Dramatic “Colored Girls” Set Pics & New Video

Check out these dramatic on the set pics of singer Janet Jackson and actress Phylicia Rashad filming their new movie β€œFor Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.” The movie started shooting earlier this week in New York City and so far Janet, Phylicia and Kimberly Elise have been spotted shooting their scenes. Janet’s character I have been told plays some sort of business woman, which I guess explains the power suit she sports in this scene.


  1. Wow. Janet gave us the ugly cry face in that last pic. πŸ˜†

  2. I’m so hesitant about this feature. I need to read the play again. Are they shooting for a Fall release???

  3. It is spooky how much she looks like her brother. I can’t wait to see this picture.

  4. Janet better work it … Bow down to the queen always!


  5. From the pics it looks interesting already. Phylicia looks GREAT for her age. But they could’ve done a better job with that dummy in picture 2.

  6. I’m soooo excited about this!!! Ms Jackson and Ms Rashad…YES!!!

    The movie is scheduled to be released on January 14 2011.

  7. I hope they do a documentary on the making of this film the way they did for The Color Purple on Broadway…this is historical, getting all these black actresses together…phenomenal…I love ensemble casts…the slave narratives…the black bible experience…the best man, etc….Tyler has a lot riding on this, not that bad reviews will hinder him in the least bit, but given the actors and the content of the material…it’s already a winner!

  8. i just heard that Thandie Newton will be replacing Mariah Carey. CAN YOU SAY WOW!!!!!!!! This movie has the makings of something EPIC!!!

  9. I need to read this again. I started and never finished it a minute ago.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. I have already learned more about this movie than I wanted to know.

    Word is Janet is indeed a well to do business woman whose husband flips and throws their kids out the window.

    I’m sad already πŸ™

  11. Crickey!!! Are you serious, SISTA? Aw man. The tears are coming! πŸ™ Jesus. I just hope it’s not the par-for-course Perry-inspired melodrama but that this entire film is handled carefully especially if the subject matter is this intense!!! Wowzers.

  12. The folks on the Janet forum are giving everything away- including the video I just posted above.


  14. @ sista
    can you tell me what the janet forum is…..what is the name of the site? because i remember how her old site used to be…..a constant chat amongst all who came to her site and that was nice but i haven’t been able to figure what forum people are mentioning….i’ve never seen one on her new page.

    @ eileen
    that’s the same cry face she always has….from penny to charlene to justice to denise to patricia…..to patricia again. haha! same face. that’s just how she cries.

    & @ 1234567
    yup, the dummies do look a bit basic. but i’m sure it will come out looking better in the movie.

    i’m just gonna add these little thingys cuz i feel like it. :bootyshake: :bowdown: :bootyshake: πŸ˜†

  15. I think Janet’s only “looking” because the camera is on Phyllicia. It’s her shot.

    Those recording, umm fans? WHERE’S SECURITY!?!?! πŸ˜†

  16. @Kanyade

    good question!

    i’ve seen the film adaptation w/ Alfre Woodard & Lynn Whitfield; i hope it meets or exceeds what i saw.

  17. Bee i agree with you: she looks so much like Michael. I really miss him, but I love Janet and wish her the best with her film career.

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