Elle UK Teases Rihanna Cover


With a new fashion line and make-up collection to promote, Rihanna once again finds herself covering another major magazine.

The 25-year old pop princess teamed up with photographer Mariano Vivanco for the April U.K. edition of Elle magazine.

Elleuk.com released a preview of the shoot last week, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage. And though Elle tried to keep the cover under wraps… this is 2013 and that’s just not an option anymore.

Check out all the goodies below.



  1. Dear fashion magazines, Rihanna, Beyonce and Halle Berry aren’t the only black women you can put on the cover of your magazines.

  2. I agree with you guys on the mags. But, I will say I have actually come around to RiRi. I don’t mind her so much. She’s had some decent songs over the last few years I liked. In fact me and one of my girls are gonna check her out on tour.

  3. Remember ladies, their interest is only about money and shes on fire right now. They could have at least put tamar or ashanti on the cover. They both have albums on the way but who are we to want a variety.

  4. I agree with the the comments that there are other black women that they could have put on the magazine covers…But on the other hand if those women can’t sell their albums or rank in the box office. How are they suppose to sell magazine covers also?

  5. She looks great. Agree with everybody. Tired of the same ones but them mags gotta make a profit, too. Doesn’t mean I will be buying ‘tho 😀

  6. after Adele swept the Grammys vogue UK put her on the cover. guess what? it was their lowest selling magazine ever. if Adele cannot sell magazine you except Ashanti to sell magazines?

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