Dreamgirls Posters

The official Dreamgirls posters have been unveiled and I am a little torn.The main poster showing the silhouette of three women is bothering me.It reminds me of the drawing that was done for the poster of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It” movie.Both posters seem a little too colorless to me and this eventually was the reason why the poster for Tina’s movie was eventually redone to show Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne.Why would the movie studio use a silhouette for a movie with three of the biggest African American celebrities today? You have a comedic genius, an Academy Award winner, and the hottest female artist in music today, common sense should dictate you use their faces as much as possible.
Official Dreamgirls PosterDreamgirls Poster: BeyonceDreamgirls Poster: Jamie FoxxDreamgirls Poster: Eddie Murphy

I could just be looking for drama where there is none, but it still bothers me and I can only imagine the studios anticipated this and thus made back-up posters with the faces of their three stars.These posters are very cute but tracking them down was hard as of course most sites are only showcasing the official poster.At any rate, I will be checking out this movie when it hits screens in December and hopefully you all will too.The buzz surrounding this movie and the entire cast is just amazing.I think Dreamgirls will be a turning point in Black movie making if it is successful.You can view all the posters above and I will be adding high quality versions of them all to our Gallery soon.

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