Early Review: Nia Long in “Uncle Buck”

Nia Long Returns to TV in the ABC Comedy “Uncle Buck”

NIA LONG IN UNCLE BUCKNia Long fans will be pleased to hear the actress will be returning to network television next month when her new ABC comedy Uncle Buck officially makes its prime time debut. I recently got the opportunity to watch the pilot episode- and while Full House style comedies usually aren’t my thing- I found Uncle Buck mostly tolerable thanks to Nia and comedian Mike Epps.

As expected, playing a mother severely limits Nia’s portrayal of her character Cindy Russell. Fans hoping to see shades of Nina Mosely (Love Jones) or Jordan Armstrong (The Best Man) will be sorely disappointed. Cindy is a working wife and mother who has little time for much else outside of her husband and kids. Granted, I only saw one episode, but we all know how shows like this work. Uncle Buck is about the crazy Uncle (Epps) and his interactions with the kids. Mom (Nia) and Dad (James Lesure) are just there to say things like “no” and “go to bed.”

Still, I enjoyed Uncle Buck. Mike Epps is hilarious and totally saves what could have been a very generic family comedy. He adds just enough spice to actually attract adults. Will I tune in weekly to watch Uncle Buck? Probably not. But I will faithfully check it out on Hulu… and so should you.