credit for adding something that is as old as dirt and universal and more classic than anything you might ‘ever’ write???


    Okay one last thing. Let me just re-emphasize.

    The ‘general public’ is not going to care about this at all. Only fans and maybe some industry people and her peers and of course blogs and such.

    It’s a divisive practice meant to both stick it to the artist and stick it to the industry. #getmunny

  18. She’s spent her whole career doing this. The airheads who worship the ground she walks on could care less.

  19. Neyo explained it best, if a person writes a song and then the actual performer comes in and changes or adds a few words they can put there name on it as song writer. He said the rules in the industry are very general and not regulated in this regard. However the only people to get it right is the Academy Awards (Oscars) they find out how much a person actually contributed to a song before any nomination. That is why Beyonce was not listed as songwriter for ‘Listen’ from Dreamgirls. Her camp was upset but the Academy only acknowledged the main song writers.

  20. Yes she has. If you guys only knew the girl who ORIGINALLY wrote and sang “If I Were I Boy” you would be blown out of your seats at how amazing the white chick sounded. But because Beyonce is a brand name and a huge artist, these song writers do not care if the songs are given to someone like Beyonce and it came out that Mr. Knowles was trying to get credit for Beyonce writing that song. I do see it as messed up but that’s only in Beyonce’s heart to do how she see’s fit for her career. It is what it is.

  21. Just about all artists do this, yet Bey is always the one called out because of all her success.

    Whitney never wrote a damn thing, does that take away from her greatness? No.

    Don’t hardly any artists write their own songs, are people gonna stop listening to music period? No.

    This the only blog I’ve seen reporting this. Nobody gives a damn whether Beyonce can even write a sentence.

    As long as she got that talent(singing/dancing) of hers, that’s gonna keep her successful.

  22. This the only blog reporting this.

    Nobody gives a damn if Beyonce can write even 1 sentence.
    As long as she got that talent of hers, that’s what keeps her successful.Whitney, Mariah, and several others don’t write. Do People are so jealous of Beyonce that they will complain about anything to try to bring her down. SMH

  23. Toy: I know Bc jean, her voice is the best i’ve heard since joss stone,And if i were a boy could have been her come up song,But beyonce stole it, and her fans expect us to just not see anything wrong with it because it’s beyonce.

  24. “People are so jealous of Beyonce”
    That’s my cue to get out of this post i hate the nigerish mentality of Black americans,

    “get money”,”who cares”,”as long as she gets money”,”who are you? your opinion don’t matter”;

    Sad story. Slavery is alive and kicking.

  25. @ REAL, I’ve seen this on other blogsites I frequent. BrownSista, as awesome as it is, isn’t the only one. 🙂

  26. Beyonce has actually wrote many of her songs, especially the ones she won awards for. But haters only care about bashing people and it won’t work because everyone already knows the woman is talented and here to stay.

  27. VERITEE- BC Jean herself said that Beyonce bought the song and all those things were rumors (just about everything else with this woman)

  28. Why is this even news? Beyonce doesn’t write her own songs…. surprise, surprise. And really…who cares?! This is news that someone took the time to dig up; it wasn’t exactly splattered across the front page of CNN. Can we please have more relevant articles that pertain to and encourage and engage US as black women instead of these meaningless but hot button articles that just breed more celebrity worship and hatred? Today’s music industry lost its heart and soul a long time ago…it didn’t start with and or will end with Beyonce. I’m all for seeing my sisters being lifted up, but did I really need to know that Beyonce doesn’t write her own songs? OH wait… I did know because it’s pretty obvious. And I don’t care…and not because I don’t like Beyonce, but because this adds nothing to my life and I really don’t care.

  29. This was my concern w/ her multiple wins at the Grammy’s this year, especially for the Song of the Year category, which is awarded to the writers. This award gave Beyonce the edge that night. Being dubbed by the Grammy’s and press as the first female to win “however many awards in one night” was disturbing to me, because I’m quite aware that Beyonce did not write “Single Ladies”. It’s this undeserving praise that leaves a stale taste in my mouth. One being heralded for something they’re not. I don’t think so. Take credit where credit is due.

  30. blahblahblah.

    Beyonce added “To the Left, To the Left” to Irreplaceable…guess which part of that song people actually remember & love to sing?

    This situation is so old. Her winning these writing awards isn’t hurting us in any way, at all, whatsoever. Let the real people in the industry debate Beyonce’s credibility.

  31. LOL I just read your statement Ella-Umbrella. THANK YOU, I completely agree

  32. @Toy,Veritee, UGH. Just stop.
    To compare BC Jean’s voice to someone like Beyonce, someone like JOSS STONE is so laughable. Stop with the sick jokes, you know that’s a bold-faced & unneccesary lie.

  33. Great Commentary…


    Creative integrity has always been a problem in the music industry!

    It’s the way business is conducted as it’s been stated, Beyonce’s a businesswoman. So, I hope all the lesser known artists/writers out there are adequately compensated and receive credit, the most we can expect. The awards are really controlled…it’s always been that way…when you look at artists who have never won a Grammy or maybe one or a lifetime achievement award or posthumously, after delivering a multitude of great work…i.e. Marvin Gaye…award wins are quite subjective!

