Dream Fearlessly

TAKE THE PLEDGE - DREAM FEARLESSLYIn a world filled with mediocrity, dare to live out your dream. Life is a journey that takes us down many paths, and one of the greatest trails ever traveled is the one to self-awareness and self-love.

It is from a revelation of the power that lies within us that are we able to drown out every obstacle to embrace the purpose for which we were created.

As a young girl growing up in poverty in Los Angeles, I know first hand how it feels to think that the world is against you. But through the struggles of wanting a better life and seeing the example of the mighty men and women who have gone before me, I was able to reimagine myself through their eyes. I realized, “because of them, I can.” It is because of their sacrifices I found the courage to rise above society’s expectations of what I should be to become the person I am today.

American Family Insurance is dedicated to providing hope and opportunity to the dreamer generation of doers. Encouraging young people to “take the pledge to pursue your dreams,” they are bringing awareness about the power that lies in setting and pursuing your goals.

Join the movement and take the pledge today at amfam.com/takethepledge.