Tami Roman Heads to TV One


Actress Elise Neal and reality TV star Tami Roman are gearing up for the premiere of their new television show ‘Belle’s,’ which is officially scheduled to hit the airwaves on January 21st.

The show revolves around a southern family who own and operate an upscale soul food restaurant, and costars Ella Joyce, Migue Nunez, Nadja Alaya and Keith David.

TV One has released several clips from show, one of which you can check out below.


  1. Why would Tami come to the table with an ego anyway? Her resume is long but it is mostly in short guest spots. She can hardly have an attitude when appearing alongside people like Miguel Nunez and especially Keith David. I can see old dude going all bus driver on Tami if she tried to get out of pocket with him on the set. 😆

  2. good for her, i hope it works out for both her and her children with their dead beat, stay at home, taking care of the next womans child on HER dime having father.


  3. Good for Tami, an upgrade for sure, will be watching! Elise’s hair color is the right color, usually, it’s not in my opinion and a distraction from her performance…the red tones are working for her, she’s a very good actress and stay on her grind…looks ageless…thank God for TV One…otherwise, less black actors would get work!

  4. I would never support this girl and would never watch any show that she is on. Violent people like her should be locked up, not given opportunities on cable TV. She is no victim, she is a victimizer.

  5. I won’t be watching Tami is vile and needs serious help mentally.

  6. Tami Roman needs NOTHING, ZIP, NADA. I refuse to watch anything she is in until somebody DOES do a bus driver’ on her raised eyebrow, smirking, always eating and drinking, bullying, shaped like a loaf of bread @$$

  7. i cannot stand tami. i don’t believe people can change, but i do believe they can act for the “right price” what she displayed on those reality shows are her true characters. success for one is one thing. but her character in real life showed up before her acting characters did.

  8. She debuted on Real world and was a Bitch, Lying Than on Basketball wives came across again Bitch Two faced Bully,No’s nothing about what’s on TV Meet the Brown and House of Pain To good black shows for family sit down together and watch. (No I want be watching this show)

  9. Americans have the power to stop nonsense coming to their television screens-Anyone who acts like an animal gets a spin off, its ridiculous! Look at Nene Leakes, Evelyne Lozada, and now, this animal! We should say no to eye sores like this!

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