    If you control radio, you control sales and subsequently the grammys and other awards. Now with business giants “Live Nation” and “AEG” the plot will only thicken!

    Unlike, the movie industry, an indie film that no one has seen can sweep at the Oscars. Acting is a purer art form! Thank God!

    Getting credit and a good publishing deal can change an artist’s life with one song, I hope these practices are examined and remedied! I saw Dolly Pardon on Oprah and she refused to give Elvis Pressley 50% of the publishing for “I’ll Always Love You”…this was early in her career and she knew she wanted to leave something for her kids…fast forward 20+ years later and that song is still ringing in the cash and one of her most famous songs as a songwriter.

    It’s not always about the money, it’s about the principle and until the industry and its songwriting practices are regulated, this will continue to happen!

    This isn’t news to Beyonce fans and she’s not alone! But, it ain’t right, but it is what it is, until someone changes it! Songwriters will have to try to get a bill in congress and try to change the law or regulate.

    The music industry just seems to be the lowest of low. What other industry can you not own your masters, originals, after owing the company and having to pay back any upfront money and cost of expenses, then they give you .15 to .25 cents a cd that costs less than a buck to produce, that will sign you, produce a cd that you now owe for and don’t promote the artist or their music, an industry that was so blinded by giving bad contracts and ripping off artists for decades that they didn’t even see the technology changing in how people access music and now Vevo trying to take over youtube…praying for more Lady Gagas…this industry is deeply rooted in thievery!

  34. All I have to say is we DON’T know and probably never will. But survivor (one of her best songs) she def. wrote, plus Michelle and Kelly have expressed how much they adore her writing skills. Also agree with GET REAL and LOL some songs are remembered by only a couple of lines, so if a artist writes that historic line in a song shouldn’t they get credit?


  36. It really doesn’t matter. Beyonce’s image is sooo perfectly crafted that this story just like all others with any kind of negative press and publicity will get swept under the rug and quick.

  37. seriously now, I did not know that people believe that [xyz] wrote and/or produced her/his own song… I can add that most DJs (not: producers) pay some geeky guys, who tend to stay in the background and click around at home, to produce some stuff for them. it’s definitely the common thing in the genre of electronic music. the best example is guetta. even d. ramirez. there’s always a studio partner. guys like timbaland and pharell seemed to be able to make the bridge from guy-in-background to public person. honestly, this is not news. or did she say out loud she wrote her songs?

  38. Kelly & Michele said what they were told to say. Stop giving this girl credit. She tried to take credit for a song called in the Arms of the Angels by Sarah McGlaughlin fromt he movie City of Angels and she was stopped dead in her tracks. This woman is a thieve plain and simple. She takes credit for things she didn’t do. It is not saying that she does not have talent because that is clear. But she is just not a writer. The song I heard that she actually wrote was check on it. And given her interviewing skills that sounds about right.

  39. seriously… we’ve all known for some time that beyonce steals songs from upcoming writers, indie artists, etc. why is this news?

  40. @LOL
    The hell are you talking about??? I’m just saying the white girl can sing. I didn’t COMPARE HER TO BEYONCE, so YOU need to stop overriding ish! I was simply saying that the girl can clearly sing the song but didn’t care if the song was given to Beyonce because Beyonce is a big name. So please LEARN TO READ instead of just assuming.

  41. @ veritee

    Your the most ignorant person on here. It’s a fact that some people are jealous of beyonce. Jealousy is a trait that everyone has. Don’t get mad b/c the truth hurts.

    @ kanyade

    I don’t know what sites you get on, but none of the popular sites are reporting this.

    Like I said before, people can say what they want about beyonce, but nobody gives a damn whether she writes her songs.

    It’s the artists who sell the songs, not the writers. Nobody buys songs because of the writer.

    Almost every artist in the industry dont write their own songs. Why is Bey the only one to get called out? Exactly. Jealousy of her success. If she was a D-list artist nobody would care about this story.

  42. And yes, BC Jean wrote the song and used it as a demo and it caught Mr. Knowles and Beyonce’s attention. Sites dedicated to Beyonce have clearly stated that issue. SMH.

  43. I visit a number of Black entertainment sites; ones with high traffic, like this one. I won’t name names out of respect for ‘BrownSista’, though. I actually agree with you on most of what you said; just wanted to highlight that it’s posted elsewhere, too.

    But I do disagree on no one giving a damn. Like I said before, her fans do care. Especially when it comes her talent as a writer being constantly lauded and praised or in this case questioned; fans DO care. Hence this big ole discussion that’s taken place here and on other ‘popular’ sites.

  44. NONE and I repeat NONE of us know if she hasn’t wrote a single song in her life, or if she writes the majority of her songs…WE simply DON’T KNOW! That’s the real truth.

  45. I heard my girl Cinthynia posted and i had to see it, as usual you are on point,It is refreshing to see someone who actually knows what they are talking about, and is able to express it without sounding like an insecure follower,and i like you sister pray for no more gaga,Lol

    @Real: You’re defending treachery, pitifully at that,and i’m ignorant? That makes a whole lot of sens you’re smart.

