Elise Neal “Dresses For Success”

Elise Neal (1) Earlier this week actress Elise Neal was seen attending Style Network ‘s first ever “Give and Get Fete” benefiting Dress For Success Worldwide-West. The exclusive event was held at the legendary Frederic Fakkai salon and spa and featured private spa appointments for Fakkai hairstyling, Bobbi Brown make-up lessons, manicures, eyebrow shaping, as well as a Genetic Jeans bar. Guests at the lavish event enjoyed cocktails & hors d’oeuvres, a lively “not so silent” auction hosted by Niecy Nash, host of the Style Networks “Clean House,” a private performance by American Idol finalist Michael Johns and a parting bag of lavish goodies. Dress for Success promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and tools to help women thrive in work and in life. 100% of proceeds from tickets sales and silent auction of the Give and Get Fete will support Dress For Success Worldwide –West.


  1. Where have all these Black actresses been? I haven’t seen Elise in anything in years.

  2. They give most of the black actresses roles to hispanic women now. Black men started it in their videos.

  3. @BEE I completely agree with you. This sorta thing just pisses off. I was watching the Tyler Perry Movie, Madea Goes To Jail and I was like, ok now he just puts a million other races instead of beautiful, powerful Sistas. Just look at the cover. Only 1 Black Woman and shes the prostitute in the movie. Dang

  4. Black men usually take the heat when non Black women are cast as their love interest however whites and other non Blacks are usually the casting agents and they tend to choose their own or someone they think is multicultural in order to attract a wider base.

  5. Black actresses would do good not being in a Tyler Perry film. The movies are garbage, the only decent one was WDIGM.

  6. Why must we always defend black men? Throughout history and life period, black women always feel an obligation to defend black men. Wonder how many black men defend us in Hollywood, during slavery, how many black men sacrifice their lives for their children and wives? History has proven that their is a big difference between black women and men. Black women are the loyal ones of the pair. Black men not so much. For they are easily manipulated and will turn on the black woman in a heartbeat. Loyality is not their strong suit, so I say move on. If they don’t want to hire us for movie parts oh well. Most black movies suck anyways.

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