Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Actress Robin Givens was joined by Judge Jeanine Pirro at Marshall’s annual event to promote Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Judge Pirro has long been an advocate for women’s rights and Robin, as many of you might know, was married to boxer Mike Tyson whom the actress said abused her during their short lived marriage. Robin also wrote a book about it “Grace Will Lead You Home”, which was released back in 2007.


  1. They should promote it within the high schools. I just found out that at least 30% of high school girls are either in or have been in an abusive relationship and that is really terrible. These young ladies don’t realize when you look at something that constantly degrades you everyday you take behavior traits that fits what you are soaking up and allowing to come into your mind everyday.

  2. @ LMAO and she is wrong for helping support this great cause because? I mean i just dont get it. You funny lol real funny. Y aint she doing it from her heart? wasnt she beat? girl bye you sound crazy

  3. I think Mike Tyson has proven that Robin Givens was not lying. I think it is time to get over that. It’s been like 20 yars.

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