  46. Who cares if she wrote the song?? Um, the person that ACTUALLY wrote the song cares. Some of you need to understand publishing!!

    Like Cynthia said, its this little known thing called integrity. Why take full credit like you wrote the thing when you didn’t.

    That’s like Teddy Riley saying he wrote Dangerous for Michael Jackson, yes he was listed because he provided the beat but MJ wrote the entire song, chorus, hooks, bridge. Sure ppl can add a verse here and their but what I’ve heard is B taking credit for the entire thing not giving anyone else credit. I’m sure her daddy had something to do with that too.

  47. Oh I should have said Teddy helped with the upgrade the beat because Michael provided the skeleton sound of what it turned out to be.

    I miss MJ 🙁 , okay moving along!!

  48. @Veritee


    I follow songwriters and when I see a singer/songwriter, I do have an additional appreciation for what they do. I love a good wordsmith. When I learned of all the songs John Lennon wrote that other people recorded and blew them away, I was so impressed. Creativity is sacred and with all the sampling, today’s hit-making process, people really don’t care how it happens!

    Does anyone think songwriters and producers like David Guetta, Diane Warren, David Foster and other white songwriters/producers give up their credits…NO! They write for black artists, but if you want them, you will pay!

    This is a common industry practice with many guilty parties. It is believed that the legendary Sam Cooke died because he, like Ray Charles was changing the system!

    Stolen creative property is never a good thing! Or stolen record royalities, TLC, Toni Braxton…

    Integrity is what’s missing in our everyday lives, not just this industry…it’s not celebrated, so people really don’t care!

  49. This is getting on my darn nerves. First of all,can anyone prove she stole the songs? Like the Cater 2 U case? Or the Baby Boy case? Or the Bootylicious thing? Now wid da Irreplaceable nd If I Were A Boy thing, Ne-Yo said she co-wrote. Writing a song is more than just lyrics nd an instrumental. An example: how many ppl have remade Don’t Ask My Neighbor? Which version is your fave? I personally like Tisha nd Tichina’s version better. Cuz of da melodies Tisha’s whistle note nd adlibs. Beyonce changed da melody of da song. She wrote her own harmonies nd layered them. Ppl keep bringing up Michael Jackson. Um, he didn’t write all his own hits. Heck his name wasn’t even on most of them at all. I checked out his albums 4rm da library nd read credits 4 each song. That producer guy, who is he? Let’s not confirm or deny. Take all the credit, attach my name to the biggest name in music, nd watch me blow up. As far as I know b/c i buy her cds Beyonce gives all songwriters credit. Ppl can add a word nd Beyonce gives them songwriting credit ie; cousin Angie Da more successful Beyonce becomes the more people target her for any and every little thing. What’s next? Ppl gonna start accusing her of having a ghost singer too? SMDH

  50. If she didn’t write the songs, she DEF SHOULD NOT receive awards for them. It’s one thing to collect royalties off it, but an award?? That’s just going too far, IMO…

  51. PLEASE:

    Dont mention Ms Whitney Houston (prior to her meltdown) and Bey in the same sentence. There is no comparison. Ms Houston has never stated that she wrote any of her own songs.

    “Emotions” for anyone to say that they played any part in writting this song besided the Bee Gees is absolute crazy. I dont care if she changed one note. It was a gigantic hit during the 70’s because of a lil ol move called “Saturday Night Fever”..I know I am showing my age..

    I will give her credit for being a good singer and good entertainer. She knows she is a very marketable, famous beautiful woman. Her fathers schemes made her, him and their family very wealthy. He only did what white folks been doing for a long time. But that still does not make it right.
    But to take credit for the entire song for only a few lines or a 16 bars is wrong.

    MJ RIP “Miss U Much”

  52. @ Vertee :iagree:

    “People are so jealous of Beyonce”
    That’s my cue to get out of this post i hate the nigerish mentality of Black americans,

    “get money”,”who cares”,”as long as she gets money”,”who are you? your opinion don’t matter”;

    Sad story. Slavery is alive and kicking.

    @kanyade :iagree:

    Everybody knows if you don’t bow down and worship Beyonce the way her stans haved been fooled into doing. The ignorance of labeling people as jealous or hater are the only words they know to use when you don’t agree with the way they feel about her. Everybody but Beyonces’ delusional stans know that she is a fraud. Even Beyonce knows she is a fraud that’s why she is so secretive about everything LOL :lol2:

  53. @BADGIRL23 Thank you! :iagree:
    Who cares if she wrote the song?? Um, the person that ACTUALLY wrote the song cares. Some of you need to understand publishing!!

    @ Cynthia :hifive: I heart your statement about appreciating real creativity not falsified. Integrity is missing in almost everything now.

    @KEEPITREEL Preach I so agree

  54. Keepitreel :iagree:
    Realtalk: That’s right , They don’t know anything, anyone who says “who cares?” to a debate on integrity and creativity does not know a dang thing about nothing

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