Dream Shoe For A Dreamgirl (Updated)

Dream Shoe Anika Noni Rose- who I affectionally refer to as the “Forgotten Dreamgirl”, is due to make quite a splash at this year’s Academy Awards, as the Stuart Weitzman company has tapped the actress to wear their $500,000 30 Carat Diamond Dream Shoe to the ceremony.The shoes are absolutely stunning and I cannot be more pleased that Annika was chosen.I have made my feelings quite well known on this site about how underrated I think Anika and her performance in Dreamgirls is.Hopefully, with a shoe worth half a million dollars on her foot, Anika will not be overlooked for much longer.

I have updated this post to include pics of Annika at the Academy Awards rockin’ her $500,000 pumps.


  1. Every year some company makes a really expensive piece of jewelry or something that they get a celebrity to wear.I’m glad to see Anika was chosen and I can’t wait to see what she wears.I’m surprised they didn’t choose “you know who” 😆

  2. I’ll admit that I’m a huge fan of Beyonce and I support her in everything she does (actually I support all of DC3) but I have to agree that Anika Noni Rose is so underrated. It really annoys me that no one is talking about what an amazing job she did. No offense to Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce but Anika Noni Rose already has a Tony award and is very very talented.

  3. Anika unlike Jennifer and Beyonce came in a complete unknown with no major fan base at all.Beyonce is of course a big singing star will millions of fans and Jennifer made a name for herself on the biggest show on television.American Idol gave her a fan base.Whereas Anika was on Broadway and had no major exposure to the American public before landing the Dreamgirl role.

    I to think it is sad that she gets no love for her great work in the movie but if she stays in movies that could change.

  4. Some people do not want to be in the public eye 24-7 like Beyonce, she craves attention and she has fans who love and want to see her. I stopped supporting Beyonce after the last member Farrah left the group b/c I put 2 and 2 together and realized they were so tainted and fake. I like soulful singers anyway which is out of her league. In other words Jennifer would be my pick over any member of DC that’s for damn sure! Anika is chilling with more than a few dollars in her bank account she could probably care less about people seeing her as long as those dollars keep rolling in. I would be the same way! So many producers that make some of these famous beats are behind closed doors making an ass load of money like the late JDilla. People never knew who he was until he passed away at a young age. I’m glad they picked Anika but if they didn’t so what. I don’t think she’s complaining.

  5. And have you seen Beyonce’s feet???? They damn sure won’t choose her for no shoes! They’ll give her handbags and perfume and clothes, but shoes, hell no! Jennifer may not have tore up feet like Beyonce but they may be a size 10 or something! lol

  6. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Beyonce’s feet 😎

    The shoes are nice and Anika’s feet are working it :dance:

  7. [quote post=”1693″]I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Beyonce’s feet [/quote]
    Then you ain’t seen Beyonce’s-> feet :lol2:

  8. Beyonce’s corny feet are legendary.Anika’s pedicure could have been better too.Her toes looked too bare.Some polish, even a french toe medicure would have added a little much needed vavoom.

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