Happy Monday Brown Sisters.  GT here and I hope you had a great weekend.

To start our Monday and to follow up from last week’s post… GT though it would be befitting to have a discussion on our dreams. Those things we once had; but then the reality of life hit us.  With today’s economy, bills, family and responsibilities some of us can pretty much say that many of our dreams have been either been delayed, cast aside or deemed impossible. Doubts that never crept into our minds as kids start to take hold of our adult lives: “Too old, too fat, not smart enough, don’t have the right connections or even worse EPIC FAIL.”

So I ask Brown Sistas and Gents this week’s question: 

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself at this moment? What would you do with your life now if you didn’t care about what people thought?

* GT would do stand up comedy.


  1. As I mentioned in a previous topic, when I was in high school, I played the guitar in the hope of playing professionally for the recording studios at Motown or Stax Records. Well, it never happened. Now that I’m retired, I sing romantic love songs to my wife; she’s my number one fan. But my hope and dream is to start a band with some of my retired buddies. I want for us to specialize in the soul music of the 1960’s; you know, music by Wilson Pickett ( “I’m Gonna Wait ’til The Midnight Hour” ), Sam & Dave ( “I’m A Soul Man” ), and the one and only James Brown. My wife says, “go for it”.

  2. Who is GT? My dreams really aren’t that complicated. I just want to continue finding joy in the little things in life. If I can stay focused on what truly makes me happy and always pursue that in times of confusion, adversity and discouragement I’ll be fulfilling my dreams.

  3. Well GT i love your work on here. My dreams is to make clothes and just live comfortable. I see other people getting stress out and just trying to stay afloat of things. Me i want to live life to the fullest and work on making clothes and just go back to school and get my education because i did stop that for awhile now it time to get back to business. So when the holidays r over with It time for me to stop dreaming and just do it. I think i was just afraid and tought that i could not do it but im going to make it a reality. Thanks for asking just made me feel better about myself lol.

  4. That is a real good question!!!

    I guess right now my dream would be to finish college and pass with flying colours…. and go onto to university…..Then I want to start a family…. but who knows with all thats going on at the moment with this recession, I don’t know if I will be able to afford to go to Uni…. 🙁

    And what I would be doing with my life if I didn’t care what people thought…. ummm thats kinda hard….

    I guess I would be in the caribbean doing whatever I please as long as I am not in England… 😆 :brownsista:

  5. @Miss T that funny what you said. I forgot to answer that question about what people thinks mmmmmm let me see. Go to a nude beach lol but im the type of person just getting older with time i do not care what people think just live life and keep putting the foot forward. People that do have negative stuff about me keep me pushing on what i suppose to do. Plus my daughter and my soon to be second daughter that im getting custody of keep pushing me to my goals too. Love you bookie face and keke.

  6. Exactly What i’ m doing now!

    I have accomplish all of my goals and dreams, got a great career, beautiful kids, bought a house, bought my mother a house, did my part of charity work in the ivory coast and other parts of africa, married the greatest man alive, Settle differences with my mother,stepped on the stereotypes when it comes to black women (we are not all, uneducated,baby mamas, money hungry, and/or gold diggers ) , gave back to the community, and loving the skin i’ m in, i wanted to be the most educated, hardest working woman, most talented and dedicated black woman in my profession and i am. So now I am enjoying everyday as if it was the las, giving as much love as i can to mines and i’ m happy


  7. My dream is to get , a nice job, in a creative industry (photography, fashion, music) and be able to set up events, big ones!!!! And make a good living from it. I did internships before and I’m tired of it. I know i have talent so I want to show it to the world! It’s also to have a nice home, clothes and shoes, and maybe a boyfriend. But that’s not my priority at the moment.

  8. Ummm, my dream…I would like to some day within the next 2 decades get out of corporate America and have my own thriving business. I also dream of getting a man who wants to see the world + wants 1 child max if at all…I just can’t seem to find a guy who doesn’t want kids. I love kids-they say I’m a wonderful aunt. I just don’t want any of my own.

    I don’t think I would do anything differently if I absolutely didn’t care what people thought, I kinda don’t. If I didn’t care what God thought I might find myself in a very sticky triangle with a certain hottie…but :stop: …he already has a bambina!

  9. I have most definitely cast some dreams aside. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m totally afraid of what would happen to me if I took some real risks. Sometimes I think that taking risks only for other folks…but not for me. But sometimes it just sux to play it safe.

    The biggest dream that I have for myself is to be wealthy and to be able to help my family out. I’m the oldest and sometimes I wish I could do more to help. I’m thankful for what I have but it would be nice to be able to just drop my job and explore life through travel like that white chick on Global Trekker! LOL… :brownsista:

  10. I have always wanted to become a singer and a model (not for shallow reasons but very perosnal ones) I even started to take steps in high school…but i know that my dreams will never come true, i will never make it. So its off to law school for me. Also I want to go to Africa and help build a school for a small community and help others (charities etc.). That dream will come true
    @ lady if you ever make clothes I will wear them.

  11. Right now my dream is to finish my last two years of undergrad strong so I can get into a really good grad program. My ultimate dream is to live fabulous- strong black man beside me, 3-4 kids, nice house, comfortable salary, able to travel and be philanthropic, to do missionary work in Africa AND here in the US…and to start my own Christian School for classical studies…i just want to help people ya dig??

  12. I don’ t really like the word dreams i like goals better 🙄

  13. My dream was to become a plus size model. I tried out and made the first round, but did not have the money to create my portfolio. If I had the time, I would try again.

  14. I am a lurker on this site and I decided to finally join in.. Hello everybody!

    My dreams/goals… I used to want to be a TV personality (a host, news anchor, veejay) and if given the opportunity with certain circumstances,I would take it. I love the job I’m in now, I work for the department of defense for the Army. I get to travel and have a lot of freedom. I decided to stay in this field and make a career out of it. Other dreams/goals… to be in a monogamus realtionship with a loyal man who loves me flaws and all. and to love him uncoditonally as well. To be able to get outta debt, to be able to give my mom some extra cash from time to time, to be in the best shape of my life and keep it up. To own a house and make it a home and to have finacial freedom.

    If i didnt care what people thought… I probably would be up to no good! lol so thank God I care about my image.

  15. Great Post!

    I’m more like voice. I believe in goals and that if you work hard in spite of your circumstances that dreams can come true. It’s all about preparation. To me its all about having faith and listening to your heart and spirit cause they’ll never steer you wrong. You only have one life; so you have to make the best out of it. No one wants a life full of regrets. And I don’t care about the economy; I care about what I’m doing to make it happen. I’m feeling your energy GT you and Stephanie are great examples of what it means to be about business and staying positive.

  16. I have many dreams , but I know every sister on this page would share one of my dreams :brownsista: if no one cared about looks in this world I would eat, eat, eat whatever i wanted to without a care in the world and be known as the fattest women in the world and just wear a big sheet everyday and eat some more 😆 but I’m in the real word so let me finish counting my weight watcher points and dream of food. :lol2:

  17. Two dreams/goals unrealized: home ownership & RD credentials. By renting I am making someone else’s financial goals a reality. :thumbsdown:

    I am currently paying the bills with a decent job in a nutrition related field with a B.S. degree but I am not passionate about my work I am currently doing. Sorta stuck in a rut… I will have more professional opportunities or rather more of the work I would prefer to do when I complete a dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian.

    I am hopeful. This year I have been trying to “think out of the box” and explore opportunities to work where I could travel regularly (another dream) and pay the bills. You know, make money while doing something more exciting than what I am doing now.

    Just have not been able to create the circumstances where I could work less ( or not at all) so that I could comfortably focus on educational putsuits….yet. I’m single with no kids but I am not a superwoman. I don’t have the brain cells to work full time and go to school. I was fortunate to have scholarships and a pell grant and a free room and board courtesy Moms and Pops so that I didn’t have work while I earned a B.S. degree. I don’t know how folks go to school AND take care of a family AND work. For those of you who do this or have done this, could you please bottle your “kick-ass determination” mojo and sell it to me please.

  18. I listened to my spirit and started my company about a year ago with a loan from a family member, I just finished all the right things to make sure it will run smoothly about 1 month ago and for some reason I am discouraged that I havent had any sales! ( I know I know) Its only been 1 month but I want to say Thanks to Gunning for B post saying that once you listen to your heart and spirit it will never lead you wrong. This has reassured my faith. Thanks

  19. Hey Brown Sistas…and Fellas

    Thank you for your comments…I really enjoy reading them. It’s always great to see sistas share their truths, their strengths and their dreams. :hifive: I believe we learn best from each other when we gain insight into other peoples victories, defeats, and triumphs.


  20. Thanks Dark Sista! Much love for that! And remember God never puts more on you than you can handle.

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