doing things differently.

GT knows you’ve heard this a zillion times by now but Happy New Year Brown Sistas! 2009 is going to be so great! I can just feel it in my bones. We have so much to be grateful for and work to do!

If you have a pulse then you can’t escape listmania or the buzzing of New Year’s Resolutions. But here’s a spin: Get Togetha’s  Top Ten things you can do differently for your home and for yourself in the 09.

  1. Stop taking yourself seriously. We all evolve and grow at our own pace.
  2. Make something your own. Have a signature style;  and rock it. I’m a fan of a big chunky ring.
  3. Stop comparing your life to other people’s lives. Live Ya Life!
  4. Fix all things broken or throw away. Broken things carry bad karma.
  5. Friends can replace negative family members. Blood is thicker than water; but friends make life bearable.
  6. Declutter to stop living in a hot mess; not because Get Togetha says so.
  7. Entertain at home more. Forget expensive cocktails at the bar and two drink minimums.
  8. Get a business/personal card and stop writing your number on napkins.
  9. Drop your loser boyfriend. Immediately. Time wasted is money spent. LOL.
  10. Donate all books that you don’t read or not interested in. No. You won’t read them someday.
  11. Splurge on a set of nice sheets. 300 thread count and up.

When we do things differently instead of following the crowd; we are happier. And as always Get Togetha attempts to bring you the best in home decor, inspired living and lifestyle ideas. What are some things that you’ll do differently for the 09?


  1. The new year is always a great time to start evaluating one’s life and looking to make positive changes. I always make a list at the beginning of the year and tack it to my bedroom door. That way I see it every single day- several times a day.

    Last year I vowed to put myself first and it was the greatest thing I ever did. After years of letting myself go I was unhappy and totally used up. When I put the emphasis back on me and realized it was okay to be good to myself, things turned around for me.

    Amazingly enough, it started with your #11 gt. I had long wanted these fabulous sheets I kept seeing at K-Mart but they were a $120. I could afford them but somehow thought myself unworthy or selfish for spending so much on bed sheets.

    I finally got the guts to get them and such a small thing made me feel so good about myself. Now I “treat” myself every now again and the guilt is gone. I realize I am worth the finer things in life.

    Small baby steps like that opened me up to so many other things I needed to do to get my life back on track. 🙂

    (FYI- Your links are broken)

  2. I like this list-it’s realistic!!! Some people have unrealistic goals/resolutions for the situations that they are in. This Top 10 (11) is attainable. For me, I have all ready began. I kept saying I was going to get my Master’s degree-well, I started orientation yesterday. I am excited. Baby steps folk, baby steps! Oh, and I did let go of my dead weight bf who could not be happy for my growth! Off to a good start I think!

  3. @Gt i have been losing weight last year when i found out that i had high blood pressure. So im still working on that. Im going to start my jewerly line and learn how to sew. Im wearing my real hair out i want to start out with a natural look and it working for me lol. Nails r natural too. Keep myself looking good and my inside looking good. It all about me and my daugther this year and beyond. Dump the boyfriend too lol. So im a single wonderful woman. I went to church have not been in church in 5 yrs. It feel so good im just a happy person right now. Going on alot trips this year and just enjoy this year. Just making my own lane and sticking with it.

  4. Mine is to stop being critical and judgemental,to have strength to allow people to be and do what they choose to be,if you do good you’ll get good karma and if you dnt you know what will happen,get back to praying and meditating,my childhood best friend has been ignoring me and she was the only person that i pampered with praises and wud even support her financialy and i am greatful that i have overcame feeling painful about her choosing to cut our friendship,i have realised that we all grow and change,sometimes they have to leave bcoz they no longer serve the purpose and i am looking forward to being my own best friend and growing emotionaly and spiritualy….i feel good about this year too,2008 has been about healing,learning and falling back to my mistakes but this year i will make it a point to live an authentic life,so happy 2009 to me and all of you and GT is officialy my favourite post it so uplifting and i must not forget to buy myself something new and fresh…thanx GT

  5. @ lizz you lose some and you win some. You going to replace her with another great person it happen to me so you be ok. Like me im going to pray more and just look fly lol. You do the same brownsista. Holla at your girl when you hit this site up. I made good friends on this site. Liyah that my girl so keep your head up and 2009 going to be a great year for you.

  6. I like the list!
    Like that saying goes YOU can be your own worst enemy….
    and unfortunately I do take myself to seriously but that’s all about to change!

  7. I love this list as well. But I made three resolutions that I know that I can actually stick with and need to. I won’t mention them because it would distract away from the great list that you made for BrownSistas.

  8. Oh ladies…I’m loving your comments! Change begins with self acceptance. When you argue with reality you create stress. Live ya life ladies and do it up big for the 09’….


  9. Good post! I started making small changes around the holidays….

    I bought a set of 1,000 thread count sheets on sale for $69.99 at Target (Black Friday), after prompting from a friend. I hear you can definitely feel a difference, but I have yet to open.

    I hosted my first holiday(Christmas) gathering at my house as well(been in my house 4 years). It forced me to clean up 😆 It was a good time and everyone enjoyed themselves. I wish to spend more time with my family….as I get older, I see the importance.

    For 09, I wish to become a better person spiritually(attend church), physically(exercise regularly), mentally(minimize the negativity), financially(go to work and pay off some of my debts), and emotionally(let go of the past, grudges, and baggage).

  10. Thanx @lady on and i like what you said GT,i’m embracing more of the present moment no matter what it brings.

  11. First of all, I’ll like to thank you for this great post that you have made.
    Second, all the things you have listed in the list are something really to be looked upon.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. GT and Brown Sistaz, thank you for such an inspiring post. This is waht we need so that we can become the best version of ourselves possible.

    This year I plan on taking more control of my life. Hubby and I are moving to our new house and I vow to keep it clean, a messy house is really the devil’s playground, it messes with the mind.

    I also want to go to church more often. Not just that but i want to make tim each day to be with my Lord because when all is said and done, it is HIM that takes care of us.

    I am going to go back to doing charity work, here in South Africa, there are a lot of people that need help and I think God has put it in my heart to do my part.

    I also want to take care of myself physically. My hubby’s near fatal accident last year left me drained and i didnt even realise it. I am doing acupuncture now and am starting pole daning classes 🙂

    Wish all you ladies many blessings and may we make this the year for fabulosity in all areas of life

    God Bless!!!

  13. My goal for ’09 is to have more fun and stop saying “I wish I was there” and actually be there! I missed so many things in ’08. Also, my goal is to be healthy!

  14. 1. I will volunteer my time more, rather than waste it
    2. I will give myself a makeover, I think I want to be a brunette after all
    3. I will take long hot baths
    4. I will donate all the things I don’t use as much as I should so someone else can enjoy them.

    Love the post, and this site!

    Happy New Year!

  15. Great post. Isn’t lovely when there are no bickering about celebrities who don’t even know we exist?! I like No1 and I’m working on that. Also, this year i will try to let myself go and allow myself to love and be loved and not hold back to much so as not to get hurt. Well, actually started since last year and it ‘s working wonders for my relationship with my boo.
    Also, i’m going by the “dare to dare” saying – taking more risks, and taking chances, knocking at more doors so as to achieve my goals. If i do that (plus all the positive things I’ve already started) 09 is to not gon be just good but great.

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