Doesn’t Whitney Look Great?

Whitney Houston was looking like her old sef again as she was spotted arriving at her hotel in London, England. As many of you already know, Whitney is hot on the comeback trail and the UK is just one of several European countries the singer will be visiting in the next few weeks to promote her new album. Whitney mania officially kicks off however on September 1st when the singer’s new album, I Look To You, is release in the United States. Whitney is also expected to kick off Good Morning America’s Fall Concert Series- though no performance date as been set yet.

Check out the singer below arriving at her hotel in preparation for her official UK listening party.


  1. Whitney looks incredible. I’m just waiting for a great single.

  2. Whitney does look awesome..I hope she makes a huge comeback…I wish her much success :thumbsup:

  3. whitney is my girl.. saw her out of her coat and she was looking AMAZING.. cant wait..welcome back whitney :dance1:

  4. She looks great. You know I changed my mind I hate this new format.

  5. Whitney does look fabulous. I love how classy she looks.